Thursday, May 31

Newfound Semi-Talent?

I discovered a little thing called PhotoImpression5.
I also discovered a little thing called MAKING BLOG HEADERS there.
Would you like to see some of them?
Some of these are 'if this person had a blog.' Some are 'this should be this person's blog banner.' Some are just random.For Melissa!
For whoever.
For muah.
If you did not see this banner, which was on my blog for approximately one night, this is it.
If Zeinah had a blog.
This one is simply PRETTYY
I'm not quite sure who this girl is, but this picture was on my computer.

I know that lots of people can do this way better, but if anyone wants me to make them one, I can totally do it! Hooray!


Maddiee is the namee said...

will you make me one?

kaylarayla said...

Oh I would love one, but it doesn't really need to have a picture on it...I liked your old one.

jessica.angela. said...

Ooh, i love it.

I think i might steal This is me, take it or leave it as my title...

check back with me if this is okay.

ali said...

that would be nikki adams (the random girl you don't know).

loveeee these.

heather.christianne said...

Maddie- sure. what do you want on it? Send me a picture.

Kayla- What kind of picture do you want?

Jessie- go right ahead.

ali- yes, i learned from Carsonian that it was Nikki. it's an amazing picture.

kaylarayla said...

Surprise Me.

Maddiee is the namee said...

hmm i think i like this picture. thank you so much :)

Maddiee is the namee said...

wait that one didnt show all of the link address here is it again:

poncho said...

So fun I want one! It doesn't need a pic of me though.

jessica.angela. said...

The second one you made should totally be a jean ad

D to the Evon said...

please make me one


ummm let me say these are like the most amazing thing ever

love the big words

call me anyone

Anonymous said...

hahahah Nikki Adams!