Tuesday, July 10

"Mr. Hasselhoff, I loved your work in Spongebob."

The time had come once again. We had received an email from On Camera Audiences, informing us that we were wanted for a taping of America's Got Talent. We rallied Joanna, Michael, Natalie, Melissa, and myself to head downtown and participate in the festivities.

We were pumped to view, with our very own keen eyes, The Hoff, Sharon Osborne, Piers Morgan, and the rowdy Jerry Springer.

We arrived with gusto and waited in line along with the other eager audience members. After getting through one line, we were led to the next, and magically placed right near the front. BEFORE the 100 people in front of us. How this happened, we will never know. But it was destiny.

After about a half an hour of waiting, we were led in. IT WAS TIME. We stepped into the studio, impressed by the stage and the lights.

And the judging table. Hark, the place where the notorious Hasselhoff, Sharon, and Piers sit, criticizing contestants, praising a lucky few. We just KNEW he had to sit RIGHT THERE. The assertive Sue (Melissa's madre) suggested to the man who seated us that we sit there, since the seats were open. Actually, she didn't really suggest it. More like TOLD the man that we going to sit there. She didn't give The Man In Charge an option. It was quite funny, but we got our primo seats!

After sitting down, we noticed two ladies next to us, with home made t-shirts that said "Lone Star" on them. We inquired what this meant, and they kindly informed us that they were the friends of one of the finalists, Johnny Lone Star! But it gets better. They pulled out two signs, and gave them to us to hold! We didn't even know this contestant, let alone what his act was, but we joyfully agreed and took the signs. Joanna and I shared one that said "Johnny's My Man." We were very ecstatic, because people with signs always get on TV, PLUS we were RIGHT behind the judges, so we were guaranteed some avid face time. We were all set to go.

Oh wait! I just remembered! One of the ladies we sat next to was Kimberly Caldwell, from American Idol, season 2. She was really nice!

The show began the pre-taping excitement. Out walked....the judges. In all their gloriousness. They came out at sat down 5 feet away from us. We could easily walk up and hug them. But we would get bombarded by security. So we didn't.

But we KNEW he had to do something. Here they were, in front of our faces, tantalizing us to say something to them.

"HASSELHOFF!" we shouted. He turned around, and we waved excitedly. He smiled and waved back, and then turned back around. But this was not enough for us. We had to get something more out of this legendary Baywatch star. He was RIGHT THERE, 10 pounds of foundation and all.

"Mr. Hoff!" I scream-whispered. "MR. HOFF!" he turned around.

"...I loved your work in Spongebob!"

He laughed really hard! Success! I don't really remember what he said, but he said some witty comment to us. Alas, friends, we made David Hasselhoff laugh.

We said hi to Sharon and Piers too, and got a wave and a smile from each. We also got a wave from Jerry Springer! We are just THAT stealthy.

The show began. Johnny Lone Star was first. We waved our signs as he did a rope-twirling thing, and the camera was right on us, because his family was right next to us. His act was actually quite weird, yet quite talented. Actually, we signed a release form saying we wouldn't talk to outside sources about the show, but I don't think any of you little cherry blossoms will go publish an article about what I am saying. So we're good.

Another act was an Arabian man named Kashif. He did an Arabian dance, but here's the thing- it wasn't talented. His backup dancers were more talented than him. But we got really into it, and screamed his name many times. He did this move where he moved peace signs across his eyes- know what I'm sayin'?

So after he was done, we were screaming out "DO THE KASHIF!" and doing the move. And what do you know? Sharon Osborne turns around, and says "Do the Kashif!" and does the move with us! It was amazing! We then had an unspoken Kashif bond with her.

Next came these 4 guys called Sideswipe. They mixed black belt karate with tumbling, and had one phenomenal act. And lemme tell ya, their abs were amazing. I was originally a little bugged, because I let Melissa sit in my seat for a few acts, because she couldn't see, so all I could see of Sideswipe and their abs was on a little TV below the back judges, but it ended up paying off. When I stood up and screamed and clapped for them at the end, this camera was in my face filming me. YESS!

The rest of the show was amazing. We headed back home after the show, hoping to find a restaurant along the way. But since it was 10:30 at night, all of the restaurants were closed! Even IHOP! So we ended up at Wendy's, walking through the drive-thru and getting home at 11.

I was the only one who slept over at Melissa's, and we stayed up till 7:00.


SEVEN O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING. For some reason, the show didn't tire us out. (Until we woke up at 2:00 in the afternoon.)

The show will air in about two weeks on a Tuesday, so watch for us! I am in a purple dress with a sign for Johnny Lone Star!

That was a cheesy ending. Sorry.

Thank you for reading this giant post.


jessica.angela. said...

It was indeed your big break (:

joanna (: said...

can you say sue cripe exagerations?

--joanna & melissa

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