Tuesday, February 26

heather leith has a hidden agenda

during the whole first semester, i was #1 in my math class, because i'm that cool.

but now, one "missing" assignment (which was NOT missing) has demoted me to number THREE.

[it won't be this way for long.]

i am listening to the jonas brothers and swooning and strive to be at the top of my math class,
(that was me signing off, if you couldn't tell)

Monday, February 25


we are in lanes in swim based on our speed...

the bad news: i am in the last lane.

but cheer up: i am the leader of the last lane!

that's right, i am super slow, and i accept that, and have moved on.

but today i was pretty fast! and i was proud!

Sunday, February 24


i love new headers.

if you want one

let me know.

Saturday, February 23

poor baby!

precious bree just came home from being declawed and whatever else you have to do to cats...and she has a plastic cone! and she is so disorientated!

she keeps backing up cautiously to try to like get away from it...but she can't.
and she keeps bumping into things.
i feel so bad for her!!

So tired.

We had an "Intrasquad Swim Meet" today...which is code word for we raced each other for the purpose of timing.

Awkward moment:
Right before I was about to go for like freestyle or something, I was like swinging my arms like a windmill to warm them up, and my arm SMACKED this guy behind me...and I turned around, and it was this guy Steve-O from my drama class (with whom I have already had numerous awkward moments). And I just like gasped and was like "Sorry!" and he is like this stereotypical loud blonde surfer, and he was just like "Aww...sorry..."

It was just completely uncomfortable. And he was in a Speedo and I in a one piece.

Good times. Love being at school at 7:00 on a Saturday in the bitter cold.

Oh, P.S.


Friday, February 22

that's unjust

dear little jason had his wisdom teeth pulled today...
and he looks normal and can walk around and talk.

yet i was recovering for 6 days and my cheeks are STILL puffy and could barely stand for like three days.

where is the fairness in this world?

Wednesday, February 20

the cerebral cortex & amish people

so i have to do a research speech for english.
on anything i want.
soo, the question that is constantly on my mind is...
what should i do it on??
it must be something interesting and (maybe) fun,
because we'll be working on this for like a month.
so it must keep me entertained.
some possible options:
Amish people.

Why are they Amish?
How do they live every day?
What can and can't they do?

et cetera.



[[But not like neurons and diagrams and stuff]]

I read this article in National Geographic on this woman who remembered everything. Example: If it was February 20th, 2008, and it was 3:12 PM, she can remember exactly what she was doing that exact time and date for the past like, 30 years. Like, "Oh, I was out to lunch at Subway with my dad in 1995."
But also, there was this old man whose memory wiped out every 5 seconds.
He had NO short-term memory.
So I think these aspects of memory are super-interesting.
So that's an option.

But I want to like discover this perfect topic that is not
science-y and is interesting and thrilling and I love it.

Any ideas? Thoughts on Amish people or memory?
i am not like expecting any magical suggestions because my question is so broad. but if YOU could do a speech on anything, what would YOU do? you never know, one of you may think of something brilliant.

Sunday, February 17

i feel like i have a stroke.

i can barely move my face.
my mouth opens a half an inch.
my face resembles a shiny basketball.
i have watched TV for the past three days.
i have iced my face twenty minutes on, twenty minutes off constantly.
i have been babysat by my dedicated friends melissa and rachel while my parents were gone.
my diet has consisted off applesauce, jello, juice, ice cream, noodles, yogurt, smoothies, and anything else that can be swallowed without chewing.
i sit wrapped in a blanket, only getting up to go to the bathroom and rinse my mouth out with saltwater.
i take vicoden every 4 hours, which causes me to fall asleep while trying to change the channel.

[these are the joys of wisdom teeth]

Thursday, February 14

this time tomorow

i will be lying on a couch, holding ice packs up to my cheeks, watching DVDs, and eating cold, mushy foods.

that's right...the teeth de wisdom come out tomorrow.

i'll post some humiliating pictures once i regain consciousness and the ability to function like a normal human.

Wednesday, February 13


Today in history, our sub Mr. Andrew brought us kumquats
(because he felt like it, sweet thing)
and I was eating mine.

Now if you have never had one, know this:
they are SUUUUPER sour. Like, BEYOND sour.
Worse than a lemon.

So I am frantically chewing it and like my eyes are watering.
And I like open my mouth and then
a huge drool comes out of my mouth
and like oozes out onto the carpet and onto my hands.

Mind you: there was like twenty people watching.
And these girls were just like "...ew...."
And i really didn't know what to say.

Super embarrassing, I drooled in public.

But it was more than drool.
It was like gathering up spit for like minute, then letting it drool out.


Tuesday, February 12

I just found this comment on a past post

Well, we all know that my grandma is the coolest. (duh)
We also probably all have seen one of her amazing comments that she periodically posts (which I appreciate so much).
And I just discovered one on the "8 lists" post.
And here it is:

"Hi Heather, how about a list of your favorite relatives - and maybe I would finally be on one of your lists??? love ya GRA MA" (you know you love the spelling of grandma. i do.)

So, here it is grandma:

My Favorite Relatives:
1. Grandma Marilyn
2. Grandpa Alf
3. All of my cousins (Katie, Kelsey, Brynn, Beau, Bryson, Bentley, Kailey, and Maxwell)
4. Uncle Mike
5. Uncle Phil and Aunt Tammy
6. All of the rest

There you go, grandma. You and Alf are my favorites.

Sunday, February 10

i can't think of a creative title like Allison Hibbard can

cleaning out four trash bags of clothes and junk from your room takes a long time.

but it's super satisfying (:

Saturday, February 9

last water polo game of the season...

[pictures courtesy of shannon leith]daang look at that suit

anyone want to like, book me?


oooh, just missed it.

my bony, angular arm.

that's my dear chum zeinah

attractive, i know.

now swim season starts...
kill me now.

Friday, February 8

Wednesday, February 6

Excellent Quotes from the Past Couple of Days

>>You can STOP. Okay? -Mrs. Farley, to Joanna

>>You're like a punk Britney Spears!! -Chauna Goldberg

>>It's called DEDUCTING. -Mrs. Tapia

>>Danya like, waddles. -Mr. Sautner

>>I am an MUN addict. -Isadora Lamego

>>What's your life theme song? -Yours Truly
...Everybody Dance Now. -Isadora Lamego

>>You're 891 million off. -Heather Leith, when Mrs. Farley told us that the number of Hindus in the world was 9 million, then decided it was really 900 million.

>>Oh, is it nine accrosst?
-Mrs. Farley
No, but it's nine ACROSS. -Heather Leith in her mind

>>I dubiously read the Qu'ran. -JP Prezziosi

>>Um...you're slapping me with your microphone. -Isadora Lamego

>>Keithy, you're gonna be my valentine! -Jezaniah

>>I don't go to the bathroom with boys. -Muah

>>Excuse me? You just sat on my corndog. -Heather Leithal


It was super tiring since I haven't played in forever...

But it was extremely fun and satisfying.

I totally owned the girl I was guarding. It's a little thing I like to call holding her wrist down so she can't catch or throw a ball. Good times, good times.

Out last game is on Friday....aahhhhhhhh I'll miss water polo sooo much.

Sunday, February 3

to the right, to the right.

vote in the lovely poll you see over there.

Dear Rachel

i tricked you, even though you didn't believe me.
still the same bland blonde.

p.s. you're tacky and i hate you.

I Love Lists

Therefore, I love to tag myself when other people post fun lists.
So here I go again.

8 Things I'm Passionate About:

1. Jesus
2. Special Ed kids
3. My friends
4. God's plan for my life
5. Creativity
6. Urban Outfitters
7. Food
8. Photography & graphic design (of others)

8 things I want to do before I die:
1. Go on a missions trip out of North America
2. Dye my hair
3. Get married and have kids
4. Visit Uganda and meet the Beatrice (the girl i sponsor)
5. Change at least one life
6. Travel to Europe
7. Play Varsity water polo
8. Graduate college and have a career I love

8 things I say often:
1. Oh, dear
2. Que hora es?
3. That's bizarre
4. I really don't want to go to practice
5. Do you want to give me some of that?
6. Let's all calm down
7. Let's go get ice cream
8. I want lasagna

8 TV shows you recently watched
1. America's Next Top Model
2. John and Kate Plus 8
3. Full House
4. Take Home Chef
5. Rachael Ray
6. The Tyra Banks Show
7. Dog Whisperer
8. Project Runway

8 Artists I never tire of listening to:
1. Ingrid Michaelson
2. The Jonas Brothers (embarrassing)
3. Feist
4. A Fine Frenzy
5. The Alternate Routes
6. Norah Jones
7. Beethoven
8. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Soundtrack

8 things that attract me to my friends:
1. Banter-Ability/Humor
2. Honesty
3. Not thinking they're cool
4. They think I'm funny
5. Love of Food
6. Forgiving
7. Ability to laugh at themselves
8. Bizarreness

8 Things I learned in 2007: (except I want to do 15, so I will)
1. I can't live life without God
2. Life isn't perfect
3. I can actually be athletic
4. Self-control is really important
5. If God loves everyone, I should too
6. I really like my family (actually, I always knew that)
7. People will let you down
8. High school lunches are boring
9. Devotions can't be put on the back burner
10. Just because my friends do something doesn't make it right
11. I really want to dye my hair brown
12. I can be good at subjects I hate, if I try
13. TV takes up too much of your time (but it's so great)
14. God has a plan for me, and reveals it to me daily
15. Life is so much easier with God by your side every second

[I tag you, reading this]

Saturday, February 2

just so you know

rachel styff and jessie and i cut my hair in the church bathroom with wildside's scissors.

it was great.

Friday, February 1



praise the Lord (: