Thursday, June 28

Two Amazing Movies

1. Evan Almighty- a must-see. It was truly hilarious, yet it had a great lesson. Plus, it was really Biblically relevant. Anything with Lauren Graham is phenomenal.

2. Fever Pitch- a classic chick flick. Drew Barrymore is amazing, and so is this movie. It is simply adorable.

Go see these NOW!

The First Vacation of Summer

Tomorrow morning, the Leith family will embark on an epic journey-
a whopping 30 minutes away.
That's right.
We are going camping.
In an RV and some tents.
On the beach.
It will be intense.
I'm guessing there is no internet access on the beach, so farewell to Blogland until Tuesday!

Wednesday, June 27

The Pool Brings Out The Child In Us All

Have you ever noticed that when you go to the pool with friends, you act like a little kid?
Playing Colors and Marco Polo,
going in the baby pool even though little kids pee in it constantly,
floating on plastic devices,
getting excited to jump into the deep end with your friends,
trying to scare your friends by being shark-like,
doing different complex jumps into the water...
Yet you are never ashamed, because the pool is where you just let go.
Have you ever noticed that if you have the mentality of a young adult, you have a boring time?
If you get overly concerned about "Do I look fat?"
"Am I tan enough?"
"Am I composed, yet having fun?"
than you are just boring and bored the whole time, and no one wants to be with you.
I highly suggest throwing away all insecurites when you go to the pool.
You will have so much more fun.

Monday, June 25

Me, Delusional After Graduation

Dear Little Jack and Parker

Where have I been for the past day?

Why, helping my sister babysit Jack James and Parker Ash Hutchinson, of course.

Jack is so fun. When we were at the pool, he pointed to the filter and said "Do you know what this says Heather?" "What Jack??" "It says 'No Dumping, Drains to Ocean.'"
1. He can't read.
2. The filter had no words on it. And it didn't drain to the ocean.
It was quite hilarious.
When he was sitting in the Jacuzzi with a rather solemn look on his face, I came over and asked if he was sad. "Yeah," he said. "Why?" said Heather. "Because...(sigh) my parents are gone." "Oh, Jack, but you'll have SO much fun with Shannon!" "Yeah...(sigh) but I like you better." My heart melted! It was adorable!

And Parker. Little, darling Parker Ash (yes, his middle name is Ash. Adorable.) His smile and giggle would light up the whole world. His constantly running nose would also make the world puke. But that was his only flaw. Other than green boogers, he was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Everything he did was comical and simply adorable.

Parker and Jack! I adore you so much!

Saturday, June 23

FrEsHmAn FrEnZy!

Sadly, I took zero pictures, so hopefully my description is enough to tell the tale well.

9:00- Arrive and check in. I was on the Green Team, with Nathan Styffe and Brock McNeff as our noble leaders. There was only three girls- me, Kristen Blogg, and Taylor Keefer.
9:30- Play games. I took part in Trout Toss, where you hold a raw fish in your mouth and fling it as far as you can. I lost.
10:00- Team games around the Saddleback Campus.
12:30- Laser Tag! You had to have a codename, and mine was Stone Cold Fox. I got 12th place.
1:30- Bowling. I got last place.
3:30- Roller skating at a roller rink. Very, very fun. Very, very hot.
6:30- Dinner and frolicking at Altisima Park, my homeland.
8:00- Kill Ball at LA Fitness. EXTREMELY fun. Taffy. You are very hilarious.
10:00- HOME!

I am now officially....A FRESHMAN.








BADDDD sunburn.

It started out at 7:00, when JP, our C-Group leader, came over to do our hair and make-up. She is such a gem. She is a Senior, and she had her graduation that night, but she still came over bright and early to be with us!Lovely.
My mother insisted on about 20 different poses...this is "Crazy."This is "I am a Graduate. I am dignified. I am leaving Junior High and venturing into Adulthood." (Notice Joanna's depressed face.)
This is "HOORAY! WE ARE GRADUATING!"Let me just tell you this- graduation was miserable, for the most part, because all I could concentrate on was how I was about to faint and how I was really thirsty and trying to keep myself conscious. No joke. My friend Jessica and I fully SAT on the astroturf grass, under the shade of the chair in front of us, because it was so incredibly hot. Then we realized that it was a formal graduation, and we were sitting on the ground. No one really noticed though. We didn't care, because it was SOO hot.But I don't think you understand the heat. It was BEYOND anything I have ever experienced. It was like I was in a 475 degree oven, but I was supposed to be prim and proper and remain composed.

PLUS, I have a fainting problem, plus all I had for breakfast was a didn't work out.

PLUS Mr. Graham, the creepy principal, started crying during his speech. It was kind of heartwarming, yet, knowing Mr. Graham, really odd.

And THEN "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLaughlan, the saddest song ever, was what we walked out to, so everyone was SOBBING.

But it was actually quite happy at the same time, and quite relieving.

Notice this "After" it to one of the top ones. We were miserable with sweat, heat, and messed up hair.
My brothers REALLY wanted to take a picture with Mr. Graham (as a semi-joke) we did.
After, we went to BJ's. I think this is an adorable picture.I will TRULY miss RSM...the campus, the friends, the teachers...

the memories.

Last Day of School

It started out with the LAST Morning Announcements EVER!
Our whole crew
Zeinah and I
At snack there was a Sweet Cream (the teacher band) concert + the RSM Idol finalists. This girl thinks she is SO good and SO sexy...but, sadly, she's not.Mr. Giraud! I'll miss you!Frets Fallman

After we had a celebration at Michael's house. I discovered that I and pretty good at Guitar Hero. On Easy.
This is Michael. He is pro. He has a candy counter in his house.
It is SO weird that school is out. I feel like I will wake up on Monday and go to school with the same group of people that I have been with for the past 2 years.
...But I won't.

All of my BEST friends are going to Trabuco, thankfully, but some (like Michael) are going to Mission, which is the only thing I am really sad about.
Of course, I am a little sad to leave RSM forever...the past two years literally FLEW by. I wish I had embraced each day more.

My advice to seventh, now eighth graders...cherish junior high. Cherish your friends and your school. You will truly miss it when you have to leave!

Knott's Berry Farm!

Last Friday was beyond expectations. The whole 8th grade went to a little place I like to call


Zeinah and I were originally going to be LAME and go to the beach instead...but thank goodness we didn't. There was the ever popular rumor that you only get to go on about 2 rides, but NAY. We went on many. By we, I mean my little group of Melissa, Rachel, Danya, Zeinah, and Michael (henceforth referred to as Fron, for that is his nickname.)Lesson Learned: It is not the amount of rides you go on or the length of the lines that matters. What truly matters is who you are with while on those few rides and in those long lines.

....Alright, done with sentimental time.

Knott's, Knott's, Knott's, I love you, you, you.

Tuesday, June 19

I am so proud of myself. Number 2.

In Math we made certificates for someone in the class that we were assigned. You just make up an award for them.

Well. This really quiet seventh grader who I have never talked to, except to ask her what #7 was, got me...and she awarded me....


YESS! My accessory loving mother has paid off.
Not that she hasn't already paid off in my life.
Not that she even NEEDED to pay off...

I am so proud of myself.

Arrive at Mission Mall at 8:25 (it closes at 9:00.)

In 35 minutes...
>>Buy three accessories for graduation outfit- shoes, necklace, headband.
>>Return previously bought bracelets for graduation that are no longer needed-
over-accessorizing is a sin.
>>Find even better necklace at Old Navy.
>>Return one that we just bought.
>>Use up a $30 Old Navy gift card + $30 of birthday money at Old Navy to purchase shorts,
capri sweatpants, tank top, and dress.
>>Go to American Eagle. Use $15 gift card to buy a tank top. Total time in AE: 2 minutes. (no joke.)

Conclusion: Mi madre and I are skillful power shoppers.

"Heather is Really Stupid" Moment

I am still importing some rad CD's into my iTunes.
I was trying to play the new songs...but it wouldn't come out of the speakers.
I make sure the plugs are all connected.
It still doesn't work.
Carson moseyed over.
He turned up the computer volume.
It still didn't work.
He walked away.
I asked him to come back.
He didn't.
My mom told him to come back.
He didn't.
Jason came over.
He didn't know what was wrong.
I made Carson come back.
He sat down.
He opened iTunes.
He slid the volume up. music started playing.
All that fuss.
For something as simple as turning up the iTunes volume.
Good one, Heather.

My Brother Filmed This Whilst In Africa. He then ate what you see here. He then edited this in America.

WARNING: If you get queasy, don't watch this.
If you don't get queasy...cover your eyes.
I had to watch this three times before I could uncover my eyes.
It's truly GROSS.

Sunday, June 17

Hooray for new songs on iPod!

ATTENTION: The Zelda songs are officially gone from my iPod. That's right. They were just taking up valuable space that could be used for better the ones I put on it today.

I stealthily stole some of Melissa's CD's last night at her party- literally. While she was not watching, I ran out of her room with them and put them in my bag. I don't know why...she would have let me borrow them anyway. I guess I just like action.

ANYWAY. My iPod is now a proud holder of...
+ Daniel Powter
+ Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
+ Five for Fighting
+ Dreamgirls
+ Renee Olstead
+ Sugarhill Gang (Rapper's Delight)
+ Mat Kearney
+ Natalie Grant



Wow. My gang and I are getting pretty skilled at throwing SURPRISE bashes. Yesterday it was the Melissa Going Away party.

My Job: The Distractor. She came over to my house while everyone else was setting up at hers. She suggested that we go over to her house...which was perfect, because it was the appointed time that I was supposed to casually suggest that we go to her house- "my house was boring." So my mom drove us over. I was frantically trying to call Joanna to tell her that we were going to be there in a couple seconds- but Melissa was in the car next to what would she think if I told someone on the phone that I would be at her house in 30 seconds? It was extremely tough...but I succeeded with gusto. She was in AWE. We did pretty fabulous at tricking our little darling Melissa.

Key moment of the night: A dance instructional tape from the early 90's, maybe even late 80's. There was this extremely odd Asian man-woman, and he had weird hair that was parted down the middle and curled in. We all took park in learning the YMCA, Hustle, Electric Slide, Sexy Hokey Pokey, Hands Up (Gimme Gimme Your Heart), the Train Song, the Money Song (one cent on the left, five cents on the right, 10 cents in the back, a dollar in the front) and more. In the background of the video, there were all these people who were aspiring dance stars, thinking that this tape was their Big Break into fame. One of these backgrounders was this EXTREMELY "into it" man- I'm talking extreme pelvic thrusts, bizarre facial expressions, and pumping arms and legs. How I aspire to meet him.

Melissa....I will miss you so much. You mean the world to me.

Wednesday, June 13


This is our future computer.
The first video isn't that great...but just wait.
My mouth dropped open while I was watching the third video.

Some Funness Coming Up In the Life of HCL

  • Our plays for Drama, "G-Dawg and the Space Cadets," are tomorrow night, 6:00 and 8:00. It is just a plethora of random, funny skits..."come support live Junior High Theatre!"
  • Strive Retreat after Knott's...who doesn't like camping at O'Neill Park?
  • Graduation! Hooray!
  • Freshman Frenzyyy at church
  • SUMMER. I may go to FLOR-I-DA.
  • HUME LAKE!!!!!

...I am so excited for life.

Sunday, June 10

Many Stories Shoved Into One Coherant Post.

My, oh my. What a JAM PACKED weekend.

Friday: Joanna's "surprise" birthday party.
...except here's the thing. She knew about it. I guess we didn't do a good enough job of hiding it. But it was still SO much fun. It was at our amazing pal Fron's house (alias Michael Munton.) Our plan was for me and Joanna to go to his house, but "no one else could come." So we trekked through the wilderness to Dove Canyon after school. But. Another problem with our plan. We saw Rachel and Zeinah in front of us the whole time. They were going to his house to join in on the surprise party...but they told Joanna they "couldn't come." So...I guess Joanna pretty much KNEW what was going on at that point. I had to stall her for like 30 minutes while everyone was getting the house ready. SURPRISE! This was the magical word ringing through the casa when we arrived. The festivities included Sock Wars- where you go on your knees, wearing one sock, and just ATTACK the other person, punching, kicking, and wrestling until you get the sock off of their foot- and Luchadores, which is just full on WRESTLING, eating delectable food, and JAMMIN' OUT to some tunes. It was amazingly fun.

Saturday Morning: HSM Band Leaders Meeting
We got assigned our different bands for the year...I am part of the band that goes by the name of...JAUNDICE. As in. The disease where babies come out yellow. Yes. Some other band names are 5 O'Clock Shadow, Poultry Pollution, Papa Hester's Birdhouse Band, Sir D.E.D.O.T. and the Lip Gloss Kids (something to that extent), and many more. Very very very very fun.

Saturday: Sleepover with Joanna and Melissa.
Major funny story: We were in Joanna's Grandma's room, and there is this TV hutch. We were going on top of it and then jumping off onto the bed. Melissa was on it, and she started banging her whole body against it, and looking pretty ridiculous. BUT THEN. Joanna's mom walked in, and just stared at Melissa, who didn't realize that Joanna's mom had come in until like 5 seconds later. Her mom was SO bizarred. We were all trying to not laugh, but it didn't work out. Then Melissa goes "Um. Sorry, I thought I lost something." That made us laugh even HARDER. WHY would you lose something on the top of a TV hutch?? That whole ordeal made us CRAZY HYPER and DELUSIONAL for the whole night.

Now I must write a speech and make a hat for John Muir, the first major environmentalist/tree-hugger.

What did you do this weekend?

Thursday, June 7

First Six Songs That Come on My iPod When I Press Shuffle

I know this is quite a boring post, but I have the need to post SOMETHING.
  1. 25: Ocarina-Zelda's Lullaby -The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time Soundtrack. (I am such a geek.)
  2. Breakfast -Newsboys. This song includes the line "When the toast is burnin', all the milk has turned, 'n Cap'n Crunch is waving farewell, when the big ones find you, let this song remind you, that they don't serve breakfast in hell." Then there is people whistling the song tune.
  3. 34: Saria's Song -The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time Soundtrack. I have so little songs on my fresh iPod, and so many Zelda ones. I need to take some off.
  4. Wonderful Maker -Chris Tomlin.
  5. Find Your Way Back -Michelle Branch. I love her. Only because when I got a Walkman in 3rd grade and thought I was hot stuff, she was the only CD I had. Therefore, I know every lyric to her first CD.
  6. Tiny Little Fracture - Snow Patrol.
I have a lame songs on my iPod. I need to borrow CD's from people.
Albums/Songs I am planning on adding soon:
  • Mat Kearney
  • Renee Olstead
  • Newsies (movie)
  • Corinne Baily Rae
  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Mucho more.
Update: While my iPod was still shuffling, 14 more Zelda songs came on, including Spiritual Stone Get, Gerudo Valley, Hyrule Field Morning Theme, Escape from LonLon Ranch, and Game Over. I REALLY need to take some off.

Oh, and may I add that I have an exclusive SFS song on my iPod? That's right. I am the only one in the WORLD. Other SFS friend bands on Heather's iPod include Summer Wilshire and Courage Call. I feel so special.

Wednesday, June 6

Who SAYS that?

Just now I was on the phone telling this guy my dad's cell phone number. It was Micah, this 20- something year old who I have known for my whole life but I actually don't really know him. Hard to explain. Anyway. When I said 'bye,' he responded with a very dignified, yet laid back "Ciao." He was serious. For real. Who SAYS that??

Funniest Conversation of the Day

(on phone with Melissa, in Jason's car, on the way home. Melissa is getting a ride home from Terry, our friend's mom.)
Melissa: Your car is right behind us!
Heather: Really?
Melissa: Ya, I'm waving!
Heather: Oh cool! I see you! (I waved to a car in front of me that looked like Terry's. The car starts to keep going past the off ramp which leads to both of our houses.)
Heather: Wait...where are you?
Melissa: In my neighborhood. You just passed us really fast.
Heather: Um...I'm on the toll road.
Melissa: Oh...wait...that wasn't you?
Heather: No. I am on the toll road.
Melissa: Oh.....

Monday, June 4

I guess I'm popular??

I know. WEIRD.

This new 7th grade girl who I barely know, I just showed her the PE Office one time, called me over to her in the locker room.
"Do you want to vote for the most popular person in the school?"

"Oh, I don't really classify people as popular and unpopular."

"Oh, okay. Well, I'm going to vote. How do you spell your last name?"

"" (she writes down my name and puts it in her little folder of votes.)

"Oh. Thanks?"

"You're welcome. You already have, like, 16 votes."

"Really? That's weird."

"No. A lot of people think your popular."

I am bewildered. This is news to me. Since when was I popular? I am probably the geekiest person in my school.

Today the girl updated me: I have 26 votes...BIZARRE?!! AND...the results are going to be in the school newspaper?? Alright? Whatever??

I by no means categorize people into little groups of social status. I don't know why people thing I am popular. I'm not.

So guys, you are very fortunate. You are friends with one of RSM's most popular people. (????)

I found it.

At Nordstrom's.
The perfect graduation dress.
Notice how my font colors match the dress?

Sunday, June 3

People who asked me to make them a blog title...

I can't really do it without a picture! So please tell me what picture you want!

Thank you Maddie for giving me a you go! If you want a different picture or anything, let me only took a few minutes.

I love this picture.

Saturday, June 2

Semi-Eventful Fun

{the mission} A graduation dress for me.
{the people} Shannon and Heather.
{the places}
Out of Vogue- adorable thrift shop in Fullerton.
[results] Shannon: 1 dress, 1 pin. Heather: 0
Buffalo Exchange- another thrift store.
[results] Shannon: 1 pair of jeans. 1 item I don't remember. Heather: 0
Random Boutique- VERY pushy salesman.
[results] Shannon: 0. Heather: 0.
Nordstrom's- didn't have my size in any of the adorable dresses. Will go back tomorrow.
[results] Shannon: Buying 2 headbands tomorrow. Heather: 0. you can see, nothing really worked out. But Shannon and I still had fun, and even tried something new- Applebee's. We discovered one in Brea. It was delicious. Funny story right after we had received our drinks:
Waiter (different one that Drink Waiter.)- Can I get you something to drink?
Shannon- Um. They are right here.
Waiter- Oh, haha. What can I get for you to eat?
Shannon- We're going to share the...Chicken Celebration.
Heather-...she means Confetti Chicken.

Chicken Celebration? Where did that come from? We had discussed this entree with Drink Waiter, talked about it...said the word Confetti Chicken at least 4 times. I have no clue where Chicken Celebration came from.

You had do be there. But I hate saying "You had to be there." It makes the reader feel so insignificant. But maybe everyone understands this funny situation and that comment is unnecessary.

I have just been informed that Shannon's boyfriend Nate offered to make me a dress! What a sweet thing! Problem solved (maybe?).

...Does anyone know any great dress stores?