Saturday, May 5

Interesting Mall Trip

[Mom, Dad, Carson, and Heather are walking around in the Mission Viejo Mall.]
Carson: Hey, let's go to the Apple Store.
Heather: Ya! [enter Apple Store, browse for a few minutes]
Dad: Hey Heather. I read this article in the newspaper that says if you say a secret code to this certain guy he'll give you a free iPod Nano.
Heather: What's the code?
Dad: Um... I think it's 'I'm here for my 8 gig nano.'
Heather: Really? You just say that?
Dad: Yeah!
Heather: I'll go try it. Who do I say it to?
Dad: That guy right there.
Heather: Okay... [walk up to store man. say timidly] I'm here for my 8 gig nano?
Guy: Oh! Hold on one second. [walks behind counter and opens drawer. Heather is standing, speechless, looking back at her family in awe. Guy swiftly hands Heather a black nano. Heather is dumbfounded.]
Heather: Are you serious?
Guy: Yeah.
Heather: ARE you serious?
Guy: Go for it!
Heather: (in awe) I love you. [turns around and walks with a blank expression to family. They are all smiling. Heather turns back around and bows in worship to Guy.]
Heather: Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness...WAIT. YOU GUYS ARE IN CAHOOTS! YOU WERE PLANNING THIS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Oh my gosh. Oooohhhh my gosh.
[Family all knows what is going on. Heather proceeds to thank her parents and hyperventilate.]

Summary: Heather got an 8 gig black nano.
I am still speechless and delusional with shock.
My dad is amazing.


Mel East said...

omg omg omg congrats!!! I am soooo happy for you! luv ya tons had fun at faishon rehearsal ur halariouse

Shannon said...

some of your photos are up!

heather.christianne said...