Thursday, May 31

You don't DO that.

"Hey Heather." (Heather turns around to find a dead mouse hanging approximately 5 inches from her face. She SCREAMS. Brothers laugh.)

IT WAS SO SCARY! IT WAS NOT EVEN FAKE! And it was found RIGHT in my front yard. Now I am walking around thinking that something furry is pouncing on my feet, biting me on the leg with sharp little teeth.

That is so unsanitary.

Newfound Semi-Talent?

I discovered a little thing called PhotoImpression5.
I also discovered a little thing called MAKING BLOG HEADERS there.
Would you like to see some of them?
Some of these are 'if this person had a blog.' Some are 'this should be this person's blog banner.' Some are just random.For Melissa!
For whoever.
For muah.
If you did not see this banner, which was on my blog for approximately one night, this is it.
If Zeinah had a blog.
This one is simply PRETTYY
I'm not quite sure who this girl is, but this picture was on my computer.

I know that lots of people can do this way better, but if anyone wants me to make them one, I can totally do it! Hooray!

Wednesday, May 30

To Pop or Not to Pop?

Should I pop my gross blood blister on my foot? Is it hazardous? Does anyone know any healthful facts that could aid me in this conflict?

I, as well, have become hooked.

On Chicken Baja Burritos, Enchilado Style.

From Baja Fresh.

Go get one.


Philippians 2:1-2 = Meaningful

"If you've gotten anything at all out of following Christ, if his love has made any difference in your life, if being in a community of the Spirit means anything to you, if you have a heart, if you care- then do me a favor: Agree with each other, love each other, be deep-spirited friends."
Philippians 2:1-2

I'm going to memorize it. This is a great life verse.
If the Lord is really of any worth in our lives, we need to get along, to love,
to be CLOSE with each other. If we do these three things, our relationship with Christ and with others
will be changed.

I'm in.

Is this font huge on anyone else's computer or just my psyco Mac? Because it was beyond my control.

Tuesday, May 29


Today in Cold Stone, my friends and I were having a deep discussion. The conversation turned to boyfriends. We were talking pretty loudly, because this LOUD machine was on and all these people around us were talking. But of course, right as I said something...

**talk talk talk**
(Machine turns off. Silence in Cold Stone)
Me (loudly): I think it's okay to kiss-
(realize it is silent. all of friends + me start laughing.)

...The end?

Monday, May 28

Just So You Know.

I have the entire Zelda for N64 soundtrack on my iPod.

All 82 songs.

Sunday, May 27

shannon leith.

thanks for taking the gorgeous picture above. that's all i have to say.

I should have learned...

I went blissfully walking outside...with bare feet...again.
This time, the result was not just sore feet, but one red foot and one blistered foot.
No joke. My left foot has a big blister that hurts really bad.
I am now waddling around with two giant Band-Aids.

Life Lesson: Wear shoes on hot pavement.

The one place that brings me bliss.

I appreciate it deeply.
Vons is, in one word,
All the different kinds of people,
strolling around with carts,
studying labels and cans,
seeing acquaintances.
Everyone has a different agenda.
Some people may be preparing a huge dinner
or banquet.
Some people may have 16 kids
and be stocking up their pantry.
There are fatigued single mothers trying to keep
their rowdy children calm.
Their are old people buzzing around in
electric scooters, scanning the soup cans.
It is the one place where my parents
give in to my every whim.
The freezer aisle.
What a magic wonderland.
All those frost bitten boxes and dinners,
ice cream, taquitos...
Just opening up the door and writing something with
your finger.
But no other store will do.
Ralphs, Trader Joe's...disgusting.
No way.
Vons is my only love.

I realize that this seems like a poetic piece,
but I was not trying to write in stanzas.
The spacing just intrigued me.

Saturday, May 26

6 Interesting Things About HCL

  1. I can be put out of a bad mood by holding those new Arrowhead bottles with the skinny middle.
  2. In elementary school, all my friends had lunch tickets, but my mom never bought me any. I would "borrow" tickets from Joanna almost every day, promising I'd pay her back. But. I never did. I even stole one from her one time. To this day, I owe her about $100.
  3. I put ketchup on my macaroni and cheese.
  4. I am the only one of my 4 siblings that does not end in 'n.' ShannoN, RyaN, JasoN, CarsoN... and Heather. I was going to be named LaureN to fit in with this trend, but...I will forever be an oddball in my own family.
  5. I absolutely cannot allow myself to go to bed late on school days. I make 9:45 my limit.
  6. Reading the Baby-Sitters Club and watching Zoom on PBS was my secret love until 5th grade.
Technically, you are supposed to be tagged by someone else to be able to post this. But I decided to be gung-ho and just to it independently.

I tag... Joanna, Melissa, Rachel, Danya, and Maddie. Hopefully this gives you guys someone to post about.

Friday, May 25

Oh, Musical Theatre Village...

How I miss you. How I aspire to do shows at you again. How I loved your performance of Peter Pan tonight. How surprised was I when my friend Allison Heer randomly shows up onstage as an indian...RANDOM? How I dream of being up on that minuscule stage once again, in the tiny limelight...

How I wish my dream would come true.

(It probably will. I will probably try out for the beloved MTV once again, after many a moon.)

Wednesday, May 23

I just took the most bizarre course of action.

  1. Devour a whole pint of Mango Sorbet.
  2. Go outside because I am cold. I never go outside unless necessary. Until today.
  3. Realize that the sun feels blissful.
  4. Stand there for about a minute, reading a cleaning lady brochure that is on the front step so I don't look like I am just standing on my front step when cars pass by. (even though I WAS just standing on my front step.)
  5. Crave the sunlight. REALLY crave it.
  6. Proceed to sit on my front step. Alone. Randomly. Basking in the sun.
  7. Ponder the solar system. In proportion to the billions and trillions of light years of space, I am just a minuscule atom, on one microscopic front step, on a TINY continent, on a speck of Earth, in a huge beyond science solar system, in an even huger galaxy, in an even HUGER universe! (I am such a nerd.)
  8. Decide I need more of the sun. Sitting on my front step absorbing it like a plant is just not good enough.
  9. Abruptly stand up and start walking in my bare feet.
  10. Step on the blazing concrete. It feels good, even though it burns. (Why am I so delusional?)
  11. Think of what I would write in this situation if I was an author. (Answer: The scorching, jet-black concrete, although exceeding temperatures so high an egg would fry on it, felt blissful on my cold feet.)
  12. Continue to walk around my large neighborhood spontaneously.
  13. See boys from my school in a garage. One shouts out "Are you on the morning announcements at RSM?" I shout back a pathetic "Yes." and keep walking.
  14. Wonder what I am doing and where I am going.
  15. Develop a cramp from the sorbet.
  16. Walk up a huge hill back to my house.
  17. Sit on my couch 20 minutes after I ventured out at #9.
  18. Realize the bizarrity of my course of actions.

Monday, May 21

I made the HSM Band!

I am super excited!!
I found this picture of the HSM Tent on Google. However, it was from a German Saddleback Bash Site (I think.) There was the phrase "Die HSM" on it. But maybe in German, 'die' means something good?

The site is from 2002, so there is even a picture of the Children's Building in construction! Check it out!

*update: I just figured out that 'die' means 'those.' I guess it's not a bash site.

My 100th Post

...has come and gone. Shame on me for letting that last post fly by without a commemoration of this accomplishment.

Sunday, May 20

Here you go.

I just posted a draft from a while ago, but it ended up publishing way down at May 5. So if you would like to read a 'new' post, go down to May 5th.

Saturday, May 19


May I mention that my mom hand made this costume so she could be our VBS Mascot at my old church in Canada? (she was an alligator with windshield glasses the year before that.)

Crazy Boys!

Little boys are:
(not) Careful
neveR ending energy
Amazingly hyper
bad listenerZ

Little boys are psychotic. Especially when there are twins + a diabetic five year old that you have never met in your life yet you spontaneously babysit them.

Our night included PS2, fighting/crying over what movie to watch, playing 'snowball' with Play-Do, even after Heather said no, picking up the phone and dialing random numbers umpteen times (even after Heather said no 12 times), stealing Heather's pizza and hiding under the bed to eat it, screaming, locking each other in closets...oh yeah, and having FUNFUNFUN with Ethan, Aiden, and Isiah.

Funny story- The older brother doesn't even know which one of his brothers is which, so he just calls them both "brother" (more like 'BRODDER!')

Wednesday, May 16

This is NOT Okay.

This sick and twisted family was on the Tyra Banks Show. The kids are pretty much BRAINWASHED. It left me speechless. That's all I have to say. This is uncalled for. Watch and see.

Monday, May 14

Courage Call Man Makes His Comeback Number 2

Who ELSE would be at my door when the doorbell rang today?

...i am so puzzled by his frequent appearances at my casa.

Places That Bring Me Bliss, No Matter What, and Make It Seem as Though the World is Perfect*

{my big comfy couch}
in my house, there is a huge sofa that you just sink into. it is always cold and soft, and it has big, comforting pillows. it cures all sicknesses that i have.

{my drama class}
i truly love everyone in mr. g-dawg's drama class. just going up on that stage in bare feet (i am the only one who does this) and acting out bizarre scenes and lip-syncs with all of my best friends...nothing is better.

{in front of my fire, watching the tyra banks show, eating peach sorbet on a gloomy day}
'nuff said.

{with my family on christmas morning}
watching the tree glow and admiring all the ornaments. opening presents one at a time. my mom sitting with all the presents numbered, holding a coded list so we don't shake our presents and find out what they are. eating traditional quiche. listening to 'all is well' on the tape player, which we have done every year since i was born ("mr. johnson, i was wondering if you would like to buy this ornament?"). sitting on the big comfy couch with a comforter, being with the people i love.

{pump it up}
bouncing madly on giant slides, disobeying every rule, peeing my pants from laughing so hard, being so exhausted, hair messed up, face red.

{laying on my parents bed, my mom stroking my head}
...that is totally random.

*Inspired by Ali LaBelle
(for some reason the text is gradually shrinking, and i don't know how to fix it. sorry.)

HSM Auditions!

Look at this man. He must have been auditioning for the High School Band when this photo was taken. Well, I was in a similar situation to this man today.

I had to sing a worship song of my choice plus a song that they taught me- All Who Are Thirsty.

I was originally going to sing Came To My Rescue for my song, but when I got up there, Taffy just asked me, for the sake of time, to just sing All Who Are Thirsty.

Of course, I was nervous when I was about to go up- but I prayed, and the Lord answered my prayer for like the third time this week. He is so amazing!!

The noble Carson Leith played guitar whilst I sang. I thought I did really well- I hit all the notes perfectly and did an all around good job.

Our God is so amazing- he has really revealed to me lately that whenever I need Him, he will always be there. He comforted me both times I was nervous this week (see previous post), and answered my cry for help. You always read that kind of stuff in the Bible- that the Lord will be there for you whenever you ask Him- but it's so much more meaningful when it actually HAPPENS to you.

I'll let you all know ASAP if I made it or not- whatever God wants to happen will happen.


Sunday, May 13

Awesome Experience

Yesterday Allison's voice hurt, so I had the amazing opportunity to lead worship in Wildside! I was nervous, because it would be just me up there with the choir...but no one would be with me up front. There was no one to back me up if I messed up or anything!

The Lord is so amazing. I prayed before the service that I would do well and that he would give me the right words to say to the crowd...he difinitely came through! I thought I did well, and many people in the audience had their hands raised, totally praising God! It was awesome!

Thanks, Allison, for leting me sing for you!

Thanks, Jesus, for coming through for me!

Saturday, May 12

The Promise!

Well, my noble steeds, the Promise has officially concluded. It was full of laughs, BarlowGirl, great speakers, and of course, the main event... THE FASHION SHOW!

First we all got our hair and makeup done, which was quite the experience. I looked like a Plum Diva. It was wayyyy more dramatic- purple lip gloss, dark eyes...but this is me after all the hype- when I got home.
The fashion show itself had a few problems.

1. For the mother/daughter scene, you are supposed to walk out at the same time as your mom. However, the pairs came out from different sides of the stage, so there was a lack of communication. We didn't get a run-through before or anything (although all the other groups did.) None of us truly knew the sequence, so when I walked out, I looked to the other side of the stage and there is another girl walking out...not my madre. So I just keep going and smiling, and the other girl turns around and my mom runs out.

2. When we met in the middle, we did the handshake from The Parent Trap. When I put my hand up to shake hers at the end, she forgot, and just turned around and kept walking. It was pretty awkward- just standing there with my hand out.

3. THEN when we walked out a second time, the sequence of who-goes-out-when was still unclear. You were supposed to meet your mom in the middle, put your arms around each other, then go to the back of the stage and pose. So when I came out, a different mom was walking out. Both of us just kept going and smiling. When we walked past each other, unsure of what to do, she whispered to me, "You came out at the wrong time, honey." Hello? Act like nothing happened, lady! So eventually my mom came out and her daughter came out, and we posed awkwardly. However, I just smiled and acted like that was supposed to happen.

Thankfully, all the other scenes went well. Although our Shania Twain-esque Junior High scene was dorky, it was still tons of FUN FUN FUN TILL YOUR DADDY TAKES THE T-BIRD AWAY.

The audience was amazing. People always say that no one can tell if you mess up. Not in this case. Everyone knew, but everyone just laughed and clapped REALLY loud and screamed. It put some extra pep in our high fashion steps.

I heard through the grapevine that my mom and I were imitated onstage by Josh and Allison (the emcees). I really wish I could see a video of that. If anyone filmed the show, let me know, because I must know if it looked bad or just funny. Hopefully the latter.

This is where my career begins. Look for me in Vogue.

Friday, May 11

Ode to RKP

(I encourage you to rap this aloud.)

Rachel Kalei
Buy be some clay
I'll invite you to my party
If you stop being so farty
Never cease to pounce on me
When you do so I feel so free
Go get your hair clipped.
Did you know that you are ripped?
Today be your birthday
July 12 is National Smurf Day
Go read The Great Gatsby
I like to sing scat-sby

Courage Call Man Makes His Comeback

Someone rang the doorbell today, and when I opened it, Courage Call man (aka Matthew) was standing there, and he just walked in. I am so bizarred.

Wednesday, May 9

Pure Happiness

My profile picture really brings me bliss. The background is sunny and blurry, and my face is so spontaneous. Plus my patterned outfit pulls the whole thing into one amazing sha-bang. Thank you, Shannon, for taking this carefree picture.

Bizarre Sight

How many times have you walked into your house and saw the lead singer/keyboardist from Courage Call (they play with SFS a lot) doing his laundry in your laundry room?

Heather- "Once. It was five minutes ago."

I was a little perplexed. When I encountered him, he just burst out laughing, like we had some inside joke or something. I was a little bit puzzled.

Mr. Courage Call Man- if you have a blog and/or are reading this on a special occasion, I quite enjoyed your bizarreness.

Tuesday, May 8

I am going to fail the STAR test.

Allow me to inform your puzzled brain about this title.

The whole eighth grade took a test to see how much we remembered from 6th and 7th grade, and I am proud to say I did HORRIBLE. No one in the whole school got higher than a 70% (and only one kid got that-he was from my class.). It was HARD. So Today Mr. Sporny (I cannot help but laugh at that, immature as it may be), came to lecture us about the wonders of 7th grade history. It was so everything about Mansa Musa, Ibn Battuta, hunter-gatherers, medieval serfs, Feudal Japan, and Johann Gutenberg and his printing press. We are expected to pass a test over History from the past THREE GRADES? Hello?? The whole school is going to fail! It is a given!

Pray for all of us Octi's here at the noble RSM Intermediate

Thought You'd Like To Know

I hate getting forwards. Hate hate hate. I get super excited when I see many emails in my Inbox, but when I open them, I find endless, useless forwards. They are always about some poor girl dying for not forwarding the message you are currently reading, and they threaten that she will come kill you if you do not forward the message.

But the kind I hate most is the ones where they say that your crush will kiss you if you send this to ten people, but if you don't your love life will be doomed. OH MY GOODNESS IT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM!

Just so you all know, I would much rather get a nice, personal email from my friends, not junk forwards. And make sure you spell everything right and don't say the words 'lol' or 'jk' or put 7 exclamations at the end of each sentence, because then I will not like you even more.

Does anyone else share these annoyances?

A Scrumptious Pick Me Up

I was super tired when I got home, and also super bored, when a encountered a delicacy I like to call Haagen-Dazs Orchard Peach Sorbet. I am now very lively. I can, and have, eaten a whole pint of this deliciousness. Peach Sorbet...I absolutely adore you.

Sunday, May 6

A Punk in the Making

On Friday I went to TLC (the after school program at my old elementary school) to pick up my friend's sister with her. We usually just stay and hang out there for a while. We frolicked over to the US map that is painted on the blacktop to play State Tag. I invited these three 2nd grade boys to play with us... and noticed that one of them was wearing ripped skinny jeans, Converse, a chain on his jeans and around his neck, and a little punk beanie. This boy was in 2nd grade.

So we proceeded to play with our new friends. The one mini-punk proceeded to be a little brat. Foreal. I was asking him if he thought he was Scene, if he skated...trying to figure out if this was really a little punk or just a sweet little boy with a skater appearance. He turned out to be the first option. He tried to be all rebellious and rude. Example:

"So do you skate?"
"Do you act Scene?"
"Do you think you're cool?"

Woah. Little skater boy! Trying to tell me off! Well. I would not take this. I tried to mold his future to be a meaningful one.

"Are you going to grow up to be a lawyer?"
"Are you going to grow up to be a punk?"
"Are you going to grow up to be a ballerina?"

This "insult" was met by little snickers from his groupies. I was quite startled buy this boy. Was he foreal in second grade? What is today's world teaching little kids?

I then stole his hat and ran around with it until a leader made me give it back. He continued to use the same insult format as stated above to try to tear me down.

But beware, little sk8r punk...

Heather Leith will not be broken.

A Jubilistic Extravaganza

This was by far one of the best birthday parties I have ever had. (I say that every year.)

Event One: Head to Downtown Disney, where my sister took a photo shoot of my friends and I!

See some of the final pictures here.

Event 2: Mosey on down to the Rainforest Cafe to devour delicious grub and open presents.
Event Three: Jet off to the exotic land of PUMP IT UP!Step one: Watch instructional video. (We were screaming already.)Step Two: Proceed to break every rule. We don't even get in trouble, because our supervisor men were about 20 and didn't care. They even showed us some flips down the slide. (Which is not allowed.)

Event Four: Travel to McDonald's and get dessert.

Event Five: Bring down the house with a mega jamfest slumber party.


Saturday, May 5

Interesting Mall Trip

[Mom, Dad, Carson, and Heather are walking around in the Mission Viejo Mall.]
Carson: Hey, let's go to the Apple Store.
Heather: Ya! [enter Apple Store, browse for a few minutes]
Dad: Hey Heather. I read this article in the newspaper that says if you say a secret code to this certain guy he'll give you a free iPod Nano.
Heather: What's the code?
Dad: Um... I think it's 'I'm here for my 8 gig nano.'
Heather: Really? You just say that?
Dad: Yeah!
Heather: I'll go try it. Who do I say it to?
Dad: That guy right there.
Heather: Okay... [walk up to store man. say timidly] I'm here for my 8 gig nano?
Guy: Oh! Hold on one second. [walks behind counter and opens drawer. Heather is standing, speechless, looking back at her family in awe. Guy swiftly hands Heather a black nano. Heather is dumbfounded.]
Heather: Are you serious?
Guy: Yeah.
Heather: ARE you serious?
Guy: Go for it!
Heather: (in awe) I love you. [turns around and walks with a blank expression to family. They are all smiling. Heather turns back around and bows in worship to Guy.]
Heather: Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness...WAIT. YOU GUYS ARE IN CAHOOTS! YOU WERE PLANNING THIS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Oh my gosh. Oooohhhh my gosh.
[Family all knows what is going on. Heather proceeds to thank her parents and hyperventilate.]

Summary: Heather got an 8 gig black nano.
I am still speechless and delusional with shock.
My dad is amazing.

Like Allison, Like Heather.

Allison Hibbard and I share one amazing experience.
Rapping about saving the Earth in 5th grade.
Although hers was about saving Mother Earth in general, my rap was about fossil fuels.
Allison remembers every word to her rap, as do I...

You got your nitrogen cycle, your oxygen too
Got your trash burnin' underground, pew pew pew.
Burnin' up the oil, usin' up the gas
Ruinin' the Earth so we gotta save it fast
The Earth is mighty friendly
The organisms too
We are the YOUTH of America
We'll tell you what to do.
Gotta ride your bike a little more,
Drive a little less.
Throw away your candy wrappers
I say tell the other kids
Yo, you could do the same
Thanks to the fossil feuls
We're really glad you came.
I say dig it.
I say dig it.
I say DIG IT!


Heather Christianne Leith!
*some random pictures for your delight

signing an autograph for an eager Cinderella fan (I am the Stepmother.)
gangster Rick Warren
Hayden: the notorious SFS drummer.

"No stage diving."

Admire my Grandpa Alf.
Adventures as The Stepmother in Cinderella.
Frida Kahlo it up.

Joanna Chiang in the flesh.

Autumn and Carson

Flat Dudley