Saturday, May 12

The Promise!

Well, my noble steeds, the Promise has officially concluded. It was full of laughs, BarlowGirl, great speakers, and of course, the main event... THE FASHION SHOW!

First we all got our hair and makeup done, which was quite the experience. I looked like a Plum Diva. It was wayyyy more dramatic- purple lip gloss, dark eyes...but this is me after all the hype- when I got home.
The fashion show itself had a few problems.

1. For the mother/daughter scene, you are supposed to walk out at the same time as your mom. However, the pairs came out from different sides of the stage, so there was a lack of communication. We didn't get a run-through before or anything (although all the other groups did.) None of us truly knew the sequence, so when I walked out, I looked to the other side of the stage and there is another girl walking out...not my madre. So I just keep going and smiling, and the other girl turns around and my mom runs out.

2. When we met in the middle, we did the handshake from The Parent Trap. When I put my hand up to shake hers at the end, she forgot, and just turned around and kept walking. It was pretty awkward- just standing there with my hand out.

3. THEN when we walked out a second time, the sequence of who-goes-out-when was still unclear. You were supposed to meet your mom in the middle, put your arms around each other, then go to the back of the stage and pose. So when I came out, a different mom was walking out. Both of us just kept going and smiling. When we walked past each other, unsure of what to do, she whispered to me, "You came out at the wrong time, honey." Hello? Act like nothing happened, lady! So eventually my mom came out and her daughter came out, and we posed awkwardly. However, I just smiled and acted like that was supposed to happen.

Thankfully, all the other scenes went well. Although our Shania Twain-esque Junior High scene was dorky, it was still tons of FUN FUN FUN TILL YOUR DADDY TAKES THE T-BIRD AWAY.

The audience was amazing. People always say that no one can tell if you mess up. Not in this case. Everyone knew, but everyone just laughed and clapped REALLY loud and screamed. It put some extra pep in our high fashion steps.

I heard through the grapevine that my mom and I were imitated onstage by Josh and Allison (the emcees). I really wish I could see a video of that. If anyone filmed the show, let me know, because I must know if it looked bad or just funny. Hopefully the latter.

This is where my career begins. Look for me in Vogue.


Mel East said...

lol i had a blast and will post pictuers i think my dad filmed it but i will have to check! luv ya melon

Elise B. said...

it was very funny but it was more like they bumped hips then fell over lauging!!! still great though!

Christine said...

it was so funny! and you looked so cute!

Joshua Griffin said...

You were great! JG

Courtney said...

Heather I need your email address...I actually caught the moment your mom left you hanging with the hand shake at the's amazing!

heather.christianne said...

thanks everyone!

courtney- why do you need my email?

E.Money said...

you were adorable, and everyone loved you and your mom's handshake! :)