Sunday, May 6

A Jubilistic Extravaganza

This was by far one of the best birthday parties I have ever had. (I say that every year.)

Event One: Head to Downtown Disney, where my sister took a photo shoot of my friends and I!

See some of the final pictures here.

Event 2: Mosey on down to the Rainforest Cafe to devour delicious grub and open presents.
Event Three: Jet off to the exotic land of PUMP IT UP!Step one: Watch instructional video. (We were screaming already.)Step Two: Proceed to break every rule. We don't even get in trouble, because our supervisor men were about 20 and didn't care. They even showed us some flips down the slide. (Which is not allowed.)

Event Four: Travel to McDonald's and get dessert.

Event Five: Bring down the house with a mega jamfest slumber party.



Elise B. said...

i really like the pump it up idea... mind if i copy it??

that sounded like sooo much!!!! i'm sooo happy that you loved you b-day!!!

joanna (: said...


heather.christianne said...

Sorry, Elise, you can't copy it. I am the only one who's allowed to go to Pump It Up.

But thanks for asking!