Sunday, November 8

homeoming 2009!

this year i planned evening, so it was fun to see it all play out nicely.
this was by far the most fun dance thus far in my 5-dance repertoire.
the people, the food, the pictures (taken by shannon!), the dance was such a blast.
notice the corsage he made for me,
and the boutonniere i made for him with a picture of myself circa 1997 and part of my dress as the border.

my dress itself was a steal- it was a floor-length dress from target, but my mother, seamstress extraordinaire, cut and re-sewed it for me. what a gem.

there more pictures to come, believe me.

after pictures we went to my house and ate dinner catered from rubio's, then played catch phrase and watched my third grade end of the year video which featured 4 of us. we laughed at how weird we all were--
melissa with her orphan haircut,
danya with her britney spears shirt,
joanna with her big forehead,
and me with my overalls and bandanna.

then we all headed to the dance, and i had the privilege of riding in a VW bus to trabuco. so cool.
and then, at the dance, i discovered these little red velvet cake cubes and ate about 11. they were so good.
aaand then i danced my little heart out and got more exercise than i have in the past 6 months. which is pathetic. i'll put up more pictures soon!