Friday, July 6

My Top 12 Favorite Artists

In no order, because I could never choose:
1 The Alternate Routes
2 Sun From Shadow
3 Renee Olstead
4 Cold War Kids
5 Corinne Bailey Rae
6 Coldplay
7 Five for Fighting
8 Mat Kearney
9 Jon McLaughlin
10 KT Tunstell
11 Natalie Grant
12 Norah Jones

I love undiscovered artists and bands who have AMAZING music, and you just don't know why more people love them. Many of these bands fall under this criteria, and were introduced to me by Melissa Cripe.

I highly suggest you listen to these people.

Do I suggest that you, the reader, watch, read, listen to, or do things too much? I feel like half of my posts are "Hey! I love this, do it!" Do you enjoy that? Or are you like "Heather, let me do my own thing." I simply must know.


Shannon said...

i like the hey you should do this posts. SINCE I WANT TO BE YOU.

rachel kalei. said...

Well here's the thing. I do not appreciate being told what to do and i do not respect any of your opinions and i wish you would just leave me alone.

joanna (: said...

^^well said. power to the people!^^

Anonymous said...

Cold War Kids. right on. i want to have a playdate with them.