Wednesday, May 16

This is NOT Okay.

This sick and twisted family was on the Tyra Banks Show. The kids are pretty much BRAINWASHED. It left me speechless. That's all I have to say. This is uncalled for. Watch and see.


kaylarayla said...

This is ridiculous. So crazy, I wonder how Tyra felt just listening to him telling her how horrible he thinks black people are.

Anonymous said...

wow. i am totally speechless. that was crazy. if i was Tyra, i would have been freaked out! i can't even comprehend how some people are proud of thinking that way!

love, elise

jessica.angela. said...

this is an eye opener...a lot of us think that nobody thinks this strongly like this anymore.

i bet Tyra felt so awkward..

joanna (: said...

bewildered and speechless is what i am.
that is wrong. and unacceptable.
and i just dont even want to talk about this. i'm angered beyond belief. and disgusted. that family makes me SO sick i dont even know waht to say.

Maddiee is the namee said...

i am disgusted. this is not right. i am truly sick to my stomach right now. how could you say such things? that family is seriously MESSED UP!

ali said...

holy crap. at first i was super upset because of the ignorance overwhelming these people, but then i laughed because tyra telling him to shut up was the sweetest thing ever.

this is revolting.

D to the Evon said...

word can't even say what i am feeling right now...eveyone has their rights

that is sick and wrong to think that way

man that hurt

Christine said...

if i was tyra i would have SLAPPED drew right in the face on television because seriously he is a total maniac