Saturday, May 5

Like Allison, Like Heather.

Allison Hibbard and I share one amazing experience.
Rapping about saving the Earth in 5th grade.
Although hers was about saving Mother Earth in general, my rap was about fossil fuels.
Allison remembers every word to her rap, as do I...

You got your nitrogen cycle, your oxygen too
Got your trash burnin' underground, pew pew pew.
Burnin' up the oil, usin' up the gas
Ruinin' the Earth so we gotta save it fast
The Earth is mighty friendly
The organisms too
We are the YOUTH of America
We'll tell you what to do.
Gotta ride your bike a little more,
Drive a little less.
Throw away your candy wrappers
I say tell the other kids
Yo, you could do the same
Thanks to the fossil feuls
We're really glad you came.
I say dig it.
I say dig it.
I say DIG IT!

1 comment:

kaylarayla said...

I think you are going to have to sing that next time I see you.