Monday, May 14

Places That Bring Me Bliss, No Matter What, and Make It Seem as Though the World is Perfect*

{my big comfy couch}
in my house, there is a huge sofa that you just sink into. it is always cold and soft, and it has big, comforting pillows. it cures all sicknesses that i have.

{my drama class}
i truly love everyone in mr. g-dawg's drama class. just going up on that stage in bare feet (i am the only one who does this) and acting out bizarre scenes and lip-syncs with all of my best friends...nothing is better.

{in front of my fire, watching the tyra banks show, eating peach sorbet on a gloomy day}
'nuff said.

{with my family on christmas morning}
watching the tree glow and admiring all the ornaments. opening presents one at a time. my mom sitting with all the presents numbered, holding a coded list so we don't shake our presents and find out what they are. eating traditional quiche. listening to 'all is well' on the tape player, which we have done every year since i was born ("mr. johnson, i was wondering if you would like to buy this ornament?"). sitting on the big comfy couch with a comforter, being with the people i love.

{pump it up}
bouncing madly on giant slides, disobeying every rule, peeing my pants from laughing so hard, being so exhausted, hair messed up, face red.

{laying on my parents bed, my mom stroking my head}
...that is totally random.

*Inspired by Ali LaBelle
(for some reason the text is gradually shrinking, and i don't know how to fix it. sorry.)

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ali said...

i'm really excited that i inspired something so magnificent!

you're the greatest.