Friday, October 31

it's halloween!

and i still have no clue what i'm going to be.
but what's new, i always grab something out of our multitude of costumes like 10 minutes before i walk out the door...
i'll post a picture once i decide.
or maybe the day after.

Tuesday, October 28


we get to miss periods 2-6 to do a double performance of cinderella.

only three shows left! how time has flew. i might even leave my shoe somewhere....

our next play is a christmas carol. it's funny- i have already done our first two shows in the past. but they are way more fun the second time.

Monday, October 27

i did say "for now..."

you want more? i'll give you more!
why do we try? jumping pictures always fail.
i like the lighting in the corner.

you can call me Goliath.
our personas in third grade:
overly excited orphan hair spandex outfits, kewl girl, and awkward canadian girl with a half ponytail.
sweet little erica!
she was adopted from rwanda.
along with two other little children.
they are all the cutest kids you will ever encounter.

^^ erica told us to.
she bows down to me.

i think that's it for good.
but you never know...

Sunday, October 26

i just have to post some more.

so attractive.
stolen from shannon, the surprise pose.
this is genuinely cute.
another perspective, the same homecoming pose.
we were all screaming.
okay. that's it.
for now.

some additions

i'm such a rebel ^^

refrigerator magnets and greetings from italy?

i was all excited to read my four comments...
but then when i clicked it, they were all spam.
i was going to delete them, but they're kind of funny.

homecoming two thousand and eight!

oh my goodness, friends, it was SO fun.
clearly, no regrets.
definitely my favorite ^^
my dress turned out beautifully!

the men >>>

[ the ladies ]

my dad tried, and succeeded, with only a few picture mishaps.
i love this one.

we are lined up perfectly!

it's homecoming, so why not bust out the classic homecoming pose?

melissa plus heather equals creepers
....i was trying to be a tree hugger.

we tried to do a really cool line thing...
all that matters is that we tried, right?

the styffinator and i.

i'll leave you with an awkward one.

okay, how about i just lay out the night in dash form:
- i was the tallest girl in my group, and with my giant heels, i was Goliath. i loved it, though.

- we all took off our shoes right way was i going to dance in my four inch heels.

- basically, we just danced the entire time, with a few trips to the fondue fountain.

- my dress and hair were very wise choices- curls would have fallen out right away, and an awkward dress would have to be adjusted every five seconds. but i was all good!

- definitely the best part was that my dad chaperoned...and by chaperoned i don't mean stood around the perimeter watching, i mean he shoved to the center of the mosh pit and heavily enforced the rules and intimidated people. great job, dad, i commend you. i saw him like every 10 minutes too...i definitely embraced it.

oh, a great first school dance ever it was.

Saturday, October 25

it's here!

homecoming, here i come.

Friday, October 24

dearest brother carson!

today is your day of birth!
the big one seven!
the day is over, so i can't really say have a great day...which i know you already did...


Thursday, October 23

clever, switchfoot!

my dear iPod was on shuffle this morning, and i look at the screen and it says "Might Have Ben Hur." i disreguarded it, saying to myself "why did they spell 'her' like 'hur?'" but i just kept on with my quiet time. but then when they sang that line in the song, i realized, it's a pun! Ben Hur! i laughed, and commended Switchfoot inside my head.

this happens to me a lot, actually...i don't understand puns unless they are said out loud, and then when i realize, it makes me look really stupid. example: i was ordering at Red Robin, and i had decided on the "just in quesadilla." i figured it meant: fresh! just-in! hot off the grill! but then i said it out loud to the waitress, and ryan said "hah, clever." and i was confused. but then i realized...Just in CASE-adilla! hah! so clever! the waitress sympathized with my slow realization, a good waitress she was. she said she did the same thing.

which inclines me to say, i love good wait-people. when they are nice yet wittily sarcastic, and they tolerate my slow decision making and frequent order changing. i kind of want to be a waitress, just so i can be nice and understanding to people who take forever to decide on their order and change their request like five minutes before the meal comes out (true story, i've done that.)

in conclusion...i am a big appreciator of puns. i just don't realize them all right away...and i like good waiters/resses who are nice and patient with me.

i like this.

God is light; in Him there is no darkness at all.
1 John 1:5

(and i'm not going to lie, i love the use of the semicolon. it's my favorite punctuation mark.)


i just got my progress report...
my first C ever.
it's a C+, but still. i hate it.
english is so hard this year though! what was once my favorite subject is no longer that.
i am going to pledge to myself to study my roots or something more, because i will not stand for a C.

more changes in plans!

pictures & dinner
4:30-6:30, melinda park on santa margarita and melinda.
we will be taking pictures and then having a delightful pick-up-stix picnic at the park.

this is the FINAL plan. the only rides needed now are from the park to trabuco, then trabuco to the styffe's. still let me know if your parents can transport people.

Tuesday, October 21

maybe i should switch from journalism to psychology?

Fact # 374 about Heather Leith: I love learning about psychology- how our brains work, what dreams mean, etc...I also love learning more about myself through personality tests, like what color represents my personality, what career is right for me according to my persona, on and on. I could take personality tests for hours. And when my brother got his textbook for psych, I read it for like an hour. The human brain just intrigues me so so much.

Just thought I'd share...

Sunday, October 19


my dress is going to be amazing.
what my mom has done thus far is so so cute.
thanks mama leith!

oh, may i just say that she won a contest for sewing a wool suit when she was in high school? and then she modeled it on a runway?
yeah. this is the woman sewing MY homecoming dress.
be jealous.

i just went apple picking!

it was so interesting and new and fun!
my small group drove two and a half hours away to julian, california. it felt like a road trip- we were driving through winding mountain roads, and we ended up in a quaint little apple town.

i'll tell you more about apple wonderland when i obtain pictures!

Saturday, October 18

oh, what a fun game.

tagged is what i have been!
by elise!
so here we go,
seven things some of you probably already know about me, or seven things you never knew, or three you knew and four you didn't, or some variation of the above.

1 - when i drink from a straw at my house (which is often), it must always match and/or coordinate with the container from which i am drinking. for example, when i drink diet coke with lime, i have a lime green straw, because it matches the lime on the can. if my straw clashes, i feel gross while drinking.

2 - i'm a sucker for a well-written caption or article. reading one just makes my day.

3 - i have a weird love for other people's lives. this is the reason why i follow two utah (utah-ian?) girls' blogs. and they have the same weird love, and they read mine too. hello meg and sidney!

4 - this saturday will mark my first school dance. ever. it's pathetic, but it's true. my parents never let me go until now...

5 - i dip my pizza crust in soda whenever possible. it's so good. but i get embarrassed so i do it as non-obviously as possible.

6 - i love love love designing my myspace. writing the about me, changing my default picture, picking fonts...i love it all.

7 - i wish my parents had put me in gymnastics or commercials or something as a two year old, so that by this time in my life i would be like shawn johnson or dakota fanning or something. why do i have such a desire to be famous? its ridiculously unneccesary!

bonus - okay, this isn't about me, but can i just share that oprah's great neice and nephew go to my school? i want to get to know them.

aiight, i tag shannon, sidney, meg, rachel styffe, katie ravn, and whoever else wants to be tagged!