Tuesday, April 21

i hope everyone still like lists.

because i will always resort to them when i have multiple things to blog.

>> today we played a game in Comedy Sportz practice that only comes around once a year- oxygen deprivation. it's where two people start a scene, and one person has their head in a giant bucket of water. when they run out of air, they raise their hand and someone taps it and they enter the scene, and have to explain why they're dripping wet. it's glorious. the scene i did was not good. but whatever. it was enjoyable.

>> my birthday is in exactly two weeks! the big one six. there is sure to be a ragin' party, and meg, i will definitely be recruiting you for the invitation design. prepare yo'self.

>>i love the aftermath of hot days- right around 7 PM. driving home from Comedy Sportz, melissa and i shared that we both get in sentimental moods when driving home at dusk, passing beautiful scenery, the breeze blowing our hair, and it's warm outsite. we both just reflect on life in those moments. so cliche.

>> in drama 2 we always try and predict who will get what part in the next play. today someone told me that people thought i was in for it to be juliet in romeo & juliet. no thank you. i'd rather not memorize tons of shakespearean dialogue and have to awkwardly kiss romeo onstage in front of bored freshman english classes.

>> film auditions have been scheduled, it's official. may 11th at 1 pm. i need to pick a monologue.

>> next year i'm planning on taking spanish at saddleback to have one less class- any advice on this...?

>> i am just in a great great mood. AP euro and a horrible english grade can't even get me down.

_$*%()KDSGJkv$U($T()_# woooo

Monday, April 20

Sunday, April 19

i am just getting worse and worse.

sorry for the 9 day absence.

i am going to make a list because lists are great.

1. i left on friday with my sri lanka group to spend the night on skid row. man alive. it was really great. we passed out soup to the homeless, sorted clothes for a clothing distribution, held up
"car wash" signs and helped wash said cars, talked to a lot of homeless people, learned the four verses that aid in witnessing to people, saw giant cockroaches, attended a morning Proverbs study that this church does for the homeless, and encouraged/prayed for the homeless at said Proverbs study. mmmmm i want to go back ASAP. any takers?

2. i am about to depart for my first drive on the freeway. livin' it up.

3. we performed King Arthur wednesday night and all day friday. surprisingly, it was not as horrible as i was expecting. it was acutually quite fun. especially since we did a rave dance with glow sticks at the end.

4. i am off to a new mexico reunion. hopefully i will post some more stories soon...considering i only put one up.

5. funny story: rachel, danielle, alex and i decided to walk to berry swirl on saturday, and we took a shortcut, which involved climbing the steepest slope ever. and i was wearing slippery sandals. needless to say, i was almost at the top, when i grabbed onto these branches for support and they broke and i slid all the way down. stupid berry swirl was closed.

Friday, April 10

new mexico story #1: sleeping arrangements

alright. the girls slept in one giant room. we are talking around 75 women. all in ONE room.

you walk in. sleeping bags and air mattresses EVERYWHERE. it was a game to try and stay on your feet while trying to get to your spot. well, a game i played by myself. but a game nonetheless.

wow, pathetic sentence.
moving on.
so i slept in the back corner of the room. and let me tell you, that room was DANG COLD. this is what i wore at night: two pairs of leggings, sweatpants, a t-shirt, a long sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt, fuzzy socks. sometimes two. and i slept in my sleeping bag with a giant blanket over me. it was coooold. but i adapted by the end of the week.

so getting out of bed in the middle of the night was torture. especially when it's pitch black and you are in the back corner and need to pee. oh wait, that was me.

it was about 3 AM i'm guessing, and i woke up, and realized that i NEEDED to go to the bathroom. i HAD to, or else i would not fall back asleep.

but minor problem. there are 75 snoring girls and sleeping bags and suitcases and air mattresses between me and the door. cool.

and another problem. who will go with me? i was so tired that i feel half-asleep and had a dream that someone would go with me. so i was looking around for them, all excited, when i realized it was a dream. dang itttt.

so i decided, i just need to do this. so i emerged from my warm cocoon into the harsh temperatures. i delusionally put on my ugg boots and stood up. here we go.

it did not turn out well. i loudly stepped past like 2 girls when i got stuck and there was nowhere to put my feet. so i turned back and sat down. but i NEEDED to pee. there was no avoiding it. so i decided to try again.

i got back to the point that trapped me before. and i realized i just had to put my foot down, even though there was no place for it. little did i know, i was stepping on a girl's head. whoever you were...i'm really sorry about that.

so i made it, after about 10 minutes of waking people up and falling on them and their stupid air mattresses. i walked outside to our lovely port-a-potty city. it was cold. i peed.

then i came back into our lovely giant room...and reasoned, hey, idea. i'll leave the door open a crack so i can have a nice beacon of light while i stumble back to my sleeping bag! so i do so. but then a grouchy old leader wakes up and urgently whispers, "can you shut the door tightly!?" i stare at her, ready to slap the woman. does she realize what i have been through? gracious. the least the woman can do is let me have a smattering of light. for the love. (meg reference.) i stepped on a girl's head. lay off.

but, being delusional and not wishing to pick a fight with a 56 year old at 3 AM, i comply with her selfish request. i shut that door. and i take in the fact that i cannot see my own hand yet have to cross i giant room filled with sleeping girls. again.

so i do. and i'm sure i stepped on that poor child's head again. sorry, again.
finally. i reach home base. and i throw off my uggs, snuggle under my sleeping bag, and reflect on how i hate my life. and i go to sleep.

i should have just peed my pants.

i'm alive! i'm dirty! i'm tired!

new mexico. life changing. LIFE. CHANGING.
i shall let you all know more soon. after i get my disgusting hair clean. i survived- no, thrived without a shower or makeup. i loved it.

i have tons of stories, but i'm so gross right now....
but i'm alive!

see some pictures here. the third one down is my village (group i was with the whole week), minus ashley wayne.

Sunday, April 5

my life be like ooooo waaahh

(see number 14 for explanation)

1. i have not been blogging because i have been sick! i have a fun cough that inhibits my speaking abilities as well as a fever and a cold. so i stayed home from school tuesday, went to school wednesday, got sicker as a result of the activity, stayed home thursday, went to school friday to take tests, and then got sicker again. lesson learned: when in doubt, stay home.

2. i took 16 vitamins on thursday. SIX. TEEN. i think that is called overdosing.

3. Marley & Me was the cutest movie ever. Favorite part: when she gets pregnant for the second time and goes "Oh, the luck of the Irish..." except she uses this really funny voice. You know? I rewound it like 3 times.

4. On Friday Ryan did some filming of my friends and I for a documentary on the horrors of abortion he's working on. We walked around looking sad. It shall be grand.

5. I went to the doctor yesterday to get a cure for my ailments, and I got a shot in my hip. It was truly odd.

6. I am miraculously better this morning, which means I can still go to New Mexico! HSM is going for a missions trip, and we leave tonight at 9! On a 12 hour bus ride! We're going to a Navajo reservation to minister to the people there. And we will be putting on a carnival for the children! Oh man, I'm excited. I'll be rockin' the bracelet making booth.

7. Except, here's the thing. We won't have showers. And me after one day without a shower = grease central. So....me after 5 days of no shower? Umm....hopefully dry shampoo is a miracle worker.

8. I have eaten more Ricolas in the past five days than an average human eats in their lifetime.

9. Exactly one month until my birthday! And my grandma's birthday! Here is an interesting fact that I recently learned: My parents picked my birthday so that it was the same as my grandma's. I always thought it was just a beautiful concidence. But no, they schemed it. Not gonna lie, it was a little disheartening.

10. I would love it if I got Taylor Swift concert tickets for my birthday....Mother, I know you're reading this...

11. t.swift is just too great. I listen to her music DAILY. In fact, I am listening to Fearless as we speak...

12. I had a dream that it was prom, and I was at this Mexican restaurant. I wasn't going, but this big prom group came into the restaurant and the manager was like, "Come on, bring these chips to their table!" So I did, and then all of a sudden he hired me (he didn't say it, we just had this mutual mental agreement), and I was bringing all these appetizers to these teens in prom dresses and tuxes. So then this girl came in late, and the manager was like "Go take her order!"

So I approach her and ask her what she would like to drink. She asked where the drinks were on the menu, I showed her. She asked me what the corn meal was, and I described this beverage (which was on this video I watched in Spanish class- my real life Spanish class. It was this woman traveling through Spain and she got this corn meal drink from this stand).

So the girl was like "Okay, I'll have that, and the Rib-B-Q fajitas." So I went up 12 flights of confusing stairs (it took hours, and I passed my mom on the way) to the manager, and told him the girl's order...and he said they were out of the corn meal drink and that Rib-B-Q fajitas didn't exist. So I found a menu to see what the girl was thinking when she ordered. The menu was really bizarre- the names of items were in a foreign language and the descriptions were in hieroglyphics. But there was one English word hidden somewhere. So finally I found these pork fajitas and I figured maybe that was what she wanted.

So I went back down the confusing stairs but I couldn't find my way back to where the prom group was sitting...and I was really frustrated because I didn't even want to work at this dumb Mexican restaurant...it goes on, but I'll stop.

13. I saw Wall-E for the first time yesterday. It was great great great.

14. I have 899 photos and 125 movies in my Photobooth. I don't think that's normal. But everytime people come over, that's what we do- take tons of pictures and make movies. Naaat my problem. Our favorite type of picture is Cool Girl Mockery. see above.

14. My brother Carson and my dad are in India right now! Please pray for their safety and that God would use them in amazing ways to change the people there. (: