Sunday, May 27

The one place that brings me bliss.

I appreciate it deeply.
Vons is, in one word,
All the different kinds of people,
strolling around with carts,
studying labels and cans,
seeing acquaintances.
Everyone has a different agenda.
Some people may be preparing a huge dinner
or banquet.
Some people may have 16 kids
and be stocking up their pantry.
There are fatigued single mothers trying to keep
their rowdy children calm.
Their are old people buzzing around in
electric scooters, scanning the soup cans.
It is the one place where my parents
give in to my every whim.
The freezer aisle.
What a magic wonderland.
All those frost bitten boxes and dinners,
ice cream, taquitos...
Just opening up the door and writing something with
your finger.
But no other store will do.
Ralphs, Trader Joe's...disgusting.
No way.
Vons is my only love.

I realize that this seems like a poetic piece,
but I was not trying to write in stanzas.
The spacing just intrigued me.

1 comment:

joanna (: said...

i hate ralphs.
vons is the only one that will satisfy me.