Sunday, April 11

well. the day has come.

you can now find me here. ah!

goodbye blog of four years! i loved you so so much. i hope you like your new home.

Sunday, April 4

Happy Jonas Day! I mean...Easter

fact: i went through a JoBro phase in ninth grade. i was OBSESSED. i kept it a secret, though, so it's kind of a little known fact. because i realized that they were cheesy and i only told people if they said that they liked them first. liking the jonas brothers was like a secret society of shame.

fact: the Jonas Brothers played at Saddleback's Easter service at Angels Stadium.

fact: i was really excited. because a part of my freshman love with them still lingers in my heart.

fact: i was two rows away from the place they entered and exited, and sat directly across from where they sat before they played (connections.) so i kind of watched them the whole time.

fact: this makes me a creepy stalker.

fact: my hands were shaking when they came out.

fact: this was a problem because i was taking a video with my mom's camera and pictures with mine.

fact: i still find them attractive.

fact: these beaut photos were taken by jordan gunderson!

fact: they almost had a meet-n-greet for staff's kids (that's me) but then they cancelled it.....guys. my life's DREAM was to meet them. i would fantasize about shaking their hands when i was a baby freshman. DANG IT! i would try to think of ways that i could make them remember me, like saying an original comment that they've never heard....i could never think of anything though. and that's still the case. i would be too nervous if i met them. i'd stutter, no doubt. i've been having a stutter problem lately. it's so sad.

fact: joe waved to me after i eagerly waved to him for 10 seconds. he was kind of annoyed. but he pity-waved. still a direct acknowledgment, though, so i'm satisfied. the picture below is that very moment---fact: i am an embarrassment.

hi children,

let me just say, i can feel the day coming when i transfer to the prettier, easier Tumblr. prepare yo'selves. because as we can all see this blogging is just not happening as frequently as we'd all like.

and it's about to not happen for another week, because i am going to new mexico again for my spring break! i leave at midnight. get ready for some kuh-razy stories when i return, hopefully some like the famous middle-of-the-night bathroom nightmare last year--- such great times are upon me. i am leading a village this year which i'm super excited about. if anyone still reads this little guy, please pray for the trip! i hope that God uses each person and specifically, that they each feel loved and valued individually. that they know that they matter to the rest of the village and to God. i don't know why God has put this on my heart but we'll see why by the end of the week, i presume. because God is like that. gotta love that guy.