Wednesday, January 31

I am Uneventful.

Nothing exciting has been happening to me. Therefore, I have not blogged.

But. I feel bad. So this makes me feel like I have blogged something useful.

Which I haven't.


That's okay.

Sunday, January 28

Hooray for Wildside.

What have I been doing ALL weekend? SInging and having a blast with my church buds.
Here was my weekend.

4:00-Arrive at church for practice.
6:30-8:00- Sing/attend the service. Participate in Simon Says.
8:00- Go home. Go to bed late.

8:15-Arrive with bags under my eyes for practice.
9:00- singgg, then Simon Says again. I almost won.
9:45-Go to AM PM, get a glorious Icee and some Stride gum. delish.
10:00- Go to the church offices and play hide and go seek tag. Then watch YouTube videos.
10:45-Wait for shuttle whilst playing football. Then go back up to church.
10:50- Play football.
11:15-Sing. I now am upgraded to praying and talking to the audience before we sing.
11:30-Try to read a book for stupid English. It didn't work.
11:40- Play Frisbee golf.
12:45- Attend the Philippines informational meeting.
1:50- Go to food court. Recommend the song "House at Pooh Corner" to the lady singing. Do interpretive dance.
2:20- Go to Target. Play tag.
3:10- Go back to church, play football and skateboard.
4:30-Sing. Talk about canned food drive.

Yes, i adore church. BUT I AM POOPED MAN. I am going to bed now.

Saturday, January 27

SFS Pics.

I think that even though I just blogged 5 minutes ago, I must share some SFS pics. aren't these boys AMAZING?


How can I begin to describe how much I love Sun From Shadow? Yesterday was their concert at THE VAULT. There were four bands playing, but obviously SFS was prevailing.

1. First up was Anna Korina or something. They were a punk rock band...but I got dizzy and faint from listening to them. I am not even kidding. I had to drink water and take deep breaths. Hey Anna Korina! That's a sign that something is wrong!

2. SFS WAS NEXT! I was in a trance. They were BEYOND amazing. I was singing along and swaying to the music. It was inspirational. People even waved their cell phones during Dark House. It was phenomenal. They got so much applause. They were so solid and so PERFECT! Except for when Carson started talking to us during Dark House and then he announced that he forgot his words. He will have to work on how he talks to audiences. :p i love you carson. BUT I LOVE SUN FROM SHADOW BEYOND ALL THINGS.

3. Then a beautiful band i like to call Avner came. They were really good. The crowd loved em. But they were not as good as SFS.

4. Lastly was Summer Wilshire. Brilliant band name. It was their hot waitress' name I guess. BRILLIANT. They were pretty good...but I seriously thought SFS was better.


Thursday, January 25


I am in a giddy mood. I love life and all of its inhabitants. This is an example of a giddy woman, Juuna Joan Chiang.

The Philippines!

Today I got home from school, ya know, same old same old. So i open up my email, and what do I see but an email from church entitled "Wildside PEACE Trip" as in a missions trip. So i open it up, and what do i see? I am invited to raise money to go on a missions trip to THE PHILIPPINES this summer. SO i call up my mom, whom is in Palm Springs, and I tell her this news, and SHE IS EXCITED AND SUGGESTS WE GO TOGETHER. So basically, I am going to the Philippines on a missions trip most likely. OH MY GRACIOUS!!!

Wednesday, January 24

Top 5 Reasons Why I Got A Blog

5. I wish to share my life memoirs with others.
4. I have no friends, so maybe I can make some here.
3. I eat garlic with my toes.
2. Joanna can teach me HTML. :p
1. Melissa and Junna and Roshel and I can all have one, which unites us as one, in ugliness and in gorgeousness.