Saturday, October 24

remember that one time i blogged?

yeah, me neither.
i guess after three years i am a little tired
but, i have decided to make a considerable effort to keep this little blog going.
so, let's begin with my favorite music video i have made thus far.
party in the usa.
it took eight hours.
well, not really, because we took a few breaks to eat and plan homecoming (which is next week!)
but nonetheless, it was a big production. complete with editing till 1 AM.
and we are all very proud.
random people have been coming up to me and saying, "your video? THE BEST THING EVER."

so, enjoy! and sorry i left you waiting for so long. i am speaking to the three people that have been bugging me to blog (mother, grandmother, and megan.) so here you go!
(i recommend clicking on the video and watching it on youtube, so that the edge isn't cut off. or just make it big-screen by clicking the little box thing at the bottom.)

Thursday, October 1

you know you are in california when...

it's october 1st, and it's blazing hot.
when shorts and a t-shirt are absolutely necessary, and wearing jeans makes you suffer from heat stroke.
when you can't get enough water because the air is so dry.
when it turns 70 degrees for 2 days and the population celebrates, busting out pants and sweatshirts.
when every human on facebook posts statuses on how it rained for three minutes.

it's times like these i am jealous of utah-ians.