Wednesday, February 28

Big News...

I am not going to be in Fiddler on the Roof anymore. There are many reasons for this. Allow me to inform your inquiring mind.

Point A My mom got a call today saying that they noticed that I went to the 14-18 year old rehearsal. We figured since I will be 14 by the end of the show, I could go...but noooo. I have to go to the little kid rehearsal on a different day. My pet peeve is being the oldest in something...and in every activity I do I am the oldest with all these little kids. This would be the case.

Point B My madre would not be able to transport me to Biola once a week. We had a carpool all set so my mom would never have to drive...but it wouldn't work out if we were going to the little kid rehearsal, because we would have no carpool!

Point C I have done this play before. It is long and not fun. I mean, it's certainly not's just not fun.

Point D I am ensemble. Going through all the above things PLUS being just's just not worth it.

I'm not really sad at all. Yeah, it would have been fun, but it's not worth all that trouble. PLUS, I will be in drama next trimester at I will have something to do with my life, and I won't have any conflicts for drama rehearsals and performances. I guess God gave us all these complications because he didn't want me to be in this play, for whatever reason.

Right on.

Tuesday, February 27


Yesterday I had Fiddler On the Roof practice from 4-10. I left school early and got home at ELEVEN O'CLOCK AT NIGHT. I am sooo exhausted. I need some ice cream.

Top 10 Veggie Tales Episodes/Songs

10. Anything with Laura the carrot girl in it. Or the French Peas.
9. The one where there were two towns and one wore pots on their heads
8. The Grapes of Wrath ("We are the Grapes of Wrath, we never take a bath!")
7. The Water Buffalo Song
6. The Cebu Song
5. The Good Samaritan
4. The Cheeseburger Song
3. The Psychiatrist Blob Song where Larry thinks every blob is a lip.
2. The Spaceship Episode where the giant popcorn ball was attacking the ship
1. Larry Boy and the Big Fib

Veggie Tales is basically my passion. Oh. And I love the computer. (in Veggie Tales.)

Sunday, February 25

Childhood Memories Numero Dos

Heather Leith started reading when she was not yet three. So she would like to share with you some of her favorite childhood books. Although you may not care, you may relate to some of these memories.

HoneyBunny FunnyBunny. Oh. my. Lord. Although Heather doesn't remember what really happened in this book, she does remember the pictures and HoneyBunny's brother PJ. (the white one.)

The Story About Ping was pretty much young Heather's passion. I vividly remember the story. Ping was the yellow duck you see here. He had 8 aunts and uncles and 42 cousins and 2 sisters and 3 brothers or something to that extent. They lived on the Yang See river in a houseboat that had "wise old eyes." It's eyes were creepy. So they would venture out and do their thang in the day, and then the Chinese owner with a ponytail and a otherwise bald head would go "LA LA LA LA LEI!" and they would scurry up the ramp to the houseboat. But here's the thing. The last duck in would get spanked. I know. Intense. So one day Ping was last and he knew it, so he swam away in fear. Then this little Chinese boy attached to a barrel jumped out of a boat and captured Ping. He trapped him under a basket on his family's houseboat. They wanted to eat him. But the little boy said no and fed Ping rice cakes. Anyway, Ping got home, but that is a long story.

This is a classic tale about a little boy growing up, then his mom climbs into his window when he is an adult because she misses him. Then she is an old lady later in the story and there is this weird picture of the grown man/son rocking his old mother in a rocking chair. She is in the fetal position. It was pretty creepy, actually.

And of course. Waldo. I had three books and two puzzles. I think we can all relate.

Well, no one related to my DoodleBear post. But maybe some of you will know what I'm sayin' here.

What were your favorite childhood books?

Saturday, February 24

Choir Weekend!

This weekend is choir I will be at church 24/7. (or should i say 24/2.) It is always SO much fun! I know that there is a waiting list and all to hang out with me, but all my adoring fans are just going to have to wait...

Friday, February 23

If You Did Not Read My Profile....

I posted this amazing "random question" answer. Here it is just in case I change it and you didn't see it.

Try making up the rules to a game where you tie knots in a yo-yo string just to see if you can get them out:
1. If you go over your limit of twelve knots, you have to toboggan down the driveway of the place you are playing in.2. You have three lifelines: Ask Yo Yo Ma. Phone Regis Philban. Birdcall. 3. Once you tie eleven knots, put on Ghandi's orange woolly jumper and scream like a banshee. 4. No peeking. 5. No regurgitating. 6. Absolutely, positively, for sure, NO POLE DANCING.

I thought this was a brilliant question + a brilliant answer. i especially like 4+5+6. They are a great combo.

Here is a great one from random question history:
When you spilled the milk, did it look like the man in the moon?
No. It looked like my best friend's ankle socks hanging on a clothes line.

Love it.

Keep checking back to my profile...I change it a lot!

Sidenote...if you do not currently have a random question on your profile...PUT ONE!

Call me Catwoman

So basically, there is this thing between Danya and Joanna. Danya is Seniorman and Joanna is Dogman. Seniorman bows down to Dogman, and they make odd noises. Dogman is Seniorman's son. It is a legit world.

So today, we established that I am Catwoman. I am their arch enemy. I attack cities with my hissing and clawing. I constantly try to defeat Dogman and Seniorman. I destroy towns to the theme song that was playing in Daphne's. Yeah, that's right, I have a theme song. It is Greek.

We are bizarre. I know. We don't care. People stare at us. It's actually pretty funny. But that's the great thing about friends.

: )

Thursday, February 22

Top 10 Most Annoying Qualities in a Person

10. Selfishness
9. Overly shy/doesn't talk to people
8. Smelliness :{ (thats me scrunching up my nose.)
7. Think you are funny...yet you are not.
6. Cocky
5. Not a good listener
4. Self-centeredness
3. Brattiness/extreme rudeness
2. Fakeness/plasticness (i.e. overly dyed/chemically altered/fried hair, enormous acrylics, raccoon eyes, cakey makeup)
1. Thinking you are cool/hott

For some girls/guys at my school, all of these qualities SHINE.

Can you think of any good ones?

Wednesday, February 21


Whilst bowling, we encountered the following things.
-A rude front desk man. "Can we pay seperately?" "NO." "Can we make a shoutout over the intercom?" "NO. Store Policy. Ask the manager." "Can we have bumpers?" "NO. Bumpers are for small children and special needs." Well jeez man. Simma down now! We just wanted bumpers! Hence, we sucked the whole time. See next bullet.
-At least one gutterball every time someone took their turn.
-Hotties in lane 15.
-Delicious French Fries.
-We are going to start a bowling league.

First Game:
4th place: Rachel (3 points)
2nd place: Natalie and Melissa (37 points)
1st place: HEATHER! (43 points)

Second Game:
4th place: Rachel. 7 points. I think that's all that matters.

"To the hotties in lane 15. The cuties in lane one want to rendezvous with you at the front desk."

My MAC Makeover

On Monday I was at the mall with a little woman i like to call RACHEL PATLA.

We walked into MAC, and encountered a fat tattooed man. Rachel and I looked at each other, not sure what to say. Why was he in a makeup store? Maybe buying a present for his wife? So we just stare at him. We then realize he is cleaning brushes. Wait. Wait a second. That meant this burly fellow was a makeup artist. A MAKEUP ARTIST? He looked like he could be on American Chopper riding a Harley and wearing a bandanna, then heading down to Cook's Corner (a motorcycle bar) to get a beer and play pool. Why in the galaxies was he a makeup artist?


"Do you give free makeovers?" I asked the man.

"Yeah, we give eye demos. Do you want one?" he replied.

"Sure!" I said. I looked at Rachel. We were both trying to mask our laughter.

"I think I'll go for more of a spring look with you." he said.

Um. By "spring" I think he meant butterfly. Because this was the product 10 minutes later.

He gave me a mirror to look at his creation.

"WOW! I love it! How cool! Thank you so much!" Hah. I was trying my very hardest to keep a straight face. It did not help that there was a gay makeup artist guy bouncing around singing "Ai'nt No Other Man" in a ridiculously high pitched voice.

What an experience. I kept the makeup on...oh the stares I got. I highly recommend going into MAC to get a makeover...IF you are good at keeping a straight face.

Monday, February 19

Childhood Memories Numero Uno

Does this picture bring any childhood memories to mind?

Ah, the DoodleBear. I used to have so many hours of fun with this plush toy. If you are not aware of the wonders of the DoodleBear, allow me to inform you.

The DoodleBear came with four markers and some stampers. You could color and stamp the DoodleBear to your heart's desire. Then, you throw it in the wash, and it comes out clean, ready for some more coloring and stamping FUN.

I have such amazing memories with the DoodleBear. Then, it disappeared off the market.

But the other day, I saw a commercial for the newly updated DoodleBear!


Does anyone else have memories with the DoodleBear?

Saturday, February 17

I love my new layout!

A gigantor thanks to my sister for my new layout. I love it!

Thursday, February 15

Fiddler Auditions...

Yesterday I tried out for Fiddler on the Roof. I thought I did really well...I sang my song perfectly, I read the lines really well, I smiled even though I totally messed up the dance....I was expecting a callback.

So today I called the number you call to find out if you got a callback (how many times is the word call in that sentence?), and...I didn't get a callback! I am just in the ensemble.

This was really hard for me, since I tried my BEST. Plus, I was expecting one, as rude as that sounds, because in my very first show with BYT (Cinderella), I got a lead! So, naturally, I was at least expecting a callback.

Oh well. I sincerely tried my best. God must have something in this for me. I just have to sit back and let him do his work. My plan may have been to get a callback and get a part...but I am just learning that though I may like my plan...

God's plan is a lot better.

I need to trust the Lord with ALL my heart. His plan for me is ensemble.

Remember... God makes no mistakes.

Monday, February 12

Grease...You're the One That I Want

Sunday, February 11, marks a day that will go down in history. Zeinah + Heather + Melissa + Joanna + Danya + Sue Cripe + Grease You're the One That I Want (TV show) taping = WE GO TOGETHER.

We arrived at Melissa's house at 9:00- me decked out in a Greaser outfit (leather jacket, white shirt, skinny jeans, Converse), and Danya donning a fake satin poodle skirt Costume Castle cheap 50's outfit. Together we are Danny Zuko and Sandy. Everyone else arrives and we're off!

Now, us hardcore Grease fans need our nutrition. And what better place to get a good, healthy meal than the Golden Arches? After that hearty meal, we started down the highway of adventure, aka the 405 North. We jammed out to the Grease and Wicked soundtracks.

Before we knew it, we were at CBS studios, ready to claim our VIP seats. But. It is 12:00. And the VIP parking lot doesn't open until 2:15. So we venture of to the Grove, where we embark on many activities such as having a lingerie photo shoot in the dressing room of Victoria's Secret, falling in love with everything in Anthropologie, buying many great pieces in Forever 21, envying expensive purses, admiring a live Abercromie model, and eating hot dogs whilst Melissa chokes on hers.

Hark, it is 2:10. We head back to CBS studios, ready to party like it's 1959.

We then skip past the regular people line, reassuring security guards "we're VIP," and wait on the VIP benches. We find ourselves sitting next to Kennedy and Nicolette. Now. When you hear these names, you assume these people are bratty right? RIGHT. Because guess what? These satin jacketed, purse toting, breath-spray spraying, snobby, whiny, 11 year olds are just that. Although we did not talk to them, we could TELL. They did not even talk. They just sat. And looked pouty. Meanwhile, Sue chatted up a storm with their fake OC mom. Gag me.

We finally got past these wannabes and headed into the studio. We were in the front row. V. I. P. baby. The only downside was standing for 2 and a half hours. STRAIGHT. But it was all worth it.

First of all, let me inform you. There is a contestant on the show. Austin Miller. Danya is INFATUATED with Austin. She lives, breathes, and sleeps Austin Miller. He. is. her. hunkman. She is STARSTUCK. OVERLY STARSTRUCK. So, we are standing right where the stars do a lot of exiting and entering. i.e AUSTIN MILLER. So when the show starts, Austin Miller walks in. We SHRIEK. Danya thrusts out her hand to him, and he holds it for like 5 seconds and winks at her. She cries. I am not even kidding you. Danya cried. This went on throughout the taping. Whenever he was onstage during commerical breaks, she was like "AUSTIN!!!" Throughout the night he winked, waved, blew a kiss, and laughed ALL AT DANYA. She was floating on air. She even asked for his used tissue. He just looked at her like she was crazy. Which she was. Danya did not wash or touch anyone or anything for the rest of the night.

The night went on. I will just summarize the rest.

*Danya tried to sneak into Austin's trailer. She was not even joking. But then security started chasing her. So we leaped into the car and drove away.
*We went to Wood Ranch for dinner, and had the same waiter we had the last 3 show tapings we went to.
*We went to the bathroom in K-Mart. There were 2 toilets side by side. No stalls. What do YOU think we did?
*We met one of the Dannys for the show. The whole meet and greet was filmed for the guys MOVIE that's coming out. I talked to the camera, not knowing that it was going to be on a MOVIE. We had to sign release forms. So watch for me in the next year on a movie about Kevin saying "THIS MAN IS A HUNK. I LOVE HIM. HUNKMAN ON PATROL." The camera guy loved me.
*We jammed out on the way home...

February 11. A night to remember.

Friday, February 9

Now I Know My ABC's

A-- Artist/Photographer/Sister: Shannon Leith
B-- Breakfast Club Character: The Criminal
C-- Crayon: Melon, Cornflower
D--Disney Movie: Monsters Inc. will always be in my heart. However, I do not think it's possible to have one answer for this question.
E-- Even Stevens The Musical Song: 6th Period
F-- Frozen Item: Mango Sorbet
G--Grandma Food: The Jello.
H-- Hedrick quote: "I usually attack first." "I would just throw something over the border."
I-- Item I own: Red digital camera
J-- Jam-out song: My Humps
K-- Kid's Television Show from When You Were A Kid:The Big Comfy Couch, Bananas In Pajamas. They never fail to please me.
L--Leith Tradition: Christmas morning quiche.
M-- Mispronounced Word: Milk. It is my pet peeve when people say "Melk." or "pellow"
N-- Necklace: My heirloom coin one.
P--Pick up Line: "Are you wearing Galaxy Pants? Because your butt looks out of this worrrrllldddd."
Q-- Quintessential Clothing Item: Long sleeved grey shirt. It solves all problems.
R-- Relaxation Method: Listening to Norah Jones, lying on the Big Comfy Couch, and drinking water.
S-- Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Line: "WHERE are the shampoos?" "But you don't meet the dragon or Princess Leah until Chamber 24!"
S (yes i know. 2 s's. but i must say my favorite...)--Seventh Graders: Philip and CJ.
T-- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Donatello. Hands Down.
U-- (Wet) Underwear Incident: Peeing on Rachel's Alphabet Mat.
V-- Very Fast Typer: Joanna Chiang
W-- Wicked Song: Defying Gravity
X-- Xenon Warrior Princess: Zeinah Kara
Y-- Yummy Cupcake Theme: Punxutawney Phil cupcake.
Z-- Zorro: Carter from Cinderella Story

Make up your own categories for each letter, and POSTPOSTPOST!

To all SFS Fans out there...

Sun from Shadow's EP release has been announced! March 30! They will be having an EP-realease-concert along with Goodbye Tomorrow. The CD will be 5 dollars. If I am feeling especially cheery, I might even get the whole band to sign it for you. : )


Sunday, February 4


I think these two pictures sum up the whole night. DunzDunz + ZZ + H'Thar = one amazing slumber party group. First we had an amazing meal of Sherman Patties, burnt mozzarella sticks, and a very eccentric salad made by Dunza. We then realized that fruit feels REALLY good on your eyelids. Try it sometime. After those festivities, we journeyed upstairs to browse the World Wide Web and puke at pictures of TayTay, Miki, Brooke + Justin, and Amber Marquez. It was great. Whilst Zeinah and I filled out a survey for Amber Marquez, Dunz drew us up an itinerary. Find it at Or click on "Dunza" on the left. I then wiggled into some Winnie the Pooh pajama bottoms of Danya's, then bounded downstairs, blankets and pillows in tow, to sleep in the living room. We popped in an amazing movie I like to call The Breakfast Club. Except. Danya fell asleep 10 minutes into it. Nonetheless, ZZ and I persevered. Breakfast Club = amazing. WE dozed off at midnight, although Danya was long gone.

Ahh, five o'clock in the morning. A time for peace. Rest. Sleeping. NOT a time to listen to Danya's mom's alarm clock BLARING Jessica Simpson's first album. I drowsily opened my eyes, and realized that this was not normal. "DANYA! DO YOU HEAR THAT!?" I scream-whispered. "Yes. It's my mom's alarm." Danya nonchalantly replies. Well. Danya's mom is apparently DEAF. Because the alarm is blaring, and i mean BLARING, for over an hour. Finally the CD starts skipping for about 15 minutes. We are now all awake, talking about our alarm clocks. And how we HEAR them. It FINALLY turns off after about an hour and 10 minutes. It was insane.

We finally woke up at about eight o'clock, wanting homemade waffles. Really bad. But Danya's mom was furious at us for asking. So. We had burnt toast, blackberries and strawberries, eggs, turkey bacon, and cookies instead.

To say the least, the night was phenomenal. Eccentric. Loud.Amazing.

Friday, February 2

I am PLUM!

***which fall color fits your personality? ***

Romantic Plum

It's the color of poetry and old-fashioned romance--and it's all you this fall! Plum fits your quiet-and-classy personality perfectly. As a deep thinker, you like to show off your intellectual side while still looking feminine and flirty. A deep, muted purple will turn people on to your skills as a great conversationalist and listener. On your next shopping spree, look for a lacy plum dress and purple tights. Embracing your inner poet will bring romance right to your front door.

which fall color fits your personality?

So. You heard it here. I am PLUM. Supposedly I have a quiet-classy personality... I DON'T THINK SO. Deep thinker? INTELLECTUAL SIDE? I don't think I have one. But I will say that I AM a "great conversationalist and listener." Lacy plum dress and purple tights?? Look out world!