Tuesday, May 8

I am going to fail the STAR test.

Allow me to inform your puzzled brain about this title.

The whole eighth grade took a test to see how much we remembered from 6th and 7th grade, and I am proud to say I did HORRIBLE. No one in the whole school got higher than a 70% (and only one kid got that-he was from my class.). It was HARD. So Today Mr. Sporny (I cannot help but laugh at that, immature as it may be), came to lecture us about the wonders of 7th grade history. It was so boring...re-learning everything about Mansa Musa, Ibn Battuta, hunter-gatherers, medieval serfs, Feudal Japan, and Johann Gutenberg and his printing press. We are expected to pass a test over History from the past THREE GRADES? Hello?? The whole school is going to fail! It is a given!

Pray for all of us Octi's here at the noble RSM Intermediate


Mel East said...

omg omg I am taking that same test on thursday! i am sooo not ready!!! we can pray for echotther!!!

Orhan Kahn said...

You even used the classic 'Hello??'

Simply adorable.

heather.christianne said...


jessica.angela. said...

kinda creepy...that little spinney head thingy?
hm. now my friends, a real life situation in result of me, wanting to lock my blog.
in which case, i did. (: