Friday, November 30

Opposite from yesterday...

Today the mighty Mustangs were NOT in their element.

I believe our first score of the tournament was 8-1, and the score for the second was 13-2.

I think I blocked maybe one goal?

But hey,
it doesn't matter.
It's just a game.
If there is one thing I don't want to be, it's competitive and a sore loser.

BUT the teams were Frosh/Soph (at a novice tournament?), so we do get some credit.

So, we're all good...we've got another chance to prove ourselves tomorrow at...

[Tournament Day Two]

Thursday, November 29


why is my header all blurry? is it just my computer??

i tried tochange it to a new header, but it was ugly, so i changed it back....

maybe its becuase shannon did it originally on her computer?
shan, can you maybe go into my account and like re-put it on?


That's right.
We, the measly novice team, beat San Clamente at our first game today.
I was goalie.
It was invigorating.
Out of Novice, Frosh/Soph, JV, and Varsity, WEEEE were the only ones that won.

Tournament tomorrow and Saturday


1, 2, 3

Thursday, November 22


new picture, curtesy of SL >>>>>>>>>>>

ohhh, canada.

here is where you can read about our freezing first day!

ahh, i am in whistler right now. i lovelovelove it in canada. the air is so refreshing and clean, the people are lovely, my childhood friends are all grown up and oddly manly....

it's weird. and i adore it.

happy thanksgiving from canada!

Monday, November 19

Back to the Stone Age

Today I bartered.
At Starbucks.

"Do you do barters here?"

".........What do you have?"

"A Cold Stone gift card."

"........What do you want?"

"A peppermint bark brownie."

"........How much is on the card?"

"Five bucks."


SUCCESS! If you are talking to the right barista, bartering is the new fad.

--Try it sometime--

p.s. i'm off the birthplace of papa leith and the leithlets...i'll be back on monday!

Wednesday, November 14

dear friends,

i am afraid my blogging is going to be lacking severely for a while. seeing that i get home from water polo now at 6:30, I will have a hard time blogging on top of everything else. so, i'll try, my comrades, but don't get mad if i fail!


Monday, November 12


Well, I sit next to Gabe Lemon, a gangstagangsta, in geometry.

and he just so happens to be the star receiver on the football team.

and he just so happened to JUST BE ON TV!


I'm back and I'm cooler than ever (isn't that a song?)

Chi Alpha. In the mountains. Amazing.

The weekend involved>>>
>having an isolated cabin that was totally freaky to walk to at night
>giant man-eating squirrels
>getting the wind knocked out of me by a baseball bat to the stomach (awkward, startling, painful, embarrassing)
>life-changing workshops and speakers
>amazing devotionals
>moving worship
>freezing my butt off
>dry mozzarella sticks
>meeting new friends
>growing closer to old ones
>taking pictures (with other people's cameras...)
>delicious food
>looking like crap daily
>larson ishii trying to woo me with poems and apple cider
>infinite awkward moments
>figuring out that a certain someone in my cabin thinks jason is hot (one of the awkward moments)
>discovering new things about myself and God
>a nice long bus ride nap


Thursday, November 8

odd finds on

when this alarm clock goes off, it rolls off your nightstand and onto the floor, and rolls around blaring loudly until you get up to retrieve it. this may look like a young boy's toy. but nay. when this alarm goes off, the propeller flies off up to the ceiling. it has a key attatched that turns off the clock. so you have to drag yourself out of bed and get the propeller, and put the key in the clock to stop the blaring alarm. (how are people so creative?)
this is just a weird figurine named Momji.
Granny Racers- like electric toy trains, but their grandmas.

a french-english shower curtain. learn some phrases while you shower!
med school in a box?
"Save hundreds of thousands of dollars with Med School In a Box, complete with a Med School in 96 Pages mini textbook, Medicine At a Glance card (such as the ever-handy "How to Tell If a Body Is Dead"), Extra-Credit Course cards (perfect for learning Bedside Manner), Heroes of Medicine trading cards and a Med School Challenge test and then it all pays off with a Med School In a Box diploma."
oh, of course. law school in a box.
"Save hundreds of thousands of dollars with Law School In a Box, complete with a Law School in 96 Pages mini textbook, You Be The Judge cards, Heroes of The Courtroom trading cards and a Law School Challenge test, then it all pays off with a Law School In a Box diploma."
a creature, containing a hidden flash drive.

stick-on hairdos. they stick to your mirror so you can try on some new 'dos.
i think this wins for most awkward picture ever taken.

the self-portrait arm-
"Now here's a great idea! A simple cure for "Myspace Photo" syndrome - you know, that all-too-common self-portrait, where you're off-center, with your head half cut-off, one arm sticking up all awkward holding the camera? Well, no more! Now your candid shots can look like fine art photos with the help of this ingenious hand-held extendable camera arm. Attaches to any camera base and telescopes from 8" to 18" for the ultimate in pro-on-the-go photos. Fully adjustable and built from strong and lightweight polycarbonate and aluminum, with a reference mirror and a removable tripod base for surface-mounted shots. Comes in a padded carrying case with a handy belt clip."
how much more awkward and geeky can you get with a padded carrying case and a handy belt clip? i want to buy this so i can go out alone in public and take awkward self-portraits.

transformers monopoly!
oh, and i just thought i'd throw in the cutest bed spread i have ever seen.

wow urban outfitters...if any of you need some christmas shopping ideas, these are all on my list.

Wednesday, November 7


I just learned that I have to get my wisdom teeth out within the next couple of months.

Any tips? Advice? Suggestions?

I would love it.

Not blogging.

Is not fun.
So I am sorry, dear friends.


Busy busy times are coming up. So good luck hearing from me, unfortunately.
This weekend: Chi Alpha
Monday: Water polo season starts
Thanksgiving weekend: CANADA TRIP!

here's a website to occupy your time. its a loooong puzzle with like 200 levels. There is like a billion help sites. You just gotta find them.


I am confusing myself by this haphazardness...

Saturday, November 3

oh goooosh

the people: rachel pat and heather leiththe outfits: heather leith circa 2004 clothes
[rachel] blue gaucho pants that reached her ankles, a pink my little pony shirt, a sequined stretchy black belt, and a pink baseball hat that said "Princess"
[heather] olive green gaucho pants, a coral lace tank top with the "wrinkled look" layered over an olive green shirt, a sequined stretchy green belt
the place: out to daphne's then to blockbuster to show off our duds
the thing is:
I actually wore this stuff as a 6th/7th grader
the stares: endless
the movie: when we got home we watched Pop Star, the most embarrassing yet the greatest movie of all time.
the stars: aaron carter (he thought he was SO cool) and this really awkward, ugly girl with braces who couldn't talk. wasn't a joke. why did they hire her? we don't know. i HIGHLY recommend this movie.
the ratings: 10 on the aaron carter thinks he's hott scale
10 on the ultimate cheesy lines scale
10 on the awkward scale
10 on the dumb plot scale
10 on the aaron carter thinks he's bro scale
10 on the aaron carter has bad acne scale
10 on the aaron carter has a nasally voice scale
10 on the unrealistic scale
10 on the inconsistent plot scale (there were major conflicts unresolved)
10 on the whoever made this is out of there mind scale
10 on you've gotta rent this scale
10 on the i don't know how to end this post scale

Thursday, November 1

I like Zeinah's Halloween summary. So here it is. The [ ]'s are my additions

  • costumes sponsored by Leith Family Household
  • little Carson [neighbor] marching [driving his little Jeep] proudly trying to impress the chicks
  • Ryan Leith getting a little too into the whole trick or treating ordeal
  • 6 guilty candy bowl bandits
  • 2 pairs of dirty-water-soaked socks
  • a bumble bee, tucan, odd spongebob with tight pants, cow girl, cookie monstaa, not too spirited knight
  • a pair of parents eagerly asking to take their child's picture with spongebob
  • delusional candy sorting

my additions:
  • [The Annual Halloweenie Roast at the end of the block]
  • [Frankie the dog dressed as a little hot dog]
the end....


[Resume of a Hottie]
Name: Mrs. Tankersly
Occupation: 4th Grade Music Teacher
Form: Pumpkin
Carvers: Heather, Melissa, and Joanna
Awards: Honorary Mention at HSM PumpkinFest (by force)
Biography: She taught 4th grade Melissa, Heather, and Joanna how to play the recorder and how to clap out beats. (Miss-Tank-er-sly.)
Headshots: See below for a great variety.

Halloween Night | Oh, what a joy.
Trick or treating with Zeinah and Joanna | Plus Ryan and Lindsey.
Carson joined for about 10 minutes | Then flaked.
"Homework" | Psh.
Others say no one came to their house | We got 200 kids
Only because my mom dresses up as an old lady | She pretends to think its Christmas
Children love it | We so popula'
Meanwhile, we bombarded homes | and persuaded them to give us more.
Hustled for candy | But I tried to be nice.
Little girls threw candy at us | Joanna and Ryan got into a brawl.
Lindsey handcuffed me | We stayed that way for about an hour.
Ryan was way into it | As he is at all holidays.
Now it's November | I love new beginnings
heather- cookie monster.
joanna- bumblebee (with a touch of diva)
zeinah- half of a toucan (the head falls off)
ryan- spongebob with a touch of country (he was wearing my leggings)
lindsey- cowgirl. hence the handcuffing mentioned above.
mother- forgetful old woman
jason- old gregg
close-ups (he's scary)

group shot!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween,
Halloween! Halloween! Halloween !Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

{name that movie}