Monday, June 30

the greg vail project.

alright, so there's this band.
they play in high school at Saddleback, also known as HSM.

and i am in it.

it consists of:

emily arnold
devon maslyn
shane mccann
christina mckinstry
a mystery boy named danny
jordan sharon
jackson carlisle
kyle smith
and heather leith.

together, we are The Greg Vail Project.

yeah girl.

Wednesday, June 25

heather, cat version.

is this not genius?


s u m m e r
s c h o o l
d a y
t h r e e

today was a good day.
here are some
h i g h l i g h t s

--luke, rachel, joe, molly, toben and i got to lead the walk and talk. that's right.
--swimming + steven lo = hilarious
--bat ball was not as boring!
--joe and i saw all our cheerleader friends again (we're so popular)
--steven lo rambled forever about how he didn't want to be judged for not passing the swim test
--joe had two little hand towels instead of a regular sized towel. it was a good source of laughter.
--now i am listening to the beautiful music on my sister's laptop. mmmmm.

all in all....great day.
3/12 done, 9/12 to go.
or, reduced, we have 1/4 done, 3/4 to go.
go math.

Tuesday, June 24

okay, summer school, we can be friends.

[ summer school p.e. ]
d a y t w o
alright, alright, summer school.
you are semi-entertaining.
today was twelve times better than yesterday.

#1 it wasn't as hot.
#2 our two-hour Walk and Talk took place in the neighborhoods of Mission Viejo as opposed to around the track.
#3 i saw four people i knew at cheer practice, so i actually felt like i was part of the human world.
#4 we went swimming, and i beat my dear friend Toben in a race.
#5 i learned that Joe West reads/stalks my blog (hi Joe!). so that was exciting.
#6 we were entertained by Color Guard and Marching Band while playing bat ball.
#7 was just better in general.

2/12 done, 10/12 to go.
actually, reduced, that is 1/6 done, 5/6 to go.

so...go team.

Monday, June 23

summer school p.e., day one.

only 11 more 6-hour torture days to go.

what does one day of summer school p.e. look like?
allow me to tell you.

5:50 - Wake up and get ready
7:30 - Arrive at Mission High School
7:45 - Sit for an hour while the teachers figure out what they're doing
9:30 - Begin Walk and Talk, which consists of walking around the track for two hours while talking.
10:00 - Snack.
10:10 - Play Bat Ball on the field
11:00 - Swim approximately 12 laps. But only a couple of people had their suits today, so we sat in the heat with our feet in the pool.
12:00 - "Lunch." But that means waiting in the pizza line with Steven Lo and then shoving my Lunchable Cracker Stackers down my throat as the bell rings.
12:10 - Go to wrestling room and do various exercises and stretches. This was actually quite hard.
1:30 - Go home.

It doesn't seem difficult...and you're right. But these simple activities mixed with the blazing heat for six hours exhausts you. Do you see my pain here?

[ I just want it to all end ]

Tuesday, June 17

no creo en el jamas

have you met my favorite latin singer?

his name is juanes.
and we listen to him every day in spanish.
& h e i s a m a z i n g .

even though his songs are en espanol...
they are still phenomenal.
and he still communicates something to you that's really powerful.

listen to him on myspace or something...
may i strongly suggest "no creo en el jamas"?
("i don't believe in never.")

and if you listen to it 12,000 times like I have...
you will learn some of the words and feel like a spanish PRO.


tomorrow is the last day of school?
it came sooo fast.
but i'm excited to be a sophomore.
i feel like i currently have to apologize and explain when people ask what grade i'm in....(:

plans for tomorrow--
> jamming out to JUANES for the last time in mrs. tapia's class
> leaving after one class period
> possibly venice beach with some friends?
> chillin' with the G Ma and G Pa
> going to/enduring Jason's graduation
> maybe a sleepover with someone??
> PARTAYYY because school is over!

Sunday, June 15


here is the only good picture my mom got from jason's party!i really like it though.

and here are some extensive prom '08 don't hate pictures.
i didn't go with anyone, but i went to the pictures...
and here are the results...

david and i were both by chance wearing purple, so we looked like we were going together.
ohh and look at spiteful little colton in the background (:

and how here comes some cuute pictures of me and my brothers..

and thenn colton and i decided to take some pictures together
we felt like it.
creepy colton.cheesy montage of the stereotypical homecoming pose!

what fun.
now, summer, please hurry along...

Friday, June 13

sooo puuumped

is my brother and colton harker's combo 18th partayyy!
there is four costume themes,
and western!

i am a superhero.
and its going to be off the chainnnn. (:

Wednesday, June 11

i'm ready.

to be done with getting up at 5:00 AM.
to be done with packing a lunch.
to be done with tests.
to be done with studying.
to be done with teachers.
to be done with projects.
to be done with geometry.
to be done with cultural geography.
to be done with in-class essays.
to be done with worksheets.
to be done with being a freshman.

i'm ready.
to sleep in.
to stay up as late as i want.
to go to yearbook camp.
to go to church conferences.
to relax.
to be a sophomore.

i'm ready to be done with school.
i'm ready for summer to be here.

c o m e
f a s t e r

Friday, June 6

"ummm, i can't think of anything funny..."

the annual drama awards were held last monday.
it was so so so fun!
devyn, melissa, colton and i all took pictures after...
hahah this one's my favorite...

they raised us.

our attempt at america's next top model

devyn: proud mother
heather: sarcastic teen
colton: cool kid that jumps into pictures

the title of this post is a line from my "acceptance speech..."
there was only three people who won two awards.
one was me!
i was the only freshman. the other two were very talented juniors, so that was exciting.
i got Best Supporting Actress and Best Improv Female.
Melissa got Best Supporting Actress too.

ahhh a fly just slammed into my sliding door and bounced onto my head...then rapidly started buzzing, on my head, and flew away.
ehhhh that was creepy.

anyway... it was such a fun night.
i will miss drama one A LOT.