Monday, July 11


you just gotta go to McDonald's at 12 at night after having a cryfest as your best friend leaves for college. then after, you just gotta order a 50 piece chicken nuggets and split it with all your friends. then try to go back for ice cream but they're closed.

this is adulthood, people.

Saturday, July 9

college is coming.

i'm not ready!
i have to read 2 books for the honors program before school starts,
buy all my dorm stuff and somehow create a coherent design that my hallmates will envy (very important),
bid farewell to all of my friends (my best friend since 3rd grade leaves tomorrow...what?),
quit my job,
pack up my life,
and move in.
and make new friends.
and balance the thousands of pages of reading i will be doing with hanging out with friends.
how will i do this?
uh...good question.