Sunday, March 21

i am yacht even kidding.

(scroll down and read the post first!)

here's the limo that picked us up...we all kind of freaked out.

here's the birthday girl!
these are someone else's pictures which is why i'm not in them.
but here is the middle level of the boat.

as soon as i heard that the invitations were on velvet scrolls i knew that i had to be a part of it. not just any party. last night i attended the biggest party to hit trabuco hills high school, and possibly south orange county. this girl (whom no one really knew) had a sweet sixteen yacht party. a YACHT party! it was just like MTV's My Super Sweet 16. let me just give you the vital stats of the event:
-- bouncers at the entrance with a guest list
-- hummer limos picked up every single group of people and brought them to the boat dock.
-- hundreds of kids were in attendance
-- party girl made an entrance in an old luxury car
-- we were handed glasses of sparkling cider as soon as we boarded
-- a three-level yacht that set sail from 4-10:30
-- personalized M&M's. some said "sweet sixteen," some said the girl's name
-- waiters with trays of hors d'oeuvres
-- these strawberries
-- a giant cake with a big, diamond "N" on the top
-- make-your-own pasta that was grilled by waiters
-- extravagant place settings/centerpieces
-- drink bar where you could order "nicole's pomegranate sour" or a variety of other drinks
-- top level of the yacht: dance floor with a DJ and flat-screen DVDs with music videos
-- giant ice sculpture: a horse and a sweet 16 sign
-- sushi bar
-- smoothie bar
-- party girl changed into 3 different gowns
-- photographers and video guys everywhere
-- red carpet with a backdrop that said "nicole's sweet 16" that we could take pictures in front of
-- goody bags (more like DUFFEL bags) that had her initials and "sweet sixteen: endless dreams" embroidered on the outside, filled with personalized clocks, picture frames, game sets, metal bookmarks, sewing kit, and a bag of those personalized M&M's.
-- the limos took us back to our houses.

ummm. you don't do that. it was so so fun and we were all on cloud 9 the whole night, in awe of this girl. what a....provided for kid.
but it was honestly the best night of my life and i'm glad i weeded my way in, even though i wasn't even invited. gotta love the OC life. (...kidding)

i'm back with some fresh excuses,

1. i had THREE comedy sportz games last week. all in a row. so that kept me super busy.
2. i am not even at my own house for the next two weeks. mama and papa leith are on a cruise in costa rica for their 30th anniversary, so i am staying with my sweet family friends named karin and joe. they are grandparents and they make me breakfast in the morning, something my parents NEVER do. so i am loving staying with them. i woke up on morning #1 to a bowl of cut-up strawberries and some cheerios. uhhh, YES. this is the good life.

Sunday, March 14

elllle ayyye part two.

i went up to the city of angels again, this time with the whole film class. mission: alice in wonderland at the el capitan. but we had to be tourists in our own homeland and go see groman's chinese theater, of course.not me, not hermione, YOU.
uh, 'scuse me latino mr. incredible but we did not invite you into the picture.

wizards, obvi.
THAT'S what snape wants.
THAT'S what fluffy's guarding.
THAT'S what's under the trap door.
The Sorcerer's Stone.

(great delivery, daniel.)
2 laydiez juz livin life & modeling in the big citie
anyway, the movie was fun to look at but the ending was horrible, horrible, horrible. a lot of people hated the whole thing but i liked it, sans the conclusion. so i'd recommend it. i was entertained.

Friday, March 12

I found ANOTHER Leith Legacy book!

This time it's The Great Gatsby. I'm not even reading it yet, but I got it out to lend to a friend. She gave it back to me today and I thought maybe, just MAYBE....I opened up the front cover while sitting in math waiting for the bell to ring, and what do I find?

Everyone BUT dumb Carson used it...AGAIN. Come ON Cars. What's with your lack of participation? No one appreciates it.

This kid in my class saw me marveling at it and said, "Wow Heather, that's like a family heirloom." You're right Alex. It is. I am so excited to read it now and make another design on the back cover. Weeeee!

P.S. I used proper capitalization in this whole post. It felt weird. Proud?
P.P.S. I wrote my name quickly because I was so excited to cement my name in history except I didn't even take the time to practice like last time. So it's too small and timid. Shoot.

Saturday, March 6

ComSpo's Adventures in Elle Ayyye

Yesterday the ComedySportz team went up to LA to eat dinner and see the professional ComedySportz team perform! Man oh man it was so fun.please enlarge the following picture and read the sign...
"empty: bus has been checked for sleeping children and is empty."

these are the sophiezzzzz (sophomores, if you don't know hip high school lingo) on the team.

so at the place we ate dinner, which i guess a lot of famous people go to, they have this mechanical bull you can ride. some girl got on it, and one of her friends shouted, "yeahh, america's next top modellll!" everyone assumed it was some inside joke, but i studied this girl and realized....that is salesha. winner of ANTM a few years back. ah! no one believed me until she was walking past us and these girls asked if she was really america's next top model and she said yes! so i was determined to get a picture with her. we caught her as she was leaving and she kindly obliged. here she is, in all her glory.
we also saw the store that kelli cuttrone owns in kell on earth, that VH1 show.
krazi tymez in da big city!

dates that are up

also known as, updates.

-- i am a really good roller skater
-- today i looked at college websites all day and i got even more excited to graduate. there are so many great options out there! now, what to choose...
-- give me your input: take a math senior year, or no?
-- planners are the best, especially ones that inspire you to plan.
-- okay, so you know that the Jonas Brothers are playing at my church's Easter Service at Angel Stadium, right? or maybe you didn't. now you know. ridiculous, i am aware, but i am still excited nonetheless. you see, freshman year, i went through a JoBro phase where i was OBSESSSSED with them. and part of that love still lingers, a tiny tiny part. SO today when i was informed that my church band is PLAYING outside of the stadium at the service as people are walking in, i got so so excited. this means we are one step closer to getting backstage passes and meeting the men that captured my heart two years ago. i really really hope it happens.
-- my whole midsection is still in pain from doing 30 situps on wednesday for PE. as in, four days ago. i need some work.
-- speaking of work...i have a spiritual interview for my job at saddleback on wednesday! i applied in august, and i am just about to start working. goodness. so long. but i'm real excited.
-- i am thinking of doing ASB next year. i am aware that this will make me an ASB kid and therefore scorned upon by many people, but i don't care because the people in it are going to be so great next year and it'll make my year so much more memorable.

that's all i have for you. you're welcome.