Saturday, May 19

Crazy Boys!

Little boys are:
(not) Careful
neveR ending energy
Amazingly hyper
bad listenerZ

Little boys are psychotic. Especially when there are twins + a diabetic five year old that you have never met in your life yet you spontaneously babysit them.

Our night included PS2, fighting/crying over what movie to watch, playing 'snowball' with Play-Do, even after Heather said no, picking up the phone and dialing random numbers umpteen times (even after Heather said no 12 times), stealing Heather's pizza and hiding under the bed to eat it, screaming, locking each other in closets...oh yeah, and having FUNFUNFUN with Ethan, Aiden, and Isiah.

Funny story- The older brother doesn't even know which one of his brothers is which, so he just calls them both "brother" (more like 'BRODDER!')


joanna (: said...

Aw they're so cuteeee

joanna (: said...

I just realized how cheesy that was ^^^

Alli Hibb said...

I love "brudder" speech impediments.