Thursday, January 31

i need a good book to read.

any suggestions? (besides twilight?)

Wednesday, January 30

i think now's the time...

to explain the leith family teams.
we have two teams in the leith hierarchy.
[brownies.] and the {blondies.}
these teams share
personality traits,
birth seasons,
et, cetera.
--the brownies--
members: shannon, carson, dad.
birth time: fall, late in the month.
physical traits: brown hair, brown eyes. boring.
personality traits: thoughtful, logical, boring, analytical, sensible, quiet at times. (see above)
weird quirks: we once witnessed shannon and carson make the EXACT same sandwich (down to which side the items were on) without looking at each other or meaning to.
most likely to: read homer, plato, and sophocles for fun.
summary: they are boring and lame.
--ohhh, the blondies--
members: heather, ryan, jason, mom. (strength in numbers.)
birth time: spring or summer, early in the month.
physical traits: blonde hair, blue or green eyes.
personality traits: fun, carefree, exciting, spontaneous. (see above)
weird quirks: can't think of any right now. but it's definitely NOT making creepy clone sandwiches.
most likely to: DO SOMETHING FUN.
summary: we are fun and fun and exciting and not lame.

familia photo shoot>>>

check it out.

dear locker, you're tacky and i hate you.

seriously, my dear locker, 3509, you need to be kinder. did you know that this is what i do EVERY DAY?:

1. Come to locker at given time of day (morning, snack, passing period...)
2. Put in combination.
3. Pull lock open- BUT HARK.
4. It opens an unsatisfactory HALF way. Not all the way. Half. So that I can't take the lock off and open my locker and get on with my day.
5. Locker, I then proceed to open and close and open and close my lock approximately 256 times (i counted once), until you decide to open when your little metal heart feels like it.
6. But that's not the only thing, lock. You don't always open.
7. Sometimes you don't unlock fully, even AFTER I open and shut you and re-do the combination 256 times.
8. Lock, you don't even open after I kick you 4 times and call you stupid and say I hate you.
9. You don't even open when everyone around me stares and I have to stop and explain your stupid redundant mannerisms.
10. You don't even care that today you took fifteen minutes to open. That's called THE WHOLE SNACK, locker. And I don't appreciate that. This is what I look like- except I ain't smilin'.
11. You also don't care that I stood at you today like trying to open you FOREVER after water polo, at like 5:00 at night. I was cold. And it was dark. Do you care? NO.
12. Hey locker! Carson had to come pull with all his might on you tonight for like a minute till you opened. that just ain't right.

So guess what, locker? i traded YOU for my ugly PE locker. but at least it OPENS at my will. you probably added a half an hour to my day today, just standing at you. and i do NOT forgive you.

It's Been Real. (that's a lie)
-Heather Christianne Leith IV

Monday, January 28

sweet sweet little baby

(sidenote: i call bree baby. i practically never call her bree. that confession looks bizarre written down)

last night, bree slept in my room with me.
but every half hour, she decided to purr loudly
and rub her face against mine
and turn around and around on my stomach
and flop down on it
and massage it with her paws
and caress my face with her paw
and stick her face in front of mine
and be really cute
but really annoying.

having a little kitten is so great.
(and i hate cats)

Saturday, January 26

great quote

"How's the fifth grade treatin' you?"

"Umm...we're in 7th."

(oh, you're cool.)

Wednesday, January 23

alert the media! tell all your chums! praise the lord!


now, i just have to pick one out of like the 5 i have.

A Spectacular Poem, Written by Yours Truly.

(it was written on ali labelles wall on facebook- it is her birthday. Happy Birthday, Ali! Here's my present)

ali labelle
today is your day
hark, the 23rd,
i am in pleasent dismay.

for today is the day
you turn (18?)
i don't know your age
please, don't consider me Scene.

This poem is an effort
to take another route
from all the other Facebookers
Who on this Wall cry out.

I hope you appreciate
my valient attempt
Singing off with gusto,
Heather Leith (my hair is unkempt.)

The Positive Side of Finals:

Going to school late
Getting out at 10:15.
Going to eat at Peppino's with the Madre.
Practice for an hour.
Done. Home.


{{Contest Time}}
If you can translate these
sentences PERFECTLY,
[or at least some]
you get my kitten. (el gatito)

>amo este tiempo, lluvioso, frío, y ventoso.

>>tengo gusto de ir el piscina a las doce y media.

>no tengo gusto de congelar mi tope apagado.

>>conseguimos sincronizados para el freestyle hoy en la práctica del water polo.

>mi tiempo era dos minutos y veintiocho segundos.

>>mis exámenes son fáciles.

>tengo gusto de acabar la escuela temprano.

>>mi nombre es heather y estoy magnífico, atlético, y a casa solo.

> ¿cuáles son usted que hace ahora?

>> ¿son sus exámenes fáciles?

>si usted no tiene exámenes, usted es afortunado.

//oh, and if you can reply en español, you get my brother too.//

Guilty Pleasure #1

[The Jonas Brothers.]

//And their CD//

>>it's so great<<

|And I listen to it 24/7|

E m b a r r a s s i n g ?

Y e s.


Sunday, January 20

Three O'Clock Thoughts

>> yesterday i was looking for my new black jeans for like a half an hour, then i just decided to wear my regular ones (although i did not want to). but lo and behold, i get to church, and jason leith is wearing them. as in, he took them from my room. you REALLY don't do that.

>> my lunch today consisted of Costco samples.

>> rachel styffe's room and puppy are sooo cute. (as is the styff herself.)

>> texting someone's boyfriend, pretending to be their girlfriend, is quite fun. (i.e. texing michael sampson pretending to be rachel. but she told me to.)

>> it isn't fun when they get into a huge fight as a result.

>> a bizarre girl named reggie commented on zeinah's blog. and on her profile, her occupation was "battling the 7th grade." ohh, dear.

>> once again, my blog header annoys me.

>> my room is really messy.

>> i need to study for finals.

>> i want to make mango sorbet in our ice cream maker.

>> praise the lord for no school tomorrow.

>> END.


Why must headers NOT work for me? WHYYYYYY???

Friday, January 18

a very LATE upDATE

the awkward luncheon wasn't so awkward.

we sat with:

>>one picky eater boy who didn't like lettuce, condiments (even ketchup), lunch meat (except turkey), mexican food, chinese food, italian food, seafood...the list goes on and on and on.

>>a Spanish teacher who just came back from Argentina where she climbed ice mountains or something.

>>an asian kid who brings a tape player to school every day that has in it a Civil War sounds tape, and he re-enacts the Civil War, complete with sounds, pantomimes, whispered commands (GET DOWN!), sprinting across the quad, etc. Every day.

so, the lunch was interesting, so say the least.

and the food was DELISH. I'm talkin' Baja Fresh.

So, next time you go to an awkward luncheon, sit with interesting people and ask questions that require long answers.

[over and out.]

Saturday, January 12


So, I hate math.
It is my least favorite subject, along with history. and science.
Buuuut I am Student of the Semester in my geometry class??
Which means I have to/get to go to an awkward luncheon with my 60-something year old teacher.
I guess I have the highest grade out of all of his classes.
Which is weird. Because I am not a math person...

so I was really shocked.

hooray awkward luncheons. i'll let you know how it goes...

Thursday, January 10

monologues and i

have a love hate relationship.

i had to do one two days ago for drama...
and serious ones are awkward.

and i did one.

so i hope no one in my class now thinks of me as a serious thespian type.

actually, that could boost my morale a bit...
since that is my life goal

my thoughts are so scattered
and i am delusional

but what is new.

is that acceptable???

for water to the polo,
we have to wear our jacket and shirt to school on game days.

and we had games for the past two days
and we have one tomorrow

so, any fellow mustangs,
when you see me wearing the same outfit three days in a row...

don't judge me harshly.

ohhhhh dear

Sunday, January 6

Newly Edited 14th Birthday Pictures

Awww, I love these sooo much. I just re-edited my favorites. Heeeere they are.
hello, little spiderman boy.

rachel styffe, always a model.

in all of these, at least one of us looks ugly.

AHHHH i love my friends.

Let's all embrace Ingrid Michaelson

The most beautiful singer there is.
Her songs are gold.
I was going to put her songs on my playlist, and annoy people by making it play when they come to my blog, but would that be annoying?

Her songs are literally, beautious. I listen to her CD at least once a day. Whenever I am on the computer. They are sooooooo great, with the best lyrics I have ever heard.

I don't know what else to say. I love her so much.

One of her lyrics is "I'd buy you Rogaine/When you start losing all your hair."

Thanks, Donny Hoover, for introducing her to me.
And thanks, Shannon Leith, for letting me put the CD onto my computer,
where it will be valued above all other artists.

This is her Myspace, for you Myspacers.

One Question.

Does anyone's 17 year old brother fit into their new black skinny jeans??

Well, mine does.

Does anyone's 17 year old brother ask to wear them to a New Year's Party??

Well, mine does.

Does anyone's 17 year old brother get mysterious pink stains on them??

Well, mine does.

(sorry, that was three questions.)

For those who need clarity (aka Grandma)

My finger is still broken
but it's healing.
Well enough that I can swim again.
I can't play in the games or anything,
but I can swim with my broken finger & ring finger
taped together.
And I didn't get any cast off
because I just have a splint,
no cast.

There. Hi Grandma!

Dear Human Population:

There are a few movies out there that you should keep out of your radar screen. Allow me to reveal my top two:

1. The Last Mimzy (stuffed bunnies, subliminal messages, little girls, bizarre occurrences, creepy. creepy. creepy.)
2. The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep. This is a recent addition to the list. I saw it two days ago with a certain Melissa Cripe and Dylan Niles.
It included Scottish accents, a giant black water horse named Crusoe trying to attack little Scottish boys, magical happenings, bondage between a boy and a Loch Ness Monster, a random tourist couple that really didn't need to be in the movie, fantasy, and a predictable Jumanji-like ending right from the start.)

Both of these movies look like innocent children's movies. But they were both freaky, loud, and Sci-Fi-ish. The little children that populated the theaters of these pictures were probably traumatized and had to sleep with a light on in their parents rooms for two weeks. So please, spare yourself. Spend your $9.50 on a more quality movie.

Heather Crusoe Leith

Wednesday, January 2

i can't think of a creative title, so you'll have to tolerate my dullness.

i got back in the water since my injury for the first time today...

i was slower than Carson Leith when we need to leave the house, and i probably won't be able to play in any of the games...

but that's alright. it was sooo satisfying being back in the water for the first time in a month. (:

let me just say folks: be really, really grateful for what you have the ability to do, because one small thing like a broken finger can take it away from you.

(but there is good reasoning behind it.)