Sunday, May 13

Awesome Experience

Yesterday Allison's voice hurt, so I had the amazing opportunity to lead worship in Wildside! I was nervous, because it would be just me up there with the choir...but no one would be with me up front. There was no one to back me up if I messed up or anything!

The Lord is so amazing. I prayed before the service that I would do well and that he would give me the right words to say to the crowd...he difinitely came through! I thought I did well, and many people in the audience had their hands raised, totally praising God! It was awesome!

Thanks, Allison, for leting me sing for you!

Thanks, Jesus, for coming through for me!


Mel East said...

how awsome you did amazing!!

Alli Hibb said...

Heather, you have no idea what a blessing it was to have you sing for me! God was totally coming through for both of us simultaneously!

jessica.angela. said...

What a blessing!! Congradulations on doing an awesome job babe! well, i didn't hear it but im sure you were amazing.

Alice, i hope your voice feels better!!

rachel kalei. said...

that is so amazing!

poncho said...

You were fabulous!