Friday, August 31

Freshman Orientation...

SO fun...
I'll post more tomorrow.
I'll leave you with this statement.

I'm uncomfortably popular.

Thursday, August 30

Summer is almost over.

It becomes more of a reality when you have an end of the summer party.
But it was really fun. The PAR-TAY was for the HSM Band.

Destination 1: Bowling.
I only got one picture...of the lovely Jessica and Rachel.

At Saddleback Lanes, they have this game where you can win an iPod. You have to press a button and make these squares stack up all the way to the top. It cost one whole dollar.

First, Jason played. He almost won. But he didn't.
Then, Jessica played...five times. Once, she was ONE STEP away from winning...but she didn't. So she kept going until I told her to stop wasting her moolah.

Basically, I sucked at the actual game (of bowling.) My score was like, 33 or something.

Destination 2: Ruby's at the mall.
What fun. For the very very first time, I got something other than the macaroni and cheese, which is my default choice at most restaurants. I got a De"lite"ful Burger. Quite good.

We then got to shop around for a half an hour. I POWER SHOPPED with Rachel and Jessica at Forever21. In 8 minutes, I found 2 items, tried them on, purchased them, and walked to PF Changs to meet the rest of the group.

THIS is what I got,I liiiike.

Destination 3: Cherry On Top.
Phenomenal. My new after school destination, since it's right next to Trabuco.
It's a self-serve frozen yogurt place, right where Juice Stop used to be.
You pick a delicious flavor (I chose Mango), put toppings on (I chose raspberry's, strawberries, pineapples, and cantaloupe), and then you weight it, and it's 33 cents per ounce.

WAY better than Golden Spoon.
WAY WAY WAY better.

Speaking of school (even though we weren't), it won't be bad...because Joanna and I have drama and science together! Do you know what that means? We can be lab partners (unless we chose to be with bizarre people.) Plus, Danya and Rachel are in our drama class too.


Seven Sphinxlike Facts About HeatherLeith

Sphinxlike means mysterious. Checkit.

one. i like change. no, i must have change. evidence:
-my blog layout right now is killing me. i need to change it ASAP.
-i re-did my room the summer after sixth grade, after i had just changed a few things a couple of weeks before. i am semi-redoing it again. i simply cannot stand the sameness.

two. my name was going to be savannah. it's kind of cute, but kind of not. what would my blog title be? "simply savannah." "on an african savannah." ew.

three. there are certain spellings and pronunciations that make me cringe.
-when people spell the word "iPod" like this- Ipod. EW. EWWWW. People, it's iPod. NOT Ipod.
-when people pronounce it "ay-sap" instead of "A-S-A-P."
-"melk" or "pellow." nuff said.
-"bolth" instead of "both"

four. my retainers are teal with a peace sign. they really, really lower my self confidence.

five. the biggest splurge i have ever made is $50 on a grey dress from urban outfitters. i don't wear it that often \: sometimes with money, i have such a hard time spending it, deciding the best way to use the moolah i earned. but sometimes, i throw it away freely. (i throw it away on items, not into the trash can.)

six. the first cd i ever owned was michelle branch. it was to go with my baby blue walkman. to this day, i know every every every single word to that cd. and i love it.

seven. there is not one soda i don't like. literally. name it, i'll drink it. regular, diet, sugar-free... i really don't have a preference. but the thing is, i rarely drink soda anymore. i just feel like i'm rotting my teeth and harming my body. but if i must have one, i don't care which one.

there. i hope you learned something that will enlighten your life forever and ever.

i tag her, him, that girl over there, that guy, i think we're related, this guy, and YOU.

So basically...

I am ready for a new layout.

Hey Shan! What's up? How are ya? Could you please make me a blog header that is amazing?

Tuesday, August 28

I forgot this pretty picture!

In the park post down there.

Fake Smile!

Frolick Time

'Twas off to Robinson Park with Melissa, Joanna, Lauren, and Jessica. Please admire my photography + editing skills.

My advice: Look at the colors of every picture separately. Like, click on it so it is by itself and you can admire the colors.

i played lightning with this mystery man.


Ain't no other man!

Lunar Eclipse...

There I was at 12:52, waiting for the moon to disappear. My padre then informed me that it would take way over an hour to completely go away.

WHAT A RIP OFF! It was supposed to turn sunset-red at 2:52, but I fell asleep, to discouraged to stay up and stare at the moon for two hours.

This is my only proof that I saw a little bit of the eclipse:
Dang it! I wanted to be a genuine scientist!

Go ahead, say it...

I'm a wimp. (and a hypocrite.)

"Heather, Can Me and Carson Take Pictures With Your Camera?"

I babysat my neighbors Carson and Autumn the other day...

always a blast! I took really cute videos, but it would take forever to upload.

However, they both loved my are the results, unedited.

i drew carson a beautiful lightning mcqueen (:

Oh- Carson can now talk in full sentences, one of which is:

"Heather is so pretty."



Period 1- Dramaaaa!-Sautner
Period 2- Biology- Grams
Period 3- English- Berner
Period 4- Spanish- Tapia
Period 5- History- Farley
Period 6- PE (UGH WORST TIME OF DAY!)- Webber
Period 7- Geometry- Bromberg

Locker 3509

Does anyone's schedule look something like this???

Monday, August 27

Lunar Eclipse + Registration


i will take some photographs and post them for you wimps who didn't stay up to witness this science phenomenon.

Tomorrow I will actually DO something as opposed to sit and read HP alll day (that is literally what I have done for the past 5 days. probably why i am already on numero 6).

High School Registration!

Don't fret, my fellow mustangs, it's really not till the 30th... but I am just going to go at the same time as my broha. Much more convenient.

I am so excited!

Stephen, you crack me up.

So there I was at Alli Reinhardt's surprise birthday bash. It was at the Styffe's, and I was playing Disney Dance Dance Revolution (I made it all the way to "Maniac" level). Lo and behold, Stephen Styffe asks me if I have a blog. I say yes, and he replies that he has one too. I ask him to show it to me.


He spells better than half of the bloggers in this universe, and he posts like global topics- "Which is better, Blockbuster or Netflix? Is the iPhone REALLY a good phone?" Well, not really global- but still advanced for an 11 year old.

Then we played Deal or No Deal Love Edition (this is a regular occurrence). I was a lovely contestant, and I won for 5 minutes, until he dumped me. I was crestfallen of course, but I recovered.

Oh, Stephen (or should I say Crushinator), you are hilarious.

P.S. If you visit his blog, vote on the poll that is on the top. (:

Saturday, August 25

I Want My Boy Meets World.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
Hannah Montana.
American Dragon, Jake Long.
Phil of the Future.
High School Musical 1 & 2.
This is the disgrace that Disney has turned into. Sure, some of these shows may have some value, but nothing is truly more valuable than

Boy Meets World.

This is a quality show.
There was humor. There was seriousness. There was everything.
There was not one bad episode. They were all phenomenal.

We watched Cory, Shawn, and Topanga grow up together.
We watched them fight, only to become friends again. Every time.
We watched Cory and Topanga break up one million times...

but they always, always got back together.

Everyone wishes that Cory was their boyfriend.
(or maybe that's just me?)

You can RELY on Boy Meets World.

Mr. Feeny will always be present.
Everyone will always be friends in the end.
They are all there for each other.
Even when there was worries that they would grow apart,
you KNEW that would never happen.
Eric would always bring humor to every episode.

Oh, and the last episode. In what other TV show is such sappiness acceptable?
Rachel and I watched it together.
We both cried.
Since when can Disney shows make you cry?
They can't.
Only Boy Meets World can.

I really don't know how to explain the swelling love that I am feeling for Boy Meets World right now.
I thought I heard it on in the family room. I walked into the family room eagerly, only to see The Suite Life on.

I literally cringed in disgust. There is no comparison. Boy Meets World rules out all other shows.

How else can I explain myself? This is not just a "favorite show." This is a relationship between me and the television.

The day Boy Meets World goes off the air will be the day the world will end
and be drained of all hope.

Friday, August 24

5 O'Clock Thoughts

*Our backyard is steadily progressing. I helped pick out the stacked stone.

*If someone tried to kidnap me, what would I do? I honestly don't know if I could fight him off, because I would be busy hyperventilating. Getting kidnapped and being held captive for like 10 years like those kids you see on the news is my number one fear, and has been since I was little.

*We always say that when we look back at pictures and stuff, we will laugh at our clothes and technology. But I wonder...what else is there to advance? What ELSE would people wear? Are our clothes abnormal? Like, what other styles are there that a whole generation would just switch to? I know there are a lot of technological advances to make, but what else do we need? (My kids are going to look back at this and be like "Mom, how did you SURVIVE without the _____?")

*I listen to the playlist on my blog daily. I really, really love it.

*I am truly going to miss Junior High. But most of all, I am wish I was back at Melinda Heights.

*What would my life be like if I still lived in Canada?? I wouldn't know ANY of you, I wouldn't be sitting here, listening to this playlist right now, listening to workers working in my backyard. I probably wouldn't have a blog. I wouldn't go to Saddleback. I maybe would have vacationed in California, and my parents would say "Well, kids, we were almost going to move here..." I'd probably still be introverted and shy. (:

*I can play the intro, verse, and chorus of Thousand Miles! I am so proud!

*I wish I could sing like Idina Menzel and Eden Espinosa (from Wickedddd). How awesome would it be if I could just bust out like, the highest note on the musical scale? Which reminds me...

*I wish I could yodel. I could impress people with my Swiss Alps girl qualities.

*I also wish I could play complex Beethoven and Mozart pieces on the piano. People could come over, and I'd just like play intensely. And then be like "Oh, it's nothing...."

*What if I was born a dog?

*If I starred in a movie and elevated to celebrity status, would I change? Like, my personality? Would I stay the same? Or would it go to my head?

*I really wish was born in Paris, London, or Australia. I like their accents and languages. And towns.

*You know how we say like "Gracias!" or "Hola!" Do Spanish people say "Thanks!" "Hello!" as like, a joke?

*I really can't wait to drive.

*The book the Center of Everything is AMAZING. READ IT.

*This post was inspired by Rachel, who was inspired by Allison.

"I'm All Alooooone..."

I have many soft spots in my deep black heart, but one of those is for

people eating alone.

I always feel so bad when I go out to eat, and I'm laughing and smiling with my family, and then I see someone sitting by themselves, eating silently. No family. No friends. It makes me wonder...
-why are they alone?
-do they have family and friends who just couldn't make it to dinner?
-are they alone in the world, with no one to keep them company?
-did something sad happen to their family?
-are they having a hard time in life?
-what are they thinking about?
-do they just like eating alone?
-do they wish someone was with them?
-are they feeling awkward?

I just want to go hug people who are alone. But that's just weird and abnormal.

Thursday, August 23

New Layout

This is temporary, until my sister makes me a beautiful header.

I know the picture is too big and I look distressed...but I like it anyway.

Bizarre Dream...

I was at registration for high school, but I was just sitting on the grass with my friends. Someone dropped a locator into my lap...and my schedule included classes like:

Physical Health (this meant PE)
Journalism (but it was just where you write essays with partners for the whole year)
Science Docents (where you go to an elementary school and teach science to kids...this is a real elective, but it's for juniors and seniors...)
Orchestra (do I play an instrument? no.)
Music Appreciation (ew, i heard it was the most boring class ever.)

I had like 5 electives...There was more that I don't remember...but this was by far my favorite-

Harry Potter Appreciation (a geeky student was the teacher.)

I got mad and decided to go talk to the guidance counselors. But then the scene changed- I was at my neighbors house, about to babysit for them. When the mom was telling me when they were going to be back, I eyed a child's playpen full of giant sugar cookies. I really wanted one. But I didn't get one. So the whole family left for dinner, even the kids (why was i even babysitting?), and I was told to eat some dinner and do whatever I wanted. I was just about to go on the computer and blog about my absurd schedule...

when I woke up.
and came downstairs.
and blogged.

Wednesday, August 22


I can eat corn on the cob now! Without worrying about breaking my braces off, and without picking at my teeth for the hour after!

Oh, the little joys of life...