Thursday, July 31

yeah, we mess up a lot.

here is the proof.

watch if you dare...

be prepared to pee your pants.
this took five hours.
and we are dang proud.

Tuesday, July 29

erin inspired me.

let me share with you my favorite show.
jon & kate plus 8.
it is THE most brilliant show EVER.
i laugh out loud and rewind it at least four times per episode.

for those of you who do not know, it's about a family with a set of twins (mady and cara) and sextuplets (aaden collin joel alexis hannah leah). it's on TLC all the time.

watch it.

ohhh, this show gets me. it gets me real good.

Saturday, July 26

Dear Dark Knight,

I love you.
I know I doubted you, I know.
But please forgive me.
Because now you're my new favorite movie.

Even though I feel like Heath Ledger is going to pop out and slice my mouth open any second now, it's okay. Because I know Christian Bale will rescue me in the nick of time.

Thanks for exceeding my weak expectations!

love love love,
Heather Christianne Leith

Wednesday, July 23

two things i've always wondered...

1. How do TV companies know that "2.5 million people tuned in to the premiere of ____, and the following week, 1.7 million watched _____." How do they count who watched what? Is there like tracking devices on every TV in America??

2. When you pay at restaurants, how do they take the tip AFTER they've taken your credit card? Is your number stored in the machine or something? If it is, aren't you risking identity theft or something?

If anyone knows the answer...please comment and enlighten me.

Monday, July 21

oh, swim.

allow me to entertain you with a hilarious practical joke that my little rachel just reminded me that i played on her:

[ the scene ]
Rachel, Heather, and everyone pictured above are laying on their towels at a swim meet, watching and waiting for their next event. Rachel is laying down with her eyes closed, cap off, jacket on, waiting for the 50 Freestyle, Heat 7, in which she is supposed to be racing. I devise a little plan in my head, and whisper it to some other people so that they know to play along. Ready...go.

Heather:'re heat 7 for the 50 free, right?

Rachel: (eyes still closed) Yeah...


Rachel: (eyes shoot open) WHAT! HEAT 7?

Heather: YEAH!

Rachel: (she frantically whips off her jacket) SOMEBODY CAP ME! (someone puts her cap on for her) OH MY GOSH! (she sprints over to the blocks)

Announcer: Swimmers, take your marks for the 100 breaststroke.

Rachel: (looks back at all of us who are laughing) WHAT! (she knows what's up) YOU GUYS SUCK! (she walks back, ashamed, and throws her cap on the ground and yells at us, humiliated.)

oh my. oh my oh my. funniest trick i have ever played on a human.
LYLAS rachel.

Saturday, July 19

cute little carson!

by carson, i mean my 3 year old neighbor.
yesterday, while babysitting him, autumn, and his spanish-speaking friend danny, this little gem of a conversation happened:

heather: hey danny, how do you say "hello" in spanish?
danny: (silence. he is shy.)
carson: i know how!
heather: oh, what is it?
carson: (said with authority, he is proud of this answer) wave.

it was quite comical.

happy happy happy

my brother and my dad just got home from being in india for a month...

airport reuniting is great.
and jubilant. 
and epic.

and ryan got home yesterday from mexico...
and my sister will come home from malawi in 8 days...

go foreign families!

don't worry! i have a reason!

my lack of blogging is due to the fact that i have been at the student leadership conference since tuesday.

basically, it completely changed my life.
&& i am now a different, better person.
and i have a new perspective on life.

go team.

Sunday, July 13

10 O'Clock Thoughts

-- i am currently entertaining colton via text, because he is out of place in a group of people he barely knows, bowling. that's what friends are for, right?

--my mother's reunion was fun...who doesn't love a bunch of 70's flowerchildren in one place?

-- my grandpa is wearing black shorts with high black socks. and i love it.

-- tomorrow will include seven hours of driving home, reading magazines, playing electronic yahtzee, eating hot tamales, drinking gatorade, and reading the Old Man and the Sea for english next year.

-- i have a planned introduction planned with zack zeiger. good times, right?

-- i am really giddy right now. you don't want to know.

-- this video will enrich your life. my favorite is her hand motions and attempt at a strobe light in the beginning...and plus, she picks up pointless props such as T-shirts, holds them in her hand for a few seconds without any aknowledgement, and then throws them on the ground.

ryan and i got some good laughs from this...

Thursday, July 10


it's over.
summer school ended with a bang- we went on a grueling three hour, 7 mile walk.
fun right?
yeah. not really.
after that, we did our regular nap and exercise time, then went swimming for an hour.
then it was over forever! party!
after school was over, we went to Luke Holladay's house for Quesadilla Thursday. always a fun time.

although i will miss my p.e. friends...
i am beyond glad that it's done.
tomorrow i leave for my grandparents house/my mom's high school youth group reunion...
&& i will be back on monday.
i may be able to blog...
until next time, my comrades...

(who doesn't love a cheesy ending?)

Tuesday, July 8

dos dos dos

[ t w o ]
l / e / f / t

Monday, July 7

Happy 500th Post!

i have been blogging for 19 months.
that is an average of 26.315789 posts per month.

5 Things That Have Changed Since My First Blog Post on January 24, 2007

5 i entered high school, go team.
4 i blog less and less frequently...?
3 i tried three sports- track, water polo, and swimming- and am not continuing with any of them.
2 i changed my layout, header, and picture approximately 212 times.
1 i don't look like this anymore. thank the lord.ew. ew. ew. gag me. braces....ohhhh, shudder. remember the day i got them off? oh, i do.

summer school, i'll be glad when we part.

but at the same time, i'll be a little crushed.
would you like to know the plusses and minuses of summer school P.E.?
oh, perfect.

[ p r o s ]
+ fun friends, AKA joe, toben, luke, molly, and rachel. i like them a lot.
+ fun jokes and discussions on 3 hour walks
+ steven lo
+ owning everyone in swimming
+ playing a little WP
+ not being allowed to play bat ball because of our lack of enthusiasm
+ the teachers not caring
+ no mile-running
+ having something to do
+ actually getting some physical activity into my day. and by "some," i mean "6 hours."

[ c o n s ]
- walking up at 6:10
- a slightly strenuous 3 hour walk
- steven lo
- being at school for 6 hours
- having school nights again

conclusion: i think i'll miss summer school, as crazy as that sounds.
we are 9/12 of the way there. reduced, that would be 3/4.
3/12 to go, or, technically, 1/4.
sorry, i couldn't resist.

Sunday, July 6

please excuse us

we were hot and delusional.


this is the amount i have racked up in iTunes. i have a bunch of songs waiting in my shopping that's where i will be for the next hour or so.

ahhh i am actually very excited...
any recommendations?

Thursday, July 3

3 Demeaning and Odd Comments I Have Recieved Today, At 3 Seperate Times.

3. Why did you put your hair up??

2. After we go swimming, you never look tanner. You always look whiter.

1. You look like you just cried.

Thanks, guys....

calamity in stein mart

in stein mart
with my mom
looking for clothes
for her reunion
stealing a top
from a mannequin
but then suddenly
i hear, "crack!'
i look down
i broke a vase.
oh goodness gracious.

(each line has 3 words. i'm such a poet.)

Tuesday, July 1

hello there.

going to get up at 6:10 tomorrow
for summer school...
i really really wish it was over.
but at the same time
it's super fun.

i won a race today while we were swimming
meaning that my whole team didn't have to do an extra lap. it was victorious.
swim team paid off...

my dad is leaving for india tomorrow
to join my brother.
and my other brother is leaving for mexico soon...
and my sister is in malawi, africa.

that is 4/7 of the leith family gone!
what will i do??

this post has no point?

my brother is hilarious.

my own jason leith purposefully fell flat on his face at his high school graduation.
then awkwardly ran to catch up with the line.