Tuesday, July 31

I'm so excited....

[and] i just can't {hide it}

Ohhhh I'm so embarrassed.

I got my graduation picture in the mail today.....

SOOOOO ugly. I look pained and stressed and fake. Mostly because I had to try to be beautiful whilst it was sweltering.
Plus, you can see my stylish farmer's tan.
I know, I'm gorgeous.

Monday, July 30


If only you knew of the surprises that await your arrival...

Sunday, July 29


[What's in your wallet?] Change, gift cards, AE All Access Pass, library card from 2nd grade, my dear RSM ID card, receipts...

[What's under your bed?] Surprisingly, nothing.

[What's on that way top shelf or in the very far back of your closet?] Shannon's stuff that she left when she went to college. Things like pictures, an ugly skirt, 2 dresses, shoes, cards...SHANNON GET IT OUT!

[What's in the trunk of your car?] Lord Voldemort.

[What's in your desk or locker?] On my desk is pictures of friends and Toby, Miss Pooty Tang, my phone, papers (newly organized), makeup, and 11 record albums that I bought at Goodwill for two dollars.

[Do you have a super-secret hiding place and what's in it?] I have nothing to hide.

[Do you feel guilty about something right now, if yes what?] That yesterday I ate 3 slices of pizza, 2 1/2 Krispy Kremes, a double double at In-N-Out, and fries.

[What is the most embarrassing thing in your room right now?] A book that I bought in 4th grade called "Staying Home Alone." Oh wait. I just threw it out.

[Have you done something recently you hope no one finds out about?] No.

[What is your last thought before you fall asleep?] I usually pray while I fall asleep.

[How long have those leftovers been in the fridge?] Probably less than a week. Here in the Leith home, we clean out the fridge at least once a week.

[If I confiscated your computer and took a look around....what would I find?] PICTURESPICTURESPICTURES. There are currently 2,233 pictures in iPhoto. Mostly from me.

[Do you sleep with anything?] Many many pillows.

[What is your midnight snack weakness?] Homemade cake.

[Have you ever you shop lifted?] Even if I had, why would I tell the whole world?

[Have you ever vandalized anything?] Ummm in 4th or 5th grade I put ketchup in 2 of my neighbors mailboxes.

[Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?] Only ever other Thursday.

[Have you told the truth in this survey?] Indeed, I have.

Why are babies so strange?

It sounds half man, half baby. Poor child.

Equally bizarre.


This is by far the weirdest.

Saturday, July 28


I went to this website and I didn't really know what I was doing...

but I typed in my blog URL and this came up.




What's Your Blog Wanted For?
I also am "80% addicted to blogging..."

80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

As well as 19% Geek...
19% Geek

BUT I got 100% in spelling!

And guess what? If I died, I'd be worth $5200.
$5200.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

40%The Movie Quiz

Mingle2 Internet Quiz - How Much Do You Know About the Internet?
Dang, I suck.

26%Guys, if there is ever a zombie apocalypse...don't come to me for help.

Alright, I need to stop now.

Wow...I think that test was wrong. I am 110% GEEK.

What A Long Day

I have been at church since 11:00 AM. That's just not normal. But it was very fun.

I also sang tonight, hence the practice, and it went very well. The songs were so empowering!

And I just went to In-N-Out and saw my dear lab parter Matty Hollenbeck! But, as usual, I was all excited, and he was just timid. He's in denial.

And I am really confused right now, because this whole time I thought camp was on Monday...but it's in a week? So I will be home this whole week for anyone who wants to pursue my friendship (I'm thinkin' I'll be at the Canyon.)

On a scale of 1 to 10, this post rates a -3.

Friday, July 27

My dear little crew.

Hair spray by Heather Leith.

Just call me rebellious.

oh, dear, this is long, but i simply must.

Full Name: Heather Christianne Leith

Nickname(s): Leithal, Mishayla


Birthplace: Canada

Heritage: Scottish and Ukrainian.

Eye Color: I would describe it as emerald green gems swimming in a pool of crystal blue water, with yellow inner lining.

Now to the JUICY stuff!

Where do you want to live when you grow up? I have no idea. I love Orange County, but houses are so dang expensive! I also love small towns, but I don't know if I could handle it for my whole life.

What's your BEST physical feature? Um, duh, my left calf.

What's your BEST personality trait? My grandma-like enthusiasm.

Worst? My rage that resembles DW.

What did you want to be when you were younger? A teacher. What little girl doesn't want to be a teacher?

What's your biggest regret? I don't like to dwell on the past.

Have you ever been stalked by some weirdo? Rachel Patla stares at me through my window every night.

How long do you think you will live? Do I look like a palm reader?

What is your most HAPPY experience? Mrs. Godley's class, drama (the class, not the issue), bizarre lunchtime behind the gate, LAUGHING...there is so much. How can I decide when I have friends like I do? (That was so cheesy)

Most PAINFUL? Getting warts frozen off is terrible.

Do you strive to fit in? Not really. My best friends accept me, even though I tried to take them hostage on October 11, 1999...

Have you ever, purposely, lit yourself on fire? I am not a pyromaniac.

What is(are) your favorite color(s)? Teal and yellow.

Least favorite? Teenybopper purple. But on some things it's okay.

Have you ever fallen down the stairs? Now answer truthfully! Why would I lie? Yes.

Ever broke a bone? No, I do not do acrobatics with my sister on my back like Rachel.

Ever been to jail? I go there every day to encourage prisoners as they stamp license plates.

Have you ever questioned your heart? I am not sure...I think I just questioned my heart.

Have you squished your barefeet through the mud? I used to every day in Canada with my brothers, in a ditch near our house. That is also where I learned to accept worms.

What is your favorite type of music? Smoooooth Jazzzzz

What is the last thing you bought from the pharmacy? TrueMatch Foundation

Do you think you are crazy/insane? At times, yes.

Have you ever drowned a fish? NOT POSSIBLE! You thought you had me.

What is the WORST gift you've ever received? 1 butt ugly sweater and one butt ugly turtleneck from Rachel Patla's mom. She re-gifted them from Rachel's bopcia.

What annoys you the most? Cocky people.

What is your favorite food? Item or type. There is no possible way to name one. I love so many different types of food.

What are your Turn Ons? Good hair, good style. A melting smile. Obviously good personality.

Turn Offs? Cockiness.

Have you recently colored with crayons? Today at VBS, during snacktime. It was color by number.

Have you had your tongue stuck to a Popsicle? YES!

If you could marry ANYONE, who would it be? David Beckham. Or Lord Voldemort.

What is your favorite candy? I quite enjoy Reese's. And Skittles.

Favorite Store? American Eagle and Target

Do you have a lucky number? If so, what is it? I do not. Luck is all in your head.

Who is your bestest friend in the whole wide world? I have 3.

Which one of your friends have you known the LONGEST? Melissa Cripe. "Miss Kuester, my armpits smell."

Do you drink milk? yesyesyes

Do you play an instrument? Piccolo.

Do you smoke? NO.

Who is your role model? My style role model is Rachel Bilson. My role model role model is Jesus.

Who looks up to you? Autumn Dunn. And little children. And I know for a fact that JJC worships the ground I walk upon.

Can you eat whatever you want and not worry about it? No.

Chocolate or vanilla? Both.

Cake or pie? Homemade cake.

Chinese food or Mexican food? Mexicano.

Strawberries or blueberries? Strawberries make me delighted.

How many rings until you answer the phone? It depends, if no one is answering it, about 4.

Can you dance? Call me Kashif.

Sing? I am like Fergie on steroids. Oh wait, she already is.

Have you ever screamed at the top of your lungs? Well, I'm in Die Queen Die with Rachel, but I am the backup screamer.

Are you too scared to watch scary movies by yourself? yesyesyesyesyes. I could barely watch HP5 without covering my eyes.

Have you ever laughed so hard that you peed your pants? Many a time.

Have you ever, at any time, owned any New Kids on the Block stuff? I could not tell you the name of one song. Besides the "New Kids on the Block (duh nuh nuh nuh nuh) Chinese food makes me sick." But my friends told me that. I've never even heard it.

What movie makes you cry when you watch it? Honestly, I have never cried in a movie. But I wish I did. I just physically can't. But I Am Sam makes me have sorrow deep down inside.

Would you eat a cockroach for $500? I'd do it for $20

Are you bored? Not really.

Do you like roller coasters? They are my life and blood.

Do you believe in vampires? I am one...

If you could become one, would you? See above.

Have you ever blown a beverage out of your nose? No. Nor have I seen someone do this bizarre action.

If you could travel into space, where would you go? Zorg.

Would you choose to be very rich or to find true love? To find true looooove.

Do you like surprises? I thrive vicariously through them.

Sneakers/heels/flats? Flattttts.

Shorts/jeans/skirt? Jeansjeansjeansjeans.

Do you snore? I sure hope not.

Have you ever been suspended? No.

Are you a health freak? No. But I enjoy healthy things.

Do you believe in God? With all my heart.

What is your favorite holiday? Christmas.

Favorite local band? Sun From Shadow. They are local as in, the door next to my room.

Favorite song? It's not possible to choose 1. Some are I Want You To Know (Chantal Kreviazuk), If God Made You (Five For Fighting), Hey There Delilah (Plain White T's), Ordinary (The Alternate Routes), Defying Gravity (Wickedddd), Dark House (SFS), From the Inside Out (Hillsong) and Came to my Rescue (Hillsong)


Let's walk on the: sidewalk. It's the most safe.

Let's look at the: stars.

What a nice: gesture.

Where did all the: Budget Gourmet's go?

Why can't we: accept everyone?

Silly little: Ojan.

Isn't it wierd that: my hair is blue right now?

Never, under any circumstance: will I smoke.

I wish: that everyone in the world could see how amazing God is.

Everyone has a: belly button. Except Kyle XY.

Which came first, the: anger or the love?

How many licks does it take: till a giant jawbreaker disintegrates?

Wednesday, July 25

I did not get tagged for this, but I shall partake anyway.

"IF YOU HAD TO BE A _____________ (who would you be and why)"

1. FAMOUS PERSON FROM HISTORY: Princess Diana. She just seems very elegant. Plus, who doesn't want to be a princess? Or maybe Shirley Temple. She had the best life.

2. CELEBRITY: Rachel Bilson. She has the MOST PHENOMENAL style. But I don't really know anything else about her.

3. ATHLETE: Carly Patterson. She is an amazing gymnast, she's just 18, and she won the gold in the Olympics. Amazing? Yes.

4. FAMOUS MUSICIAN: Carrie Underwood. She is gorgeous, and has a beautiful voice. Plus, her hair is amazing and she has passion for orphans.


I tag anyone who reads this. But Melissa and Joanna in particular. (hah, now you HAVE to blog)

It's like a new room. Oh wait, it kind of is.

I deep cleaned my dwelling today.

Time: 2 hours, 47 minutes
Results: One full trash bag, one organized room, two happy parents, one satisfied child
There is still work to do on the decorating and stuff, but it's CLEAN!

VBS: Day 3- Carnival Day!

i feel bad for dear chloe. she has braces, and she's not even in 1st grade yet.
oh, dear emily. i love you.
matching rainbows with jordan.
joanie mahoney and emily
sweet emily.
i love my crew.

I am so bizarred.

Oh, Danya. You crack me up. You see, I knew you were a Harry Potter fan. I know some of the strange things you did in 4th grade to dedicate your life to the books. I knew you used to have Harry Potter binders. But I didn't know that it was this extreme.

Friends, I have never laughed harder at two simple binders. This was Danya's life a few years ago. Mind you, this was not for a class, nor for extra credit of some sort. No. This was merely Little Danya, on her own, in her room, locked up, madly searching the internet, re-reading the books, gathering info, sending letters to each character, hoping for a headshot in return, going mad. This is the real Danya Elk.A scrapbook + binder.
with dividers (Ministry of Magic, Characters, Other Info...)
Lengthy stories and pages explaining her love for HP, why she loves it, how she felt when she finished the Order of the Phoenix, why she is the #1 Fan...it goes on.She made her own trading cards. Enough said.
Hermione's card
Her + her fellow Potter fan made up that they were Harry's sisters, and made a card for themselves.
Danya as a Hogwarts student
She made up her own songs. This one is to the tune of "Cinderella" (I don't wanna be like Draco Malfoy, Jinxin' everyone who walks by me, waitin' for somebody to be busted. I don't wanna be like Sirius Bla-hack, standin' there dyin' from Bellatrix Lestra- [I can't see the rest], on and I will survive, if Dumbledore's by my side, don't wanna rely on Voldemort, he'll kill me and I will die...")
She wrote her own articles for the Daily Prophet. This one is when "Harry discovered he had two sisters, Carry and Terri Potter" (aka Danya and her friend.)

[Things not included in pictures]
--signed headshots of various characters that she wrote in to get
--a typed, three page, imaginary story describing her fantasy- meeting Tom Felton (Malfoy) and him falling in love with her- as if it were really happening
--delicately drawn pictures of each book cover
--hordes of printouts explaining everything possible in the books- info about the houses, spells, characters, history, J.K. Rowling, actors, potions, etc. (more printouts than you can imagine.)
--a hand-written list of the 176 characters in the books (she went through each book, and wrote down EVERY SINGLE name in each paragraph. including authors of Hogwarts textbooks, major characters, minor characters, people mentioned just once...everyone)
--cutouts from teenybopper magazines with ANYTHING HP on it. Even just a mere photo.
--HP stencils, stickers, articles, interviews, posters, flyers, etc.
--a detailed description of the day she met some of the actors ("He put his arm around me!")
--an extensive contact sheet with all of the addresses for every actor- and I mean EVERY actor.
--so much more, more than is humanly normal

Again, she never planned on showing this to anyone...it was just for herself to have and enjoy. (???)

GRAND FINALE- She made a fan site in like, 6th grade.

So you think you're a Harry Potter fan? Meet Danya El-Kurd.

Tuesday, July 24


CAUTION: If you do not want to find out what happens in HP7, STOP READING.

I was nonchalantly sitting on Danya's bed, reading, when she turns to her sister and said "Hey Yasmeen, did even realize that Harry lives?"

"DANYA!" I screamed out in shock. She didn't really get it, but then realized that she had just spoiled all 7 books for me.

"OH MY GOSH! HEATHER! I AM SO SORRY!" she cried out. But Yasmeen did not get it. "Heather, just forget you heard that. It's not a big deal," she said simply. (she doesn't read Harry Potter.) "No, Yasmeen, I just did the worst thing a human being could possibly do to another human being. I am so terrible," Danya said.

She was extremely remorseful, and I appreciate that, but no amount of apologies can make me forget that fact that will dwell in my brain for the next 7 books...

Danya, I forgive you. Not really, though.

Monday, July 23

I am such a dork.

But aren't all Harry Potter fans dorks?

I just walked out of Danya's house with a stack 6 books high of HP books. Now THAT is dorky.

I wish I could finish them all in one day so I could just get to the 7th one.


Summer Spectacular!

Today kicked off the first day of Transformed: Summer Spectacular '07. The theme was a superhero-transformer kind of thing. Very high tech. My group, the noble 1st grade team of Yellow Crew 34 (Rachel, it's destiny, we were 43), is quite a cute bunch.

I love how little girls want to hold your hand all the time. When we were rotating stations, all I heard was "Can I hold your hand?" "No, it's my turn." "Heather, you said I got to hold your hand on the way to crafts!" Oh, my.

*Singing my favorite Jana songs, including Get on the Board with the Lord, In My Words and In My Deeds, and the new Transformed song
*Playing a game where you bounce on that giant ball with the handle, and one girl singlehandedly going 6 times in a row because all the others were too scared
*Receiving a very cool Transformed yellow t-shirt and blue tote bag
*Myron the Rat making his comeback
*There is a villain named Dr. Doom
*Seeing Jessie's very cute sister (she was in the same craft room as me.)
*There's a girl in my group named Joanie Mahoney.
*Eating a very scrumptious apple.

Such fun. I am now home, awaiting Zeinah's return from Paris. Zeinah, when is your flight??? What gate???

...Rock on.

Saturday, July 21


and it feels so great. I just got my hair cut, and I will post pictures along with my giant picture-vacation post (it's gonna be spectacular.)


Friday, July 20

I Never Thought I'd See The Day...

When this would come into existence. Now, mind you, it is pretty boring for the most part, because it is mainly to promote my mom and dad's speaking and for business use and everything, but I designed most of it (my dad wrote the text on the posts), so I hope you apprieciate the Leith-ness. (that was SUCH a run-on) It's not going to be updated or anything, so don't get your hopes up, but please do enjoy the posts that will be there 4eva and eva.

I found these on my mother's computer

this is when we were going to see wicked and shannon and I had a photo shoot. a little bit bizarre. but i like it.

Dear ZZTop,

What is your street address?

photos galore!

dangit...the connection is arizona is as slow as a slug. so all i have for you is this darling mat...
embrace it.

Thursday, July 19

We Are Rebels.

Jason, Carson, and I are bad kids. Bad, bad kids. Shame on us.
We wanted to go to the pool, but it was locked because of the storms. Did that faze us? No way. We hopped the fence and went in anyway.
Just as I was about to go in, this fat employee lady yelled from across the resort, "OUT OF THE POOL!" and began waddling over. She resembled Mrs. Puff. So I quickly ran over to my clothes and put them on while she loomed closer. "Come on, guys!" I shouted to my oblivious brothers, trying to by the sweet, innocent one. "OUT OF THE POOL!" she shouted again, in an ugly witch voice. Jason got out and jumped the fence like a jackrabbit, stealthily getting away. He walked in the direction opposite of our condo, so she wouldn't track our room or anything.
Meanwhile, Carson was taking FOREVER to put on his clothes and dry off. I went over to him while Mrs. Puff watched us silently. I feebly tried to hop the fence, but was unsuccessful. I stood there, unsure of what to do, pretending like Mrs. Puff was not glaring at me sharply.
I timidly tried to hop the fence again, but to no avail. "Would you like to get out over here?" Mrs. Puff growled, unlocking the fence.
"Oh, sure," I said sweetly, pretending like I was not silently begging for her to say that very phrase. I walked briskly to the gate, said a sugary "Thank you!" to the Puffinator, and walked in the same direction of Jason while Carson lagged behind me. We all pretended like we were unaware that we were not even supposed to have been swimming, but I'm sure she saw me hopping the fence (I had to very obviously climb on 2 chairs) and just kept it to herself.
Ah, safety. We arrived back to our condo, only to hear the phone ring. My dad picked it up, and started talking.
We were positive that Mrs. Puff had somehow tracked us down, found out what condo we were staying in, and waddled back to the front office to call our parents and report our mischievious behaivior. But how? Did she have spies out looking for us, tracking down our every move?
We all looked at each other, laughing at this bizarre situation. Papa finally hung up the phone.
"Who was it?" I asked innocently.
"Oh, it was the resort manager of another resort, wanting to know if we still wanted our reservation."
Sigh. Our rebellious streak ended steadfastly. But lo and behold, this is the start of...
Bad to the [Bone] Heather. (da nuh nuh nuh nuh)


There is at least one thunder/rainstorm per day here. Every day. No joke. I don't understand it.
-but- i [love] it.
(sorry for the short posts. but a good long one is comin'.)

you know what i love?

swimming in the rain and the thunder. it sounds stressful, but it is sooo relaxing and peaceful.

don't worry, it wasn't lightning-ing. that is a hazard. i would have gotten out.

Wednesday, July 18

'arry Pottah and the Ord'r of the Phoenix (I hope that sounded British): A Lengthy Review

So scary. So good.

I've Joined the Club.

The Harry Potter Club. That's right. Give me a satin robe, give me a ceremony. I have come to my senses.

I have seen the first two movies. But I didn't have any passion for them. But today, my familia is going to see Harry Potter #5. Last night, something magical happened inside me. Something just clicked. I wanted to see numbers 3 and 4. I mean, you can't just go see the latest one if you haven't seen 3 and 4!!? Right?

So we scouted for numbers 3 and 4 on DVD. But, Overgaard is a TINY town. So the chances were slim. We found #4 in a small convenience store, but 3 was nowhere to be found. I was forced to do something bad. Something really bad.

I had to read an online summary of #3 and have Carson explain it in depth to me so I was prepared to see 4 & 5. I know, I know. I have broken all rules of Harry Potter. I should just crawl into a hole and live with badgers. But I had to do it. I had no other options.

So I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night. It was scary. But really good. But really confusing. But really amazing.

So I am now pumped to see Harry Potter and....I forgot the subtitle. But I am READY.

I am such a geek. But I pride myself.

Monday, July 16

Adventures in Canyon de Chelly (pronounced de Shay)

Well, the Leithlets + parents ventured off into the wild today, for a guided tour of a canyon with various Indian ruins. Sounds boring. Was pretty exciting.

On our 3 hour drive up there, my dad decided to turn on the radio. I was expecting KIIS FM, maybe some STAR 98.7. But Nay. We get this BIZARRE radio station where the man talks in half English, half Navajo, and then plays weird Navajo/country music. Quite a weird mix. My brothers and I just shared looks of how weird this station was, while my father actually enjoyed it. Here is a sample of this station-

"LaKota hommona totunka, dodomana ichitay, the community center will be open this Friday, totura montona, keiche motay achte. (cue weird country music that includes some Navajo lyrics. For example, one of the songs was "The Day the Lights Went Out in Georgia." It was the weirdest thing I have ever heard, and one part of the song was about the singers brother being hanged.)

When we got there, we all packed into a small, old Jeep. By small and old, I mean NO leg room, stained and ripped upholstery, and no air conditioning. In Arizona. The hottest place I have ever been to. Not fun.

We then met our guide, Leander (Lee-ander). He was a Navajo himself, so he served as a trusty companion on our noble journey. He was actually quite friendly and really funny. Oh, Leander.

We headed into the canyon, expecting a nice scenic drive with a few Indian artifacts along the way. Once again, nay. It was EXTREMELY bumpy and reeeeally long. And there were more that artifacts. I'm talkin' cave paintings and Navajo dwellings embedded into the canyon. And by Canyon, we're talkin' Grand Canyon-esque. But BETTER. It was really cool. Pictures to come when we get home.

Oh! And I got this necklace that these Navajo women made. By hand. It's turquoise and very...Indian like.

Well, 4 hours later, we had arrived back at our car. We said goodbye to Leander, only to meet ANOTHER Leander at the restaurant we went to! What are the chances of meeting 2 Leander's in ONE day? Slim. Very slim. But it happened to us, folks.

Well, my whole family is asleep except for me. So I'd better hit the sack.

Tip For the Day: Go out and try to meet someone named Leander.

Sunday, July 15

Two Foods That Are Really Great, Plus Other News

1. Artichokes
2. Dried mango

In other news, tomorrow we are driving an hour and a half to see Indian ruins...should be a blast...

In other other news, today we went to a quiant little Baptist church...obviously a huge change from Saddleback. The pastor related every one of his points back to his recent trip to Mongolia. He was quite interesting. I felt very out of place though, mostly because my hair was sopping- I had JUST gotten out of the shower when I was told it was time to leave. I don't know why this made me feel out of place...it just did. Everyone else was dressed nice with dry, maintained hair. Maybe that's why.

While we were on our way out, we talked to the pastor, and told him that we were from Saddleback. His response was, "Oh, I am a mild Rick Warren fan. A mild one." Emphasizing the word 'mild' both times. I don't think he really likes the Warrenator, even mildly...

In even MORE other news, you will find two new people on my bloglist- Kylee and Tali, my two pals from the conference. Hooray! I love them!

Farewell from the Grand Canyon State!

4 Reasons Why Weather In Overgaard, AZ is Crazy

1. At 12:05, it was blazing hot and sunny.
2. At 12:10, it was hailing like mad.
3. At 12:11, it started thundering and lightning-ing.
4. The sun is now peeking out.

Saturday, July 14

It's Stinkin HOT

Well, team, I am here in Overgaard, Arizona. It is BEEEEYOND hot. Our condo is old town themed, and it is SUPER cute. It has its own little old town shops and cabin/cowboy themed rooms. SO FUN!

We drove down last night, and stayed overnight in this little inn. We got there at about 2:00 AM or something, and I delusionally slept on the couch, then got up at 6:00 to keep driving. We stopped at a thrift store called Last Chance, where my mom and I played "If You Had To Wear One of These Dresses To Prom, Which Would You Wear?" Well, to this store, the definition of a dress is a floor length faded silk skirt, complete with a matching coat from the 70's. It was very, very entertaining.

Well, I must depart. Be thankful that it is not 110 degrees in California.

Friday, July 13

The Guy I Gave My Number To

This is the date the Robin and Micah went on (see the conference post first). Melissa wanted to know if he was a hunkman...so...this is him. I am laughing out loud right now. (I hope you all know that it was a joke. I am not flirty.)

I Have Discovered...

That I am quite excellent at Sudoku. I have officially completed three puzzles! If you have not tried it, you should. It is quite fun.

This is what I look like while I play.

Student Leadership Conference!

A la Saddleback Church.

Random Things:

It was soo beyond amazing. I grew way closer to God, and had a fun time in the process with all of the HIGH SCHOOL FOLKS.

We stayed at the glorious Ayres Suites (right down the road.) and got tons of complaints for being loud, and that made it even better (:

One major thing we did was collect cans and bottles to give to the church to buy Bibles with. 10 cans or bottles = 1 Bible for someone who can't afford one. Sounds easy right?

Wrong. The leaders couldn't help at ALL. They just said, "You need to collect as many cans and bottles as possible. Go." That's it. No rules, no guidelines. We could go anywhere off and on campus and just...do.

So my little group, which consisted of 4 sophomore/junior/senior guys, 1 guy leader/driver, Eva, a German exchange student (she was very sweet and reminded me on Diane), and muah headed off to various places. We went to Etnies (for some reason they had a lot of cans and bottles), 24 Hour Fitness to dig through trash cans, mi casa (I had 2 full garbage bags awaiting us), Starbucks, Ralph's, and other spots.

Our whole team's goal was 4,000 cans, which is 400 Bibles. Our grand total was... 5,962 cans and bottles! That's 596.2 Bibles for 596.2 people who need it desperately. God totally showed all of us that although a task may seem insignificant, it can multiply to something amazing!

Oh...very funny story. These two leaders got paired up to play a game...which turned out to two leaders being forced by Josh Griffin and Allison Hibbard to go on a date. Long story. Anyway. I went up to the guy, Micah, and gave him a little paper that said "282-8606...Love, Helga." It was HILARIOUS, so whenever we would see him throughout the week, he would laugh with his friends and say "That's her!!" Oh, Helga. You crack me up.

All in all, the workshops, the hotel, the leaders, the general sessions, the friends...all spectacular.

Tonight I am embarking on an endeavor to Arizona with the fam. I am pretty sure I won't be able to blog, but maybe! Just maybe!

Tuesday, July 10


In honor of Michael Munton's 15th Birthday, Melissa, Kristen and I made him a gorgeous poster with Gypsy Treasures on it.
My favorite element of the creation

"Mr. Hasselhoff, I loved your work in Spongebob."

The time had come once again. We had received an email from On Camera Audiences, informing us that we were wanted for a taping of America's Got Talent. We rallied Joanna, Michael, Natalie, Melissa, and myself to head downtown and participate in the festivities.

We were pumped to view, with our very own keen eyes, The Hoff, Sharon Osborne, Piers Morgan, and the rowdy Jerry Springer.

We arrived with gusto and waited in line along with the other eager audience members. After getting through one line, we were led to the next, and magically placed right near the front. BEFORE the 100 people in front of us. How this happened, we will never know. But it was destiny.

After about a half an hour of waiting, we were led in. IT WAS TIME. We stepped into the studio, impressed by the stage and the lights.

And the judging table. Hark, the place where the notorious Hasselhoff, Sharon, and Piers sit, criticizing contestants, praising a lucky few. We just KNEW he had to sit RIGHT THERE. The assertive Sue (Melissa's madre) suggested to the man who seated us that we sit there, since the seats were open. Actually, she didn't really suggest it. More like TOLD the man that we going to sit there. She didn't give The Man In Charge an option. It was quite funny, but we got our primo seats!

After sitting down, we noticed two ladies next to us, with home made t-shirts that said "Lone Star" on them. We inquired what this meant, and they kindly informed us that they were the friends of one of the finalists, Johnny Lone Star! But it gets better. They pulled out two signs, and gave them to us to hold! We didn't even know this contestant, let alone what his act was, but we joyfully agreed and took the signs. Joanna and I shared one that said "Johnny's My Man." We were very ecstatic, because people with signs always get on TV, PLUS we were RIGHT behind the judges, so we were guaranteed some avid face time. We were all set to go.

Oh wait! I just remembered! One of the ladies we sat next to was Kimberly Caldwell, from American Idol, season 2. She was really nice!

The show began the pre-taping excitement. Out walked....the judges. In all their gloriousness. They came out at sat down 5 feet away from us. We could easily walk up and hug them. But we would get bombarded by security. So we didn't.

But we KNEW he had to do something. Here they were, in front of our faces, tantalizing us to say something to them.

"HASSELHOFF!" we shouted. He turned around, and we waved excitedly. He smiled and waved back, and then turned back around. But this was not enough for us. We had to get something more out of this legendary Baywatch star. He was RIGHT THERE, 10 pounds of foundation and all.

"Mr. Hoff!" I scream-whispered. "MR. HOFF!" he turned around.

"...I loved your work in Spongebob!"

He laughed really hard! Success! I don't really remember what he said, but he said some witty comment to us. Alas, friends, we made David Hasselhoff laugh.

We said hi to Sharon and Piers too, and got a wave and a smile from each. We also got a wave from Jerry Springer! We are just THAT stealthy.

The show began. Johnny Lone Star was first. We waved our signs as he did a rope-twirling thing, and the camera was right on us, because his family was right next to us. His act was actually quite weird, yet quite talented. Actually, we signed a release form saying we wouldn't talk to outside sources about the show, but I don't think any of you little cherry blossoms will go publish an article about what I am saying. So we're good.

Another act was an Arabian man named Kashif. He did an Arabian dance, but here's the thing- it wasn't talented. His backup dancers were more talented than him. But we got really into it, and screamed his name many times. He did this move where he moved peace signs across his eyes- know what I'm sayin'?

So after he was done, we were screaming out "DO THE KASHIF!" and doing the move. And what do you know? Sharon Osborne turns around, and says "Do the Kashif!" and does the move with us! It was amazing! We then had an unspoken Kashif bond with her.

Next came these 4 guys called Sideswipe. They mixed black belt karate with tumbling, and had one phenomenal act. And lemme tell ya, their abs were amazing. I was originally a little bugged, because I let Melissa sit in my seat for a few acts, because she couldn't see, so all I could see of Sideswipe and their abs was on a little TV below the back judges, but it ended up paying off. When I stood up and screamed and clapped for them at the end, this camera was in my face filming me. YESS!

The rest of the show was amazing. We headed back home after the show, hoping to find a restaurant along the way. But since it was 10:30 at night, all of the restaurants were closed! Even IHOP! So we ended up at Wendy's, walking through the drive-thru and getting home at 11.

I was the only one who slept over at Melissa's, and we stayed up till 7:00.


SEVEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. For some reason, the show didn't tire us out. (Until we woke up at 2:00 in the afternoon.)

The show will air in about two weeks on a Tuesday, so watch for us! I am in a purple dress with a sign for Johnny Lone Star!

That was a cheesy ending. Sorry.

Thank you for reading this giant post.

50 Questions To Stimulate the Brain

1. Are you taller than your mom?

2. What color is your shower curtain?
*i do not own any shower curtains. but my shower doors are clear.

3. What is the closest thing to you right now that is red?
*my camera

4. What is your ring tone?
*push it to the limit

5. Does anything hurt on your body right now?
*no, i am very content

6. What color is your favorite pillow?

7.What is your favorite video game?
*madagascar: the video game. it is seriously the most fun game i have ever played.

8. Had a nap today?
*not yet

9. Gold or Silver?
*silver. people tend to over-accessorize with gold (i sound like shelley leith.)

10. Is there an animal that creeps you out?
*yes, many- sharks, spiders, cats.

11.Who was the last person you rode an elevator with?
*my father + joanna in ikea

12. Did you go ice skating as a kid?
*quite a lot

13. Ever have stitches?
*50 on my leg after the first time i went to rachel styffe's house.

14. Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
*blue ice gatorade

15. How long ago did you hug someone?
*about 30 minutes ago, my madre.

16. Whats something you want to do before you die?
*tour europe. then again, who doesn't want to? maybe i should be more original.

17. Have you ever caught something on fire?
*a pizza in an oven while i was babysitting (the fire department had to come)

19. Have you ever seen northern lights?

20. Do you know how to use chop sticks?
*sort of. but i am not actually capable of consuming more than one grain of rice with said chopsticks, so i always switch to a fork.

21. Name something good that happened today.
*well it was sort of good. i almost got my braces off. but then she decided to wait 5 weeks to correct a minor problem. but i was THIS close. she literally had the tool, about to take them off. well, at least i know now when they are coming off, so that's good.

22. What room are you in?
*the dining room/computer room

23. Are you worried about something you can't control?*sometimes. but I know God will take care of it. (this was rachel's answer, but i love it.)

24. Do you take daily medications?

25. Ever been in a fight?
*i fist fight with the mafia daily

26. Are you wearing nail polish?
*i scratched it off two days ago. it was blue.

27. What time is it?
*10:04 am

28. Innie or Outie?

29. Ever used a Ouija board?
*when i was in 2nd grade, but i was 7 years old at sarah daily's house and didn't know what it was. i do not plan on ever using one again, because it is not okay.

30. Sweet or Sour?

31. Sun or Moon?

32. What shoes did you wear today?
*yellow flats for two minutes

33. Favorite eye color of the opposite sex?
*doesn't really matter, but i do find blue eyes and brown hair quite striking.

36. Time of day you were born?
*really late at night (i think?)

37. Do you know your blood type?

38. Do you know how to kill a zombie?
*who doesn't?

(hey what happened to number 39?)

40. What would you spend 5,000 dollars on right now if you were handed it?
*the green headboard + chair from urban outfitters (see previous post) then clothes and then i would give some to charity then save the rest.

42. Which animal(s) remind you of yourself?
*an albino gorilla (seriously.)

43. Whats your background on your pc?
*i have a mac, but the background is blueness.

44. Did you grow up in the city or country?
*a suburb in canada. well, i think it was a suburb. but i don't really know the definition

45. Would you ever consider going on a reality tv show if offered a large sum of money?

46. Have you flown in your dreams?

47. Whats one thing you're really good at cooking?

48. Kisses or hugs?

49. You have 10 dollars to spend in the dollar
*what does that mean?

50. Slurpee flavor?
*cherry mixed with blueberry

Sunday, July 8

And We're Off...

To a taping of America's Got Talent! Look for me on TV tonight, my friends!

Friday, July 6

If I Had $797 To Spare...

Then I would furnish my room with these lovlies...
this GORGEOUS chair.

these two pillows on my white-down-comforter-bed.
this chandelier
these curtainsthis gorgeous headboard.

...and this eclectic little darling owl hook.

If only...

My Top 12 Favorite Artists

In no order, because I could never choose:
1 The Alternate Routes
2 Sun From Shadow
3 Renee Olstead
4 Cold War Kids
5 Corinne Bailey Rae
6 Coldplay
7 Five for Fighting
8 Mat Kearney
9 Jon McLaughlin
10 KT Tunstell
11 Natalie Grant
12 Norah Jones

I love undiscovered artists and bands who have AMAZING music, and you just don't know why more people love them. Many of these bands fall under this criteria, and were introduced to me by Melissa Cripe.

I highly suggest you listen to these people.

Do I suggest that you, the reader, watch, read, listen to, or do things too much? I feel like half of my posts are "Hey! I love this, do it!" Do you enjoy that? Or are you like "Heather, let me do my own thing." I simply must know.

Thursday, July 5

What I Love About Summer

Sitting around the house.
Wearing the same outfit.
For one week straight.

Heather Leith: True Story

Wednesday, July 4

Good News.

"Heather, because of your hard work in school, your good grades, your positive attitude, and staying for the whole RV Trip, the management (my parents) has decided that you get a new bed."

This was the speech my parents said to me this morning, and I am currently jumping for joy. What my bed is now is an ugly loft bed with a regular bed underneath. But I don't even sleep on top, even though when my parents bought it for me last summer, I PROMISED with my whole heart I would sleep on it all the time. But I don't. So anyway, I don't want it anymore. It is big and I don't use it, except for when friends come over. So, I guess I proved myself to my parents, and I get the bed of my choice. Hooray!!!!!

I am thinking a full bed. Or maybe a daybed? No. Not a daybed. Too fancy.


Tuesday, July 3

I am getting my hair cut.

It is much to shaggy.

Any ideas?

I'm thinking long bangs, shorter hair (obviously shorter, because i am getting it cut. Cut = shorter.)

But I have no specifics.


Nineteen Minutes





Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Read it.

I was going to end there, but I feel I must at least tell you the plot. It is about a school shooting, the events leading up to it, and its aftermath. The shooter is actually a kid who is bullied for his whole life. The end has a thrilling twist...my mouth literally dropped open when I finished it (which was about one minute ago.) Jodi Picoult is such an interesting writer, because each chapter goes back and forth to "10 years before" "The Day Of" "Five Months After," things like that, and it makes it way more intriguing. I hope this video will encourage you to read it, because it is a truly phenomenal book.

Yippee for new display names and pictures.

The blunt Joanna Chiang (the negative blogger) told me that my old picture made her feel like she was best friends with a boy. Now, don't get me wrong, I was scarred for life, but I did indeed change it. And why not go for the whole shabang? heather.christianne was getting old. I opted for heatherleith! because that is what everyone exclaims when they see me.

you like?

The Leiths Epic Camping Trip Story #2 (read below post first)

Part of camping in an RV includes going to the bathroom on a tiny toilet.

Part of going to the bathroom on a tiny toilet includes emptying the sewage into a small hole in the campground.

Part of emptying the sewage into a small hole in the campground includes trekking to said hole with my dad and using a wide hose to empty the tank.

Part of trekking to said hole with my dad and using a wide hose to empty the tank SHOULD NOT include the hose having 20 holes in it and human waste water spraying the bottom half of you.

That is not okay.

The Leiths Epic Camping Trip.

(i swiped this picture from my sister)

When you think of camping, you think...
everyone crammed in tents.

roasting baked beans over a handmade fire.
sing kumbiah with someone strumming on a guitar.
rising at dawn to gather firewood.

in the wilderness.

Clearly, the Leiths did not experience the traditional American camping trip. No. Why? Because we are not American. And we don't camp.

Our trip consisted of...
a high tech RV (named El Monte). camping at the beach in San Onofre.
one tent, which the boys slept in, only because there was no room in the RV.
watching the movie 'RV' on a laptop with speakers, to get into the whole theme of camping.
bringing 7 blankets, sleeping on matresses with TempurPedic pillows, pots, pans, an endless array of utensils, food, ice cream, a French Press, iPods, MacBooks, cell phones, and a Blackberry.

However, we did set aside the electronics, for the most part, and have campfires and S'mores, roast hot dogs, go to the beach, play Phase 10 about twenty times, and enjoy each others presence.

"Where did you sleep, Heather?"

Well, loyal readers, as you see here, this looks like an ordinary curtain in El Monte. But when pulled back...My secret bungalow is revealed! It was quite the getaway.The one problem on this trip was that every family member, except me, has a job. This equaled frequent coming and going to fit into the busy schedule of work. My dad and I were the only truly loyal ones who stuck it out the whole time. Hooray!

Plus, the eccentric Melissa joined me for one day of the trip. Such fun!wow, this is a flattering picture of her...

Oh, and when I said we were camping "at the beach," what I mean was next to a loud highway and a traintrack, where we had to hike down a mountain to access a very rocky beach. Nonetheless, we trudged down said mountain every day to go to said beach.

Don't be fooled, everyone. The Leiths did not spend the whole weekend texting and emailing. In fact, we all used our cell phones maybe twice. We truly had fun together and camped our little hearts out.

But hotels are much better (:

Just kidding.