Sunday, June 21

ahh it's finally here!

i leave for sri lanka on monday.
that is so crazy
and so exciting!

i will be blogging away at
read and comment!
thank you so much to anyone who contributed in any way...even for just reading this. i appreciate you.

i don't know how often i will blog on here for the next month.
it will most likely all be on our trip blog.
so check that!


Friday, June 19

boom boom pow

so this one dad was in the airport and saw the black eyed peas. all of them.

and he snapped this pic and sent it to me.
no big deal, right?

Tuesday, June 16


jesse turned seventeen -- so we all went to the beach!

who actually takes these pictures? VV


one of my best.

Sunday, June 7

prom oh nine !

prepare yourself for a lot of pictures.the date: frank howley.
he's prom king, whatever.

the massive group

the best friends

we thought this pose represented our relationship.

embaby and vcast!

beidxcore to the end.

we decided to re-enact all of the plays we have done in drama 2:

house on mango street
(melissa and i were trees, vanessa was esperanza)

(melissa and i were mice, vanessa was the color blue. literally.)

christmas carol
(i was scrooge's kind niece, melissa was the ghost of marley, vanessa was a cratchit)

king arthur
(i was a lady of the court, melissa was marilyn monroe, vanessa was a dancing fool)
gotta love drama 2.

caro and matthew

this is a re-enactment of our winter formal picture...
which was a re-enactment of another picture.


rachel patla, photographer and hair stylist extraordinaire.

jason vanessa melissa me rachel joe!

mel b. and mel c.

melissa sandwich!


sometimes my mother forgets how tall i am.

oh dear.

and finally, the entire group...
there you have it!
the dance was real fun.
goooood times.

Thursday, June 4

hah. this is very clever.

as is this.
this however, disgusts me.
the term "fail" makes me cringe.
and so does individually wrapped rubber cheese.
and so do cat pictures.

well, i have been editing two spanish commercials for the past 5 hours...

our drama banquet was yesterday,
yearbook distribution/banquet is tomorrow,
and prom is saturday!
hooray formal events!

oh and we (the people in yearbook) got our books yesterday...they are grand. and no one else has them for another day. yess.

two more weeks of school! this is a scattered post! accept it.