Wednesday, May 9

Bizarre Sight

How many times have you walked into your house and saw the lead singer/keyboardist from Courage Call (they play with SFS a lot) doing his laundry in your laundry room?

Heather- "Once. It was five minutes ago."

I was a little perplexed. When I encountered him, he just burst out laughing, like we had some inside joke or something. I was a little bit puzzled.

Mr. Courage Call Man- if you have a blog and/or are reading this on a special occasion, I quite enjoyed your bizarreness.


ali said...

hi heather...heads up, i read your blog!

umm if i were you i would embrace the courage call man is really cute!

not that you should be going for the older boys or anything. i'm pretty sure your brothers would send mr courage call man to siberia. ;)

heather.christianne said...

hooray! i read yours too!

i did embrace, actually. but i fershure won't go for him. he's out of my league. (:

joanna (: said...

I am on a first name basis with Courage Call Man. I know I'm cooooool