Thursday, March 29

Once Upon A Lily Pad

Yesterday Rachel and I went to see Kelli's (her little sister) play, Once Upon A Lily Pad- a musical about little pond creatures. Kelli's first grade class put it on, and she played Mama Frog. Here's our star:The boys above (Egret) and below (Freddy Frog) made really weird faces.

How I miss elementary school.

Wednesday, March 28

Can you pass the third grade?

Most people can't...figure out by taking this quiz. Keep trying, you'll eventually get it. My first time I got 21/48, then I kept trying and got 100%!

Can you pass the third grade?

if the link doesn't work...try

Monday, March 26


...has ended. Last night wad the finale of my obsession, Grease: You're the One That I Want. If you are stupid and don't watch, it is a show where contestants are competing to win the roles of Sandy and Danny Zuko on Broadway for Grease. The contestants sing a non-Grease song each week, and are judged by judges. You have to call and vote to keep your favorite Danny and Sandy on the show! The always do group numbers (Grease songs) and the show is PHENOMENAL. I have even been to a taping of the show with my friends- read about it here. Okay. So. Grease: YTOTIW is my obsession. And last night, I went to Danya's house to watch it with her and Melissa. I got pumped up by wearing colors representing the remaining two Dannys and the remaining two Sandys (they each have their own color that they wear every week).
Max is my favorite contestant- and his color is orange. Hence. the orange shirt.

So I headed on over to Danya's house. We made signs- we were SO EXCITED!!And hey, guess what? MY FAVORITE DANNY AND SANDY WONNN!!!

Laura and Max
are DANNY and SANDY!

SO now the show is over and I am sooo sad.
If you have never watched it- go the the Grease website...

Sunday, March 25

Sun From Shadow Pictures

My sister took some amazing pictures of Sun From Shadow at a laundromat for their EP...none of which they are using. Ridiculous!! Anyway. Here are my favorites.

I lovelovelove SFS. Be sure to come to their concert this Friday at the Vault!
Visit their Myspace or their PureVolume.

Iron Chefs

What you are viewing here is two Iron Chefs. Why are we Iron Chefs, you ask?
Because Melissa Cripe and Heather Leith make a mean Easy Bake cake + cookies.

We were just looking in Melissa's garage for a craft to do. We were feeling creative. But HARK! What do we find? An Easy Bake Oven from 1997! YESS! Inside the dusty box, we found four little mixes- yellow cake, chocolate frosting, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. We got right down to business.After some hard labor, this was our product:
That's right. The yellow and brown blob on the right is a sugar cookie with chocolate frosting. The Beauty in the middle is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And the pile on the left WAS a chocolate chip cookie that the Iron Chefs so masterly shaped into a star, but Iron Chef Number One's dog ate it.

Anytime you need some catering for a know who to call.

Monday, March 19

My Favorite Class... Peer Tutoring, where me and 7 other girls aide for the Special Ed class when they go to Home Ec. It is so much fun. We cook simple things like cookies and Easy Mac, and make crafts like fleece pillows and recipe files. Simple, fun stuff. I really enjoy working with the kids, and found out I may want to be a Special Ed teacher later on in life. They are just all so sweet and so intelligent, even though they are all severely handicapped. They always come running up to me when they see me at lunch, and latch onto me and hold my hand. Some of them are really fun and outgoing, while some of them just keep their head down and can't talk or write. I love how they all have their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. The last day was on Friday- I will miss it so much!

Adrian... the cuuuttteeest little favorite. He always hugs me for like 20 seconds when he sees me.

Nathan...doesn't talk, write, or smile much. When he does smile and say "hi" though, it is really exciting.

Megan is in the brown standing up, Amy is the one in the pink, and the one in the back is an aide.

An apron made for me by the three kids at my table...they were so excited to give it to me!

When I pulled out my camera Amy was like "Here, me and Alex, me and Alex!"

Ethan and Danielle (aide)

Pippa (doing the pose she does all the time)

Kyra (right) and Andrew (left, with me) have a "Thing" going. : )

Danielle. My fellow aide.

My Table...Danielle, Shervin, Ethan, Me, Megan

Sunday, March 18


Remember PEMDAS...please excuse my dear Aunt Sally, aka Parentheses Exponents Multiply Divide Addition Subtraction? From math? Well. P.E.M.N.B. Please excuse my not blogging. I have not been at my house since Wednesday night, thus, I have no access to a computer. I am blogging at Junna's house right now.

I just thought I would let my loyal fans know what the heck happened to their hero. : )

Tuesday, March 13 i dispise/love you.

So basically my relationship with finals is a love/hate relationship. This is my schedule for finals. Maybe this will clear things up.

First day of finals:
Period 1: HIstory. The final which I am dreading MOSTMOSTMOST. This final consists of four essays. Four. In one hour. Each essay prompt is like "What was this event? Who took part? Why is it significant? Why does it matter? Who did this? Who did that? Why? When? Where? How?" It is truly annoying. PLUS like 3 maps with all these stupid details and coloring...ugghhh. I COULD have not taken it IF I had a 95% or better. But. of course. I don't. I tried to persuade Mr. Fallman. However, it did not work.
Period 2: Aide for Special Ed class. Obviously, no final. Go team.
Period 3: PE. No final. Making progress here.

Day 2 of finals:
Period 4: Math. Whatever. Not that bad. Just tedious.
Period 6: English. Whatever as well. I have no idea what it is going to be like.

Summary: Most fInals will really not be that bad. However, all because of Mr. Fallman, they will SUCK.

To all who don't have to even take finals: I. hate. you.

Sunday, March 11

Get Over It!

Did you know that Friday was National Get Over It Day? How mean is that?

Some things I need to get over:
*i suck at all instruments except the recorder.
*i don't have perfect skin.
*everyone i know is in cahoots to rule the world against me.
*i have a bad mile time and always will have a bad mile time.
*i am always late to everything.
*my room will never stay clean for more than 4 days.
*my friend tried to disown me once.

this is kind of a morbid post....but hey...



Although many of my colleagues have suggested some songs for my infamous ringtone, I have made a decision.

I bought Push It to The Limit by Corbin Bleu. HAHAHAA. That song is so much fun. I just knew what I had to do.

Thank you for supporting me, my loyal blogg friends.

Saturday, March 10

Hard Decision...

I am going to buy a ringtone. However, I absolutely cannot decide.

I am thinking of maybe something coldplay..but i just don't know.

CAST YOUR VOTE! Queen? Fergie? Coldplay?

decisions decisions...

The Hills Are Alive...

If I was Julie Andrews, this is what I would sing about in a song to cheer up sad little children.
These are a few of my favorite things...

*mat kearney
*mrs. black
*the smell of detergent
*making bizarre sounds
*sitting with a lyric fold-out from a CD and singing along, making myself think I know all the words
*cold stone (cake batter with raspberries)
*clown cones
*the fudge stuff in the middle of a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake
*wearing footie pajamas
*putting up Christmas decorations
*max crumm
*going to the nail place
*cute bags/jewlery
*the satisfaction of vacuuming a really dirty area
*having smooth legs
*wearing sweats and uggs on a cold day
*sun from shadow
*tyra banks
*old musicals/showtunes
*coloring books
*babies with cute names
*special needs kids
*odd numbers

if you were julie andrews, what you sing about?

sidenote: i do realize that i copied this from Allison Hibbard. however, i think she will forgive me.

Frolicking In A Nutshell: Thespians on Parade

These pictures came up when I searched on Google "frolicking" "nutshell" "thespians" and "parade." So odd.
The title of this post was the eccentric title of last night's Advanced Drama skits, which my little Sugarplum, Joanna, was in. It was at 6:00, but Rachel, Melissa, Joanna and I started our adventures right after school.

First we went to the park and frolicked around in the grass. We played Tag. It was so much fun.

Then we headed off to TGI Fridays, restaurant of the champions. We were asked to quiet down within 20 minutes of sitting down. But what would you expect from such a group of chicas??

After that, we went to Borders, our favorite hangout spot (no joke), and read magazines and listened to music. I, however, was busy hyperventilating and getting dizzy from reading this really scary story in Seventeen. Lesson Learned: Never read a story entitled "They Killed A Homeless Man For Fun." You will get sick.

Hark, it is 5:30. So we skip on down to the school. I am filming the wonderful event for the morning announcements. But it was really hard to keep my hand steady. Oh well. The skits were pretty good. Anything Joanna was in was really funny. We were all like proud mothers, watching our little Junna up there under those lights.

There were some REALLY funny skits. And then there were some that made no sense. Oh well.

But it sucked because during the 8:00 show (we stayed for both), I developed a huge headache. So I couldn't scream and be crazy for Joanna. Oh well.


Monday, March 5

The Reason I have Not Been Blogging.... because I was at winter camp! It was phenomenal. The FABB Joanna Chiang accompanied me on this amazing quest to the mountains. Location: Long Beach Lounge, Room 5. People: The Amazing JPizzle, Joanna, Rachel Styffinator, Mel and Shell, Katie, Erin, Bree, and our two adopted cabin members- Ariel and Taylor. So basically, winter camp = love. JP let us do whatever we wanted. Allow me to sum up our chock full weekend in bullets. (or pluses, rather.)

+ On the bus, we had some amazing sing alongs, including many Summer Spectacular songs and some random ones. Joanna and I had our own Grease sing along.
+ I played this game in chapel where there was two plungers taped together, handle to handle, with a string dangling with a washer at the end. I, along with this random guy, had to swing my head around awkwardly and try to wrap the string + washer around the plunger handles. It was super hard. Random Guy and I lost.
+ Joanna and I tried to sign up for paintballing. However, we heard a cruel rumor that the paintballs were frozen, so we opted for the ropes course instead. (this rumor was false.)
+ Ropes course. Funfunfun. We climbed up a rock wall, then went down a zip line. I went upside down. Joanna attempted this, but forgot to wrap her legs around the rope, so she kept going and did an awkward half-somersault.
+ Joanna and I spent an amazing five straight hours in the craft cabin. We made lanyards and keychains. And a special surprise that I cannot mention in this post, for fear that the person whom we made the surprise for may read this.
+ We got very frustrated with Katherine the Craft Lady. She was supposed to teach us how to make a twisty lanyard, yet was distracted for a very long time helping helpless campers with various projects. We waited for an accumulation of an hour for Katherine the Craft Lady.
+ We had a dancing party in our room with the lovely Mary. This included dancing to My Humps, Fergalicious, SOS, and many other jam out songs. Mary wore my hot pink ski pants during this time, whilst I wore footie pajamas. Even Katie had some rad moves- disco pointing thing, peace signs over the eyes... this is BIG for our timid Katie.
+ There was some DRAMA in the LB(L.) This was all because of our comrades in room 6 were plastic/goth/cool people. This drama including some hanging of thongs and bras around Long Beach Lounge. Long story.
+ Erin and JP and I decorated our cabin at 2:30 in the morning for Rachel's birthday. We blew up 30 balloons in the bathroom. At 2:30 in the morning. However, Rachel woke up and saw us, but kept her eyes closed so it would be a surprise.
+ Joanna and I bonded. We took ugly pictures, walked through the Pit of Despair, had snowball fights, hung out in the Malt Shop, started a lanyard club, and had some fun with Jonjeh. We also bruised our tailbones sledding down an AMAZINGLY BIG hill.

The weekend flew by. There is so much more to tell, but I have homework. Bleh.