Monday, May 21

I made the HSM Band!

I am super excited!!
I found this picture of the HSM Tent on Google. However, it was from a German Saddleback Bash Site (I think.) There was the phrase "Die HSM" on it. But maybe in German, 'die' means something good?

The site is from 2002, so there is even a picture of the Children's Building in construction! Check it out!

*update: I just figured out that 'die' means 'those.' I guess it's not a bash site.


ali said...

congrats on the band!!

p.s. the best part about this post was thinking that the website was anti-saddleback. "die hsm" made me laugh.

Elise B. said...

my grandma is german... oh.. hmm.. she says DRY is a number.. it means three... she doesn't know what die means.


Mel East said...

congrats!!!! see ya there

jessica.angela. said...

haha i went to the site and totally thought it was a bash site! Congradulations!! You will do amazing!