Sunday, September 30

Hear Ye, Hear Ye.

You can find my blog by searching 'speedos' on Google.

What a surprise for the Speedo-Searcher from Ohio who clicked on my page and found vegetable people.

Saturday, September 29


This is exactly how I feel about water polo.

Thanks for putting the passion into one amazing post, Zeinah.

(except you say 'go' like a gangsta.)
[which makes this team cheer 12 times better]

Friday, September 28

Math Geek?

Yesterday I definitely was. While I as doing Geometry homework, I realized that I was honestly enjoying every problem- drawing and labeling the figures, working out the solution, circling the satisfied me. And I don't know why. I hate math.
Hate hate hate. why was i sad when i finished the last problem?

is that normal?

answer: no.
will it last?
answer: no.

Mmmm, I'm so warm....NOT.

Freezing cold day + rain + {water polo} = SO COLD.

But I learned how to tread water today! The right way!

Yesterday, we did this drills where you held a weighted ball above your head and treaded water across the pool...I couldn't really do it.
But then we had to throw the ball across the length of the pool...oh wait, couldn't really do that either.

Wednesday, September 26

Sorry, one more scene from my day.

Picture this: RKP has a headache. We are so desperate that we are asking people if they have asprin. We walk over to these people, and I am asking them for ibuprofen...I look over, and there is this boy lying in the planter in the fetal position, crying. Rachel is honestly, out of the goodness of her heart, stroking his leg in a maternal way.

Heather: Rachel!
Rachel: He's crying! (she isn't kidding.) (boy kicks her away. she keeps going.)
Heather: (yanks Rachel by the arm forcefully) RACHEL! OBVIOUSLY HE DOESN'T WANT THAT!
(proceed to laugh until we can't breathe at her earnest attempt to comfort this crying boy.)

Friends, this is the number one reason why you should vote for Rachel Patla for Freshman President. She comforts crying boys.

How come you lost your ginger snaps?

Setting--Math Class
Characters--Heather (freshman)
Chadd (junior)
Gangsta (??)

Action-- (whole scene done in whispers- Mr. Bromberg hates talking.)

Chadd: I am going to draw you a maze. It will be impossible.
Heather: Okay.
Chadd: Have you ever played this game? Where you draw a maze and the other person has to get out of it?
Heather: No...
Chadd: Really? I do it all the time. I'm so good. You won't be able to get out.
Heather: Wow, I'm pretty nervous.
Chadd: You have to pay me though.
Heather: Alright...(searches backpack) I offer you...two ginger snaps.
Chadd: Okay. (continues drawing giant, complex maze with like 5 entrances. After five minutes...) Alright, I'm done. You have two minutes.
Heather: Kay. Where do I start?
Chadd: In this chute right here.
Heather: Okay.
Chadd: Ready?
Heather: Yeah.
Chadd: Okay...GO!
Heather: (works through maze. it is really hard.) Ahhhh this is tricked me! There's no way out!
Chadd: No, there is, I promise. Your two minutes is up! Here, I'll show you...
Heather: Ohhh, I see. Well, enjoy those ginger snaps.
Chadd: I will.

After class:
Heather: You'd better make another one tomorrow...I'll bring more ginger snaps.
Chadd: Okay, I will. Hey, if anyone wants to do this have to pay me, but if you win, I'll double your money!
Gangsta: (examines maze) No way, dawg, there's no way out.
Heather: No, there is. He showed me. There's a way out.
Gangsta: Then how come you lost your ginga snaps?

That phrase coming from a gangsta made my day. come you lost your ginga snaps?

Breaststroke, Speedos, Awkward Moments, and Lightheadedness

[water polo practice]
super hard
g r a t i f y i n g

i had to push myself to the limit, keep swimming even though i was exhausted, and endure swimming till i could swim no more.

super hard
swimming way over 50 laps with no breaks isn't exactly a piece of cake...

i could sleep for hours.

coming in last every time is kind of embarrassing. but i'll get better.

g r a t i f y i n g
i'm so proud that i endured so well on my first day. water polo is such a hard sport, so i'm proud...for not being an athletic person, i think i did a-okay.

my brain was throbbing...

i had to stop for about five minutes because i was a little dizzy- but Coach Kroegman said that was normal for first time water polo-ers.

"But you're in the you'd be cooled off." Yeah, for the first three seconds of entering the pool...but after like 10 laps, you could go for an ice bath.

the boys team came in as we were leaving. boys water polo = speedos. speedos = awkward. seeing the guy who sits next to you in math plus your friend's brother in speedos = i am scarred for life.

try changing into a one piece in a crowded locker aisle with 20 people two inches away from you. then you'll understand...

ah, the benefits of it.

Monday, September 24

an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

just like a blog header from shannon leith keeps life exciting.

plus a few color and font changes.

i hate germs.

but i am sneezing them everywhere today.

this morning it was one of those small sore throats that are there when you wake up, but eventually go away.
but today it didn't go away.
it multiplied.
into a yucky cold.
i hate being miserable in class,
yearning for a tissue,
your ears plugged
and head throbbing from sinus pressure.


why i love water polo #2

you are allowed to beat people up.
it's acceptable.
it's how you play the game.
you're not allowed to be timid and let the rest of the team do the dirty work.
first you have to believe in yourself and your team, and then you have to be aggressive and punch people.


why i love water polo #1

we get out 15 minutes early on non-pool days.
allowing us to blissfully stroll the halls to our lockers, and then
blissfully leave.
while everyone is still doing algebra.

Sunday, September 23


sometimes we hurt people without realizing it.
sometimes we don't really understand how much we mean to someone.
sometimes we carelessly blow someone off, without knowing that it really hit them hard.
sometimes we need to reach out to everyone we come in contact with, because God loves all of them.
sometimes we need to apologize for our carelessness.
sometimes we need to just leave it up to Him.

this probably only makes sense to me.
but i hope
you enjoyed it.

Wednesday, September 19


Your ears will be graced with some new sounds.

Like Amy Seeley.

And Dawn Landes.

Please...enjoy. And relax.

Water Polo......

I MADE IT!!!!!





this will be basically my first organized sport...ever...if you don't count soccer when I was 7 (i still suck) or lame cheer (that basically wasn't really cheer) in 4th grade...or tumbling in sixth grade...



Not really. But por favor vote for her picture here so that she can win a trip to Canada to go to a workshop from her favorite photographer. Oh- and listen to the music on his website- I loveloveloveloveloveit.

Her photo is in the third catagory, #EPP 6- the green one with the branches. I loooove this picture, and I know you will too... PLUS it will only take a couple of seconds to vote. You HAVE to do it by 11:59 it would be really great for her if you could vote!

Thank you for your time.

Monday, September 17

Water Polo...!!!

The coach is coming to the PE classes tomorrow to test people for the team...I AM SO SCARED!

You have to race, and the top 2 get on the team (if they're interested.)

Since no one in my class is really interested...I am going to ask them all to go slow so that I can be on the team. (:

Please pray for me...I'm really nervous! I want to make it so bad!

Sunday, September 16

I tag myself.

Use three words more, no less.

Where is your cell phone? In my pocket

Where is one of your parents? The next room

Cheesecake? GIVE IT HERE!

Your favorite thing to do? Be with friends.

Your dream last night? Do not remember.

Your favorite drink? SunnyD, Crystal Light.

The room you're in? Dining Room/Computer

George Bush? Is the president.

What you're good at? Definitely not sports.

One of your wish list items? All Urban Outfitters.

Where did you grow up? Hooray for Canada!

The last thing you did? Dodgers with Paige

What are you wearing? Biola/Dodgers shirt

Who stole your sunglasses? They were Jason's.

Ketchup? On macaroni, yuuuum.

Your computer? Mac for me.

Your life? Is so great.

Your mood? Tired and sunburned.

Your next blog? Dodger's game today!

Your car is? It's non-existent.

Your summer? Boring yet exciting.

Your favorite color? The whole rainbow.

When is the last time you laughed? With Paige. Hah.

I tag all 34 of you on my blog list. ALLL of you.

Friday, September 14


The Disco Dance.
You could call it intense.
You could call it ca-raaazy.
You could call it awkward.
Whatever you want.
But I didn't really go to the dance.
No way.
I went to the football gaaaaame.
And it was all of the above, plus more.
Jason's school day was Disco Day.

Basically, my outfit was a man from the seventies. I didn't even remotely resemble a girl. Wherever I went, whispers of "Ohmygosh, that's a GIRL?" followed me.

We found these awesome broken lockers that a person could fit in. We are planning to sit in said lockers on Monday and scare people.

We're so groovy.
Although I missed the dance...the football game was psychedelic. (okay, maybe i should stop trying to be cheesy and spirited through my word choice.)

Thursday, September 13


Please enjoy this little number from Advanced Drama last year....I MISS IT SO MUCH!

I am so gangly.

I also love this's actually a true story. Oh, and when we all stop screaming, Joanna says "Ohwait, that's not him..."
There is a random part from another skit in here...that's okay, though.

And last but not least...this video from 7th grade. I look like a little girl.

Coolest Woman I Know

If Kelly wasn't amazing enough already...she has a cupcake business!
If you are ever in need of whimsical cupcakes...GET THEM FROM HER! SHE'S COOL!

Wednesday, September 12

Ironwoman? YES.

50 laps. Count 'em. 1. 2. 3. 4. FIFTY!

Tuesday, September 11

Ironwoman? Almost.

Alright, so here's the deal.
I hate PE.
Hate it.
Hate, hate, hate it.
I really want to do a sport.
Really, really want to.
But none of them really fit me:
cross country- i despise running, and i suck at it.
volleyball- the team already formed. and you have to be really good.
dance- you have to choreograph your own dance...that's not gonna happen.
tennis- already formed. and i don't think i have the skill.
basketball- .....
cheer- .....

as you can see, i am not really gifted in the area of athletics. BUT! My chum Zeinah is on the water polo team, and Rachel (Patla) is trying I figured, hey why not? I am not very good at swimming for a long period of time, but I can practice...

So I did. Today I went to Altisma pool to practice with Rachel and Zeinah. I figured I'd suck.

Well guesswhat.
28!!!?!? Do you realize?
1) I haven't exercised in 3 months. No, but I'm serious.
2) The most I can usually do is three.

BUT I DID 28! I am so proud of myself. Soso proud. My coaches Rachel and Zeinah helped improve my form and everything. So I think if I practice a lot, I have a chance at actually being good at a sport and making it on the team! YESSS!

Now, I am aware that it is a vigorous sport that takes up a lot of time, but I'm willing to try it out and see if it works.

Watch out, world. Ironwoman is comin' atcha.

Monday, September 10

Even though me and Christine are twins...

do you like this new header? i lovelovelovelove it. it's like, shannonleith quality, in my humble opinion.

Here Christine!

Center of Everything...

I used to love you. But after what you put me through last night, I never want to look at you, let alone analyze your themes, symbolism, plot, conflict, and character developments...


[just thought i'd let you know.]

Saturday, September 8




...But I'm quite sad.

I finished Harry Potter 7 like 45 seconds ago. When I turned to the page that said "Nineteen Years Later," I almost cried. I didn't want it to end. So I got up and took a break to make the story last longer. (:

The end was truly heartwarming. Truly truly truly. I can't WAIT for the movie. But the nothing can beat the book. I loved every second of it.

But I loved how she ended it.
J.K. Rowling is amazing.

Guess What I'm Supposed To Be

No, I wasn't a farm girl with pink gloves and tights and purple sparkly shoes...
I was Baby Spice.
Although I looked nothing like her, I totally remember thinking I was hott stuff.
Because these older girls said they liked my costume.
And they trick or treated with me.
I think I'll re-create this look this year.

Friday, September 7

The First Day...

of my life
of preschoolof kindergarten
(my favorite Apple Dress and saddle shoes)of second grade-right when we moved here.
of third grade (admire the rolling backpack.)
of sixth grade
of seventh grade
of eighth grade
of high school!how was it, you ask?
*i love my drama teacher
*science will be boring, joanna and i aren't even lab partners.
*i have tons of homework already
*i hate not having my own set of books at home
*i saw carson 4 times
*i saw jason zero times
*i want to do a sport to get out of p.e., the thing is, i am not good at anything...
*i haven't learned one word of spanish after two days
*i love my locker location
*all of my teachers are old
*cheerleaders are super annoying
*as are football players
*rachel patla for president
*high school isn't that exciting.
*too many people dye their hair blue, pink, green...
*i'll have to figure out how to make boring classes with no friends exciting...
*i wish i was back at RSM.
*but Trabuco isn't that bad.

Thursday, September 6

Fear Not.

I am planning an amazing first day of school post.

You just gotta wait for it.

Wednesday, September 5

Michael, I'm Jealous.

As you will see here, my good chum Michael MET DAVID BECKHAM AND PLAYED WITH HIS KIDS IN MALIBU.

I can only dream...

Tuesday, September 4

My Worst Nightmare...

came true the other day.

While Rachel, Zeinah and I were enjoying a lumberjack dinner together in my casa, I was gulping down a full glass of milk. I thought something was a little weird about it, but forgot about it and drank it anyway.

I got down to the bottom of the glass, and looked at the little bit of milk that was left...and I saw off-white streaks in it. Kind of hard to describe. Horrified, I smelled the milk- it was sick. Disgusting. Obviously rotten. Still horrified, I checked the expiration date- AUGUST 27TH! EEEECHHH!

I had a whole glass of rotten milk in my stomach. My worst nightmare. I freaked out for like 5 minutes. I could not get that thought out of my head...
a glass of old milk is in my stomach.
i just gulped down expired milk.
there is rotten dairy products in my intestines.
ew. ew. ew. ew.

I was kindly reminded of this today whilst I was drinking some (non-rotten) milk, and I almost gagged with disgust.

Gross. I will never feel the same while I drink milk again.

Current page of H to the P to the 7- 429

Monday, September 3


HP7, here I come.

I finished books 1-6 in like three weeks, and I am SO ready for number seven.

Now I just have to try and NOT look like a geek when I bust out the book during class.

i'm going to cry.


I just read about Snape killing Dumbledore...and am now in a state of depression.
Hogwarts is no longer safe.
I feel like something has personally happened to me.
And I feel like a dork.
But I'm sure everyone else felt this way too.

And I am now cautiously creeping around my house,
because I feel like Snape is lurking
in every corner.

Sunday, September 2


My dad's birthday is coming we threw him a SURPRISE party with 60 of his friends at the Cantina in the Canyon (his faaavorite place.)

It was a big operation. There was even nametags and personal squirt fans, PLUS a microphone for inspirational speech making.kelly, my adopted mother. this is our awkward mother daughter picture.
if kelly's my mom, then this is my little brother archer.
my teeth were absurdly yellow in this picture for some reason, so i cut myself out and let you admire the beautiful archer.

after some food came the inspirational speeches. this is my dad's college roommate.
he told us some stories such as how he relieved my dad from his fear of cats.

look to shannon's blog for better pictures.

happy early birthday dad! you're amazing.


This weekend was choir in BIG CHURCH...lot of fun. I am so tired.

In the greenroom...
nice face jessie.
there's this random wheelchair that's always there...i'm tellin' ya, when i get old and can't walk, i am getting the HoverRound. It is so versatile. But I accidentally made a hole in the wall.
There was this backdrop hanging in the greenroom. So we took prom-like pictures.
tallest and shortest
the olsen twins (haha.)

making the couples feel awkward.
canadian canadian asian

my artistic bag

nice face, krista.

Saturday, September 1

Extremely Fun Day.

I know the stereotypical "What I Did Today" blog is generally a snoozer,


Freshman Orientation.
I would like to use the same words as Rachel--

I dragged myself out of bed early in the morn and got to Trabuco at 8:00. After putting a buttload of books in my locker, I joined up with Zeinah and Rachel, and we trapezed into the gym. There was like a billion Link Crew people there, including
Jason Leith
Nikki Adams
David Ulrich
Colton Harker (Uncomfortably Popular)
Sam Patla
Tommy Yin
et cetera.

First we had to play some boring games and listen to an inspirational speech, but THEN we played Bear Hunter Trapper. My first partner was an introverted boy, but then I teamed up with Jason, Jackie, and Jackie's friend. We basically dominated.

Then we had to go into groups based on the number on our nametags. But who follows the rules? No one. So Jason, Jackie, Uncomfortably Popular, Rachel, Zeinah, and I formed our own group, then joined Sam's group...the total was 5 Freshman and like 13 leaders. We paraded into Mrs. Marietta's air conditioned classroom, where all the leaders asked us Awkward Questions (What is one thing you hate about yourself? What is one thing you think is amazing about yourself?) and we passed around an English book and just talked about ourselves (sounds boring, but everyone was really funny.)

There was this one girl who looked totally shy, but then she talked about herself for like 10 minutes. Then there was a girl who has a goat named Little Star and a lizard named Clyde.

Uncomfortably Popular: So, this is awkward, but I'm you use the goat for milk?
Girl: It's a boy...
Uncomfortably Popular: Oh.

So after we were in the classroom for a while, we took a brief tour, but Jason, Colton, and Jackie were the only remaining leaders, so we stealthily drove to Taco Bell. But it was really confusing...Jason went in and ordered, Colton went through the drive-thru, and Jackie left. But we all ended up eating there and heading back to the gym.

After another boring "inspirational" speech, Jason took Zeinah, Rachel and I over to CHERRY ON TOP, where we each got like five 2 ounce samples without paying a penny. DELISH!

My madre then took us to Melissa's house. But she was sleeping, so she was delusional and tired. We decided to make a Greek Mythology Video for Mr. Giraud, our drama teacher last year. It was entitled- True E! Hollywood Story: Aphrodite.

The parts/costumes were as follows:
Rachel- Host. Black velvet child's dress, tangled black wig, hot pink platforms, red lipstick.
Zeinah- Aphrodite. Pink tutu, pink boa, pink wings, pink makeup.
Heather- Hephaestus, her lover. Cow costume, coonskin cap, white face, black spots.
Melissa- Bronze Superman, aka Ares, Aphrodite's SECRET lover. Child's Superman costume, 12 pounds of bronzer.

It took us all afternoon, but we are very proud of our accurate, yet hilarious work. I'll try to post it when I finish editing it. We are going to give it to Mr. Giraud so he can show his class.

Then we enjoyed a delicious Lumberjack's dinner, and proceeded to watch humiliating home videos from 6th grade AND 8th grade. EMBARRRRRASSING.

This is Heather, over and out.