Tuesday, September 30

best quote from my day:

"we are just math martyrs." -joseph patrick preziosi.

meaning, we sacrifice our good grades in algebra 2 honors so that others may appear smart. because if we all got A's, no one would be smart. so we're helping everyone out by getting C's. someone has to do it, right?

we wish.

Sunday, September 28

there is hope for the cub scouts of america!

more boy scouts just came to my door, selling popcorn. but this time they had great sales tactics, and we bought some caramel corn with peanuts.

except i had a bias towards these boy scouts because i have babysat for them, so of course i couldn't say no.

but it doesn't come till november.

Thursday, September 25

i have tons of homework, but i MUST share this.

it's 7:30 PM. it's dark and dangerous. too dark and dangerous for a clueless, awkward boy scout to be knocking on doors.

yet one just knocked on mine.
i answered.
and this is what happened:
(heather opens door. there is a boy scout standing there, looking down. he hears me open the door and immediately starts examining his manila folder and his sales chart. he doesn't speak. i contemplate in my head: does he expect me to initiate the conversation? he's the one who knocked. what am i supposed to do? "hi, what do you need?" no, i think inside my brain, he can initiate this conversation. meanwhile, boy scout has been standing there for at least five long seconds, examining his sales chart. and then finally, abruptly...)

Boy Scout: Hi, I'm selling popcorn for Troop 727.
Heather: Oh! ........(waiting for him to say, "Would you be interested in purchasing some?)
Boy Scout: (Silent. Looks at me. Examines his popcorn sales sheet again. More silence. I relish in his awkwardness. After five seconds...) Parents home?
Heather: No, sorry.
Boy Scout: .............................Oh. Okay. (he turns around and walks away)
Heather: ....Okay.....good luck!
Boy Scout: Thanks.

I still don't get it.
Why didn't he talk?
HE knocked on MY door.
Where were his polite sales tactics?
Dear Boy, I hope some people buy your popcorn. You seemed nice.

Wednesday, September 24

just a shoutout

to my dear utah friends megan and sidney.
hi !!!

Monday, September 22

friday afternoon fever!

disco day at t. hills equals loads of fun.
please notice my farrah fawcett hair (deflated it may be) and bell bottoms which you can't really see, and tank-sweater, which mama leith wears to this day.


i strongly dislike

when people freak out about miniscule things.

example: our school doesn't have lockers at the moment. long story. not really. but let's move on.
so my math teacher shows us pages from the book for our homework on the projector.
so this girl decided to move to the next page, and then half the class started screaming, "WAIT! MOVE IT BACK UP! LAURA! STOP!"

i literally had to calm the class down. i was like "guys, seriously, we'll all be fine, it's just the homework. let's all calm down."

example two: in english, we were copying notes from the overhead, and the teacher moves it down. again, people start screaming, "AAAHH! WAIT! I WASN'T DONE!"

come on, guys. everything's going to be okay. let's all just stay calm.

example three: my physics teacher said an answer to a problem wrong. immediately everyone goes "HUH? WHAT? THAT'S NOT WHAT I GOT..."

people. we'll be fine. just raise your hand.

okay, one more example: again, in physics, mr. hamilton was calling each person's name and asking if they wanted to hear their test score. everyone was saying no, and apparently that angered 75% of the class, because they all started talking loudly at once: "OH, COME ON. JUST SAY YES. NO ONE CARES! COME ON!"

again, i had to calm the class down. "guys, let them be, let's just move on. it's saving time, anyway. please. calm yourselves. let's all be friends."
it worked. they stopped.
this happens a lot, where everyone is loudly arguing about some insignificant topic.

i am seriously the mediator in every one of my classes.
it's a great outlook on life: seriously, guys, we'll be fine. let's just calm down and all be friends.

Sunday, September 21

i'll give you the bad news first.

i'm not going to be on comedy sportz this year.

but prepare yourself for the good news!
i have a guaranteed spot next year!
sautner talked to me and said that the team was trying to decide between me and this junior girl. he said that i am good enough to be on the team right now, but he wants to give this girl a chance, since she's older or something. so i'll be on comedy sportz next year!

but! melissa made the team this year! i am so excited for her!
but i'm even more excited for next year when i'll be doing it with her (:

Thursday, September 18

Things I Really Really Love*

cold, rainy days
calm music
great lighting in pictures
cute baby names
having a lot of updates in google reader
the fragments yearbook
yearbook class
fun people
people who appear shy, but are fun when you get to know them
or shy people who randomly burst out something unexpected
graphic design that inspires you
great fonts
great captions
great writing
(this is why i'm in yearbook)
finding a spelling/grammar mistake (the mistake itself bugs the crap out of me)
doing a reader's theater at school, when you laugh so hard that you're crying in front of your unenthusiastic first period english class
fulfilling conversations
random blog friends who live in utah AND florida
logging into myspace to find a billion updates
highlighting things in my planner once i have completed them
when you are supposed to be quiet in class, but you are laughing so hard it hurts with someone and you eventually burst out laughing and get in trouble
well put together outfits
special k red berries
not drying/straightening my hair in the morning
white nail polish
black nail polish (only on certain people)
writing writing writing
shawn johnson
fantasizing about being a famous gymnast and being on ellen
doing odd things at 3:00 AM with rachel pat pat and mel mel cripes
reminiscing about elementary school
telling a funny story (its better if someone tells it with you and you laugh really hard while telling it)
smooth legs
feeling other people's smooth legs
good skin days (rare.)
waking up to a text message
my black skinny jeans that are just so comfy
not wearing jewlery
having a simple sense of style
getting a C- on my math test and being okay with that
sucking at physics and also being okay with that
doing group projects with fun slightly nerdy guys
making fake youtube videos that make people think i am a dumb OC girl
strawberry lemonade
macaroni and cheese with ketchup (try it)
drama 2
learning something new about God or myself or His plan for me
wavy hair
new clothes
good moods
meeting new friends.

this is so fun for me...
i could go on.
but i don't think anyone would read it...

*inspired by allison.

Wednesday, September 17

"winston gets shaved, prances."

that is the title of this gem of a video.
prepare yourself for the oddest looking cat you have ever seen.

thanks for ruining my post, stomach!

i was just about to put together a post that would have looked like this:

"this is weird. why am i not hungry at 7:30 PM? all i have had today is a bagel, quaker mini delights, and two bites of a granola bar before my audition that i was too nervous to finish. 

this is so unlike me. heather leith is a synonym for can't-go-an-hour-without-eating. why am i not hungry? what has happened to this world?"

but then i got really hungry once i sat down at the computer. so while i waited for this page to load, i went and ate a hard-boiled egg (which fills you right up, i am pleased to say) and so now i'm back to not hungry.

well, now that i've composed a pointless post...
i'm gonna go.

i wasn't funny at my audition.

reasons i don't care:
  • most don't make it as sophomores. last year there was one. and about 30 kids auditioned.
  • according to sautner, most people are not funny at auditions.
  • there is lots of hope for junior year
  • sautner knows me and how funny or not i am, so its not all based on the audition
  • i wasn't HORRIBLE. i just made very few funny jokes. i know that i can do better, but whatever. i don't want to overthink and overanalyze and dwell on everything. i just wanted to inform you, my lovely readers, what happened.
basically, i'll be really excited if i make it, since there is only 2 spots for sophomores and its reallllly hard to get on the team.

but if i don't make it, i will seriously have no problem. the odds are against me and i have two years left to make it. so we're all good.

Tuesday, September 16

again, for the record...

tomorrow i am auditioning for comedy sportz.
and i am just a tad nervous.
but we'll see what happens.

Sunday, September 14

(mace)DON(ia) SKOP(je) BELIEVIN'...

I now know the location and capital of every country in europe.
and I'm dang proud.
I would like to thank my mother and Dominic for being my tutors,
and pneumonics for helping out in my time of need by providing me clever ways to remember capitals,
such as the above, for Skopje, Macedonia.
or, for the order of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Serbia...
Parents Can't Spank Happily, Sir.
(Warsaw Prague Bratislava [there are brats in slovakia] Bucharest Belgrade)

Or, for Ljubljana, Slovenia, my mother thought of letters being jumbled together slovenly.
yeah. we rock.

oh, pneumonics, i really appreciate you.

I love

that God knows exactly what His plan is for me. down to every last second of my life.

Wednesday, September 10

for the record

if you don't count hours of homework and for once actually having to study...

school is really fun.
and i have made a pact with some people to meet every person in our grade before graduation so we don't look back later in life and not know half of our class.
it's going to be a great year.

Thursday, September 4

first day of school!

sophomore year.
here i come.
how's that for epic?

oh, you want to see past first days of school?
take a looksie here.
for the record,
here is the first day of freshman year,
so that you can compare and contrast.
or, i can compare and contrast for you.
i'll just point out some obvious ones...
-longer hair
-waaay taller
-a lack of jason
-oooh, we switched to a bag rather than a backpack
-carson looks way more ready this year. he's a senior. he'll rock it.
-i also look way more ready, compared to last year, where i am saying "hi, i'm a freshman and i'm READY to conquer high school." but now it's like "whateva, i'm a sophomore, i do what i want." not really though.
-my face just looks completely different.

okay. i'm tired. and i have a 100 question english test tomorrow.
so i'll stop there.

Wednesday, September 3

tidbits from the conversation going on in the other room

"oh, is that the boyfriend?"
"that's the boyfriend."
"you messed up, levi!"
"well that was the time when barrack was on drugs."
"that's really scary in alaska."
"do you think sarah palin got a facial?"
"oh, this is a big deal for her."
"oh, no."
"oh, yes."
"i wonder how many outfits she tried on before walking on that stage."
"start strong, girl, start strong."
"i like that little wink."
"i'm piper! or is she bristol?"
"that's bristol."
"yeah, that's bristol."
"they've got some unusual names..."
"yes. thank you."
"i think she just got all the democratic special needs parents voters..."
"a little twang action..."

the republican convention makes for funny comments.
thanks for the entertainment, parents plus parent's bible study!

Tuesday, September 2

ohhhh sabados

dear saturday,
please come faster.