Tuesday, July 3

Yippee for new display names and pictures.

The blunt Joanna Chiang (the negative blogger) told me that my old picture made her feel like she was best friends with a boy. Now, don't get me wrong, I was scarred for life, but I did indeed change it. And why not go for the whole shabang? heather.christianne was getting old. I opted for heatherleith! because that is what everyone exclaims when they see me.

you like?


Short Blonde Freckled One said...

i like much! and i will try to tell him to pick up the stuff from your house! hehe sorry! I would have done it sooner if I was there but my dad is the biggest...(putter offer of things)hehe sorry! much love xoxo

Shannon said...


seriously, such a fun tone it adds.

joanna (: said...

i now feel as if i am best friends with a silly bean head.

heatherleith! said...

...is that a good thing?

i'm thinkin yes.