Tuesday, July 3

Nineteen Minutes





Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Read it.

I was going to end there, but I feel I must at least tell you the plot. It is about a school shooting, the events leading up to it, and its aftermath. The shooter is actually a kid who is bullied for his whole life. The end has a thrilling twist...my mouth literally dropped open when I finished it (which was about one minute ago.) Jodi Picoult is such an interesting writer, because each chapter goes back and forth to "10 years before" "The Day Of" "Five Months After," things like that, and it makes it way more intriguing. I hope this video will encourage you to read it, because it is a truly phenomenal book.

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kaylarayla said...

This looks really good...I might just have to go read it!