Monday, March 31

I'm Not Impressed, Party City.

So I need a maid costume for my play in drama.
Party City should work, right?


The costume section greets my mother and I with dozens and dozens of cardboard boxes filled with junk that really shouldn't be there. These boxes are obstructing half the costumes, and make us have to weave around the aisles, tripping all the way.

That's the first thing.

Second, everything was stuffed onto the racks and spewing on the floor everywhere. It looked like someone had robbed the place five minutes earlier...

Thiiiirdly, when we found some cheesey maid accessories but not the costume, I asked someone where the costume was. He walked away, talking over his shoulder, telling me that they only had slut French maid costumes.

So I told my mother this, and we agreed we should get in anyway and try to make it work. So we ask them to get it for us, and they take like 10 minutes in the back room, and then come out and tell us that they can't reach it, it's obstructed by boxes.

What? I think they need an organizer to help them out.
So we halfheartedly thank them, and go to the front to buy our accessories.

After waiting 10 minutes because the cashier kept making mistakes on the purchase she was doing, we finally started to buy our stuff.

The girl who was in the back room then comes and hands us a cheesy pink and black child's maid costume, so we buy it...we are truly desperate. (I need this costume for tomorrow)

Once in the car, we see that the costume is super cheesy (I'm talkin' cheap pink and black and hearts and a plastic headband), so we finally decide that my mom will return it later...

Tisk tisk, Party did not fulfill my costume needs.

Sunday, March 30

Not Me, Not Hermione, YOU!

I reread the seventh Harry Potter over the last three days...

It is so great the second time.
Knowing all of the answers to all of Harry's questions,
Knowing Snape's true intentions,
Forgetting that a certain part happened and reading it like its the first time again, with such excitement and anxiety....


Saturday, March 29

Funniest Website Ever

This website had me laughing so hard...
it perfectly describes all of those "emo" stereotypes, complete with diagrams.

my personal favorite is the "#1 Pete Wenz Fan."

Friday, March 28

435th Post

I am going to commemorate it through lists, because lists are my favorite.

Four Things I Want For My Birthday (Cinco de Mayo)
1 This headboard
2 The Venus phone
3 These shelves. (in birch) I could make such a cool display.
4 A peacoat

Three Foods That I Crave ALL the Time
1 Ice cream cake
2 Cupcakes
3 Lasagna

Five Names I LOOOVE
1 Avery
2 Jade
3 Ashlynn
4 Hazel
5 Addison


Nine O'Clock Thoughts

>> Zeinah, you were just in my dream, and you were making us take you to Zack's diving meet when we were already really stressed.

>> I wish Spring Break was not almost OVER!

>> This morning Bree came into my room and went under my covers and was like darting around, it was super annoying.

>> She gets into her Stealth Kitten mode where she like leaps and darts around and looks at everyone suspiciously.

>> I wish they had AlphaBits in the United States. I am really craving them. (It's a cereal)

>> I read this story yesterday- a group of people were in a car accident, and one girl died and another was in a coma. The one family had a funeral and everything, and the other was by their daughter's side 24 hours a day. But then after about two weeks or something they realized that the identities of their daughters were switched- the one family's daughter was really the dead one, and the other family's daughter was alive! How crazy (and sad) is that!

Thursday, March 27

cute picture.

every time we visit my cousins, we take a picture where we are all in a line in age order.
their first names all start with B, and their last name is Breakey (so funny).
i love this one.
i like how i edited the color to be so vibrant,
and we all look so classic.
  1. little bentley (on the end) is so tiny and pudgy
  2. i am so stone-cold
  3. bryson (next in line) looks like a pleased turtle
  4. carson looks like he is admiring a pretty bush
  5. beau's orange bowl cut
  6. jason's blonde puffy bowl cut and purple shirt
  7. well, brynn looks fine
  8. ryan is fake-smiling, and looks strained
  9. shannon has frizzy triangle hair
brilliant, brilliant.

Wednesday, March 26

new header, once again

since we all know i need change in life.
(even though we also know the peace sign is overrated)

let's all take a deep breath
and let it out slowly.
just because.


You Know What's Fun?

Getting to school at 6:30 am on my spring break, then runnning the mile and getting a 10:30 when I was really trying, then swimming.


Tuesday, March 25

Guilty Pleasure #2

|Here is #1|
n u m b e r t w o
t h e h i l l s
//i used to hate it//'s.fakeness
{{but my views
have been changed}}
i watched it last night
&& i'm hooked

Monday, March 24

cheesy and semi-cliche, but i like it.

[i wrote/made this myself, and i've decided that it is my life thesis.]

Odd Things I Love To Do

|Read instruction manuals|
|Fill out forms|
|Read informative packets| (like the ones you get at school registration)

anyone else with me here?


I am now the owner of this little beauty. (the silver one)

I love it love it love it.
My dad surprised me with it randomly like a week ago, because my other one broke.
He also talked the Circuit City people into giving me a $160 gift certificate to compensate.

So anyway, I highly recommend this camera. It's a Canon PowerShot SD40 Digital Elph.
  • High quality images with vivid colors
  • Tons of scene and color settings
  • Tiny, easy to carry around
  • It has Color Accent, where you can choose one color and make the rest of the shot black and white
  • It had Color Swap, where you can change a blue shirt to a green one, for example
  • When you are looking at the pictures, if you rotate the camera, the picture will rotate along with it
  • You can edit videos and change the colors of still shots on the camera
  • There is a lot more, but you get the picture
  • Small LCD screen
  • Some functions hard to navigate- I hate to read the instruction manual extensively
  • I can't figure out how to focus on something really really close
Basically, this camera is amazing, and I looooove it!

pre-swim practice fun

in the locker room
laying out in the sun

on the way to a meet



Sunday, March 23

i'm almost better...

when i went to the doctor today, my temperature was 101 degrees, i could barely walk, my eyes were pink, my nose was stuffed and runny, i was sneezing and get the gist.

well, my tests for mono, strep throat, and the flu all came back negative (hooray)
so i was put on antibiotics, some gross tasting liquid medicine, and eye drops.

i came home and was fatigued and about to puke.

but here's the thing.
as of now,
my nose is dry and un-stuffed.
my temperature is 98 degrees.
i am lively and can run up the stairs.
my eyes are pretty much white.
i only sneeze every so often.
my throat is still bad, but hey,

i may even be up to shopping at old navy tomorrow...
(their flats are to die for)

Saturday, March 22


My pinkeye decided to transfer to the other eye.
My small cold decided to turn into a big cold.
My body temperature decided to raise to 100.4.
My nose decided to be runny and plugged up and gross.
My throat decided to add "strep" before it's name.
And I decided that I hate being sick.

Friday, March 21

You Know I Love Great Quotes

Heather: But what will happen to Bee?
Joanna: She will join Orange Boy in Cat Heaven.


"Why, Heather, it is 9:47 AM, how are you posting? Shouldn't you be at school?"

My response is NO!

I have Pinkeye, or some sort of eye infection that I shan't pass on to the school, which is why I am home alone all day! Oh, joy of joys!

I loved looking at my eye this morning and thinking- "Oh no, it doesn't look that bad, I'll have to go to school..." but THEN asking my mom to look at it and as soon as she saw it, she said "You're not going to school today." (YESSSS)

I love not going to swim practice.

I love being home alone.

I love waking up at 5:20 and then flopping back into bed and sleeping for three more hours.

I love being home from school, yet not being "sick."

I don't love having crusty eyes...

but the positives outweigh that. I'll have crusty eyes any day rather than swim practice and school.

So, I hope everyone enjoyed their day at school! (HAH)

Sunday, March 16

water polo banquet!

lovelovelove water polo>>>>>
weird quality, i know...
we all pigged out

i wish it was water polo seasonnnn.

Saturday, March 15

some odd things i did today

got a career as an artist
got married
bought a house
had three children
discovered a planet
learned to drive
became bankrupt
made a million dollars
retired in Millionaire Estates

played The Game of Life with Rachel and Zeinah.

Wednesday, March 12


here are two options...

whenever you "feel creative," let me know...making these are beyond simple.

take THAT.


pet peeve.

when people say "ek-scape."

umm, i'm pretty sure it's spelled ES-cape. There is no extra "c," because therefore it would be spelled ecscape.

anyone else with me here?

the day you have been waiting for!

dearest erin welcome...
here are two options.
pick whatever one you want or let me know what to change!

and katie. here's yours. i don't know if you like stars or if you are a more heart type of person... so let me know if you like it, because seriously, it's so easy to change, so don't be shy if you hate it.

aaaand elise. do you have maybe a faint idea of what you want it to say? or the colors, or font, or whatever? if you let me know what you want it to say, i can give you some options.

i like blog headers,

Monday, March 10

dearest jordan

here you go...let me know if you want anything changed!
it is clearer and bigger on the document i made it on...there is one way i can fix me...

i'll be baywatch worthy.

so basically, rachel, zeinah, and i are going to be lifeguards at the beach club this summer.
so basically, you are jealous because we are studs and will make ten bucks an hour.

it's okay, i understand.

Sunday, March 9

to buy on iTunes

+August Rush Soundtrack

+Taylor Swift
(even though i find her annoying)

+Sara Bareilles

+Dawn Landes

+Amy Seeley

+Yael Naim

(check her out, she's really good)

verification por favor

those who said they wanted blog headers...

what do you want it to say? and what colors do you like?

or any picture or anything?

be very specific pleeease.