Tuesday, May 29


Today in Cold Stone, my friends and I were having a deep discussion. The conversation turned to boyfriends. We were talking pretty loudly, because this LOUD machine was on and all these people around us were talking. But of course, right as I said something...

**talk talk talk**
(Machine turns off. Silence in Cold Stone)
Me (loudly): I think it's okay to kiss-
(realize it is silent. all of friends + me start laughing.)

...The end?


jessica.angela. said...

Haha! That is great!!

Alli Hibb said...

I hate moments like that...you know it always happens when you say something completely ridiculous when it's taken out of context!

poncho said...

Those happen to me all the time....also, how did you do this amazing template?

Mel East said...

nice!! lol had fun at band practice lol

ali said...

you are so welcome for the note! i'm excited to be your big buddy...this year's gonna be ahhhhmazing.
happens to me daily.

heather.christianne said...

Allison- my life story.

Christy- My sister put together the photo, and then I went on this program called PhotoImpression, and just fooled around with it. You could do the same thing with photoshop.

joanna (: said...

you geek^^^^

And yes, I was there to witness it all.
It was pretty embarrassing if I do say so myself