Friday, July 13

Student Leadership Conference!

A la Saddleback Church.

Random Things:

It was soo beyond amazing. I grew way closer to God, and had a fun time in the process with all of the HIGH SCHOOL FOLKS.

We stayed at the glorious Ayres Suites (right down the road.) and got tons of complaints for being loud, and that made it even better (:

One major thing we did was collect cans and bottles to give to the church to buy Bibles with. 10 cans or bottles = 1 Bible for someone who can't afford one. Sounds easy right?

Wrong. The leaders couldn't help at ALL. They just said, "You need to collect as many cans and bottles as possible. Go." That's it. No rules, no guidelines. We could go anywhere off and on campus and

So my little group, which consisted of 4 sophomore/junior/senior guys, 1 guy leader/driver, Eva, a German exchange student (she was very sweet and reminded me on Diane), and muah headed off to various places. We went to Etnies (for some reason they had a lot of cans and bottles), 24 Hour Fitness to dig through trash cans, mi casa (I had 2 full garbage bags awaiting us), Starbucks, Ralph's, and other spots.

Our whole team's goal was 4,000 cans, which is 400 Bibles. Our grand total was... 5,962 cans and bottles! That's 596.2 Bibles for 596.2 people who need it desperately. God totally showed all of us that although a task may seem insignificant, it can multiply to something amazing!

Oh...very funny story. These two leaders got paired up to play a game...which turned out to two leaders being forced by Josh Griffin and Allison Hibbard to go on a date. Long story. Anyway. I went up to the guy, Micah, and gave him a little paper that said "282-8606...Love, Helga." It was HILARIOUS, so whenever we would see him throughout the week, he would laugh with his friends and say "That's her!!" Oh, Helga. You crack me up.

All in all, the workshops, the hotel, the leaders, the general sessions, the friends...all spectacular.

Tonight I am embarking on an endeavor to Arizona with the fam. I am pretty sure I won't be able to blog, but maybe! Just maybe!


danya genevieve! said...

how fun helga. i be appreciate

joanna (: said...

that is amaamaaaazing

Anonymous said...

im sorry, but im a little disappointed that u took ur family cans. They should've gone to Jason since he is the oldest!! =P