Wednesday, May 23

I just took the most bizarre course of action.

  1. Devour a whole pint of Mango Sorbet.
  2. Go outside because I am cold. I never go outside unless necessary. Until today.
  3. Realize that the sun feels blissful.
  4. Stand there for about a minute, reading a cleaning lady brochure that is on the front step so I don't look like I am just standing on my front step when cars pass by. (even though I WAS just standing on my front step.)
  5. Crave the sunlight. REALLY crave it.
  6. Proceed to sit on my front step. Alone. Randomly. Basking in the sun.
  7. Ponder the solar system. In proportion to the billions and trillions of light years of space, I am just a minuscule atom, on one microscopic front step, on a TINY continent, on a speck of Earth, in a huge beyond science solar system, in an even huger galaxy, in an even HUGER universe! (I am such a nerd.)
  8. Decide I need more of the sun. Sitting on my front step absorbing it like a plant is just not good enough.
  9. Abruptly stand up and start walking in my bare feet.
  10. Step on the blazing concrete. It feels good, even though it burns. (Why am I so delusional?)
  11. Think of what I would write in this situation if I was an author. (Answer: The scorching, jet-black concrete, although exceeding temperatures so high an egg would fry on it, felt blissful on my cold feet.)
  12. Continue to walk around my large neighborhood spontaneously.
  13. See boys from my school in a garage. One shouts out "Are you on the morning announcements at RSM?" I shout back a pathetic "Yes." and keep walking.
  14. Wonder what I am doing and where I am going.
  15. Develop a cramp from the sorbet.
  16. Walk up a huge hill back to my house.
  17. Sit on my couch 20 minutes after I ventured out at #9.
  18. Realize the bizarrity of my course of actions.


Elise B. said...

sounds like an exciting afternoon.

Shannon said...

NICE verbs!!

joanna (: said...

Sounds like a Greek Conquest to me.