Monday, May 14

HSM Auditions!

Look at this man. He must have been auditioning for the High School Band when this photo was taken. Well, I was in a similar situation to this man today.

I had to sing a worship song of my choice plus a song that they taught me- All Who Are Thirsty.

I was originally going to sing Came To My Rescue for my song, but when I got up there, Taffy just asked me, for the sake of time, to just sing All Who Are Thirsty.

Of course, I was nervous when I was about to go up- but I prayed, and the Lord answered my prayer for like the third time this week. He is so amazing!!

The noble Carson Leith played guitar whilst I sang. I thought I did really well- I hit all the notes perfectly and did an all around good job.

Our God is so amazing- he has really revealed to me lately that whenever I need Him, he will always be there. He comforted me both times I was nervous this week (see previous post), and answered my cry for help. You always read that kind of stuff in the Bible- that the Lord will be there for you whenever you ask Him- but it's so much more meaningful when it actually HAPPENS to you.

I'll let you all know ASAP if I made it or not- whatever God wants to happen will happen.



Alli Hibb said...

Yeah God!

Mel East said...

hey u were awsome! good job we can fill echother in on if we made it! but yah u were awsome

Shannon said...

heath-- thats rad! I can't wait to hear what happens.