Saturday, May 26

6 Interesting Things About HCL

  1. I can be put out of a bad mood by holding those new Arrowhead bottles with the skinny middle.
  2. In elementary school, all my friends had lunch tickets, but my mom never bought me any. I would "borrow" tickets from Joanna almost every day, promising I'd pay her back. But. I never did. I even stole one from her one time. To this day, I owe her about $100.
  3. I put ketchup on my macaroni and cheese.
  4. I am the only one of my 4 siblings that does not end in 'n.' ShannoN, RyaN, JasoN, CarsoN... and Heather. I was going to be named LaureN to fit in with this trend, but...I will forever be an oddball in my own family.
  5. I absolutely cannot allow myself to go to bed late on school days. I make 9:45 my limit.
  6. Reading the Baby-Sitters Club and watching Zoom on PBS was my secret love until 5th grade.
Technically, you are supposed to be tagged by someone else to be able to post this. But I decided to be gung-ho and just to it independently.

I tag... Joanna, Melissa, Rachel, Danya, and Maddie. Hopefully this gives you guys someone to post about.


Shannon said...

you are an INDEPENDANT individual. and i LOVE IT!!!

joanna (: said...

I'm awaiting my $100.

joanna (: said...

I have carried out my tagging request.

rachel kalei. said...

NO! i am not an intresting person. truely. i am not