Sunday, August 31

apparently a lot of people like mrs. doubtfire quotes...

because there were numerous visits to my blog after searching "my first day as a woman and i'm already getting hot flashes."
one from uruguay
three from canada
one from italy
and others from other random places...
oh,, you make me laugh.

"you really get it."

said papa leith after i drove for my very first time. he also said that i did better than all of the other leith children. YEAH.
oh, let me tell you, it was thrilling. i drove around the melinda heights parking lot and practiced parking and stuff.
oh, but that's not all.
i then proceeded to DRIVE HOME.
on public streets.
and then i parked by the curb.
oh, it was so so fun. and illegal. but hey, my dad was with me.
basically, i am a driving prodigy.
but i have one question.
how long does driver's ed take? i want to get my permit as soon as possible, which would be november 5th...when should i start driver's ed?

Friday, August 29

oh, sophomore year.

here's my schedule:
period 1- english honors, smedberg.
period 2- AP euro, stordahl.
period 3- spanish 2, miller.
period 4- drama 2, beidler.
period 5- algebra 2 honors, robitaille.
period 6- yearbook, kagel.
period 7- physics honors, hamilton.

all of my "2" classes are in a row. how thrilling.
any thoughts on any of these teachers/classes?
it's sure to be a great year...

Sunday, August 24

my mom must have been really hungry or something...

[ p r o o f : ] 
she talked to me about food probably 20 times in about 20 minutes. this was our conversation:

"Heather, I bought these grapes. Don't they just look to die for?"
"Yeah, they look good."

"Heath, your hot dog is ready. You can assemble it and put ketchup and mustard on it or whatever."
"Alright, cool, thanks."

"...Do you want an ice cream bar?"
"No, I'm good. Thanks though."

"I've been ordering baked potatoes at restaurants a lot lately, and the broccoli is just DELICIOUS."
"Oh, that's cool."

"Okay, lately I have been buying a lot of non-brand name things, I mean brands are good too, but I've been buying non-brand to save money, I mean most of the time they taste the same, you know? But this time these store brand- well, I guess it's not store brand, it's a brand, just not, like, Sun Chips- anyway this time they taste like SAWDUST. I ate a few and just gagged. So I put a post-it on them that said "These taste like sawdust, but feel free to take them," and I put them in the lunchroom at work. They are just disgusting. I think I'll stick to brands."
"....oh. hah."

"Alright, I'm going outside to eat."

(ten minutes later)
"Heather, I bought all these apples for you. They look really really good."
"Mom, do you realize that you have been talking about food for the past twenty minutes?!"

(that night)
"Mom, these sausages are really good."
"Oh, thanks, I tried out this new flavor. It's pineapple or something...pineapple mango? No, just pineapple. Yeah. I thought you guys would like them. I decided to give them a try. They're from Vons."
"...Oh, that's nice."

this is just a fraction of her random, pointless food discussions that were intended to be shared with me, but really it was just her having a conversation with herself.

hahahahha. shelley, you're a character.

hi there

just wanted to assure you all that i'm not dead...

Sunday, August 17

i just realized...

jason is leaving for biola
i am not prepared for this.
i am going to miss him.
so much.
i love you jay (:

Thursday, August 14

yeah, it's 4 AM.

we didn't sleep at camp.
so now i can't get back into that habit...

what camp, you ask? yearbook camp, of course.
it was amazing. and comical. and intense. and epic. and i loved it.


Friday, August 1


my dream has come true.
i now own an iTouch!
i had to pay my brother for it...
but it's all worth it.
plus it was wayyy cheaper than it would be in stores.

yes. yes. yes. i'm so excited.