Monday, July 23

Summer Spectacular!

Today kicked off the first day of Transformed: Summer Spectacular '07. The theme was a superhero-transformer kind of thing. Very high tech. My group, the noble 1st grade team of Yellow Crew 34 (Rachel, it's destiny, we were 43), is quite a cute bunch.

I love how little girls want to hold your hand all the time. When we were rotating stations, all I heard was "Can I hold your hand?" "No, it's my turn." "Heather, you said I got to hold your hand on the way to crafts!" Oh, my.

*Singing my favorite Jana songs, including Get on the Board with the Lord, In My Words and In My Deeds, and the new Transformed song
*Playing a game where you bounce on that giant ball with the handle, and one girl singlehandedly going 6 times in a row because all the others were too scared
*Receiving a very cool Transformed yellow t-shirt and blue tote bag
*Myron the Rat making his comeback
*There is a villain named Dr. Doom
*Seeing Jessie's very cute sister (she was in the same craft room as me.)
*There's a girl in my group named Joanie Mahoney.
*Eating a very scrumptious apple.

Such fun. I am now home, awaiting Zeinah's return from Paris. Zeinah, when is your flight??? What gate???

...Rock on.


jae.jae said...

Oh my gosh! I love Joanie! She was in my class all last year...such a sweetie. I'm glad you met my sister...tomorrow be like, "Hey Sammie! I'm your sister's friend Heather!" She will love youu.

heatherleith! said...

i will do that for sure.

Anonymous said...

summer spec is really awesome.... Go BROWN TEAM! =p

Anonymous said...
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kaylarayla said...

I know Joanie Mahoney, she goes to my school! I will look for you tomorrow, I am green! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

what is it?

Anonymous said...

what is it?

ali said...

boo i didn't see you there! probably cause i'm 5th grade, so we are in the overheated, undecorated, un-jana-ized tent. but ill look for you tomorrow :) look for a purple fedora, cause im wearing one.

jason leith said...

i am yellow 34! oh wait, i already posted that.

zeinah, it is a day camp for kids at Saddleback.

jason leith said...

oh wait, that was me, heather leith.

heatherleith! said...

kayla, all the girls in my crew go to stonybrooke!

Madison Bebee?

Anneliese I forget her last name?

Raegan I forgot hers too?

Emily Boyson or something? Boyer?

ring any bells?

T!nyyy said...

I have no clue who any of those girls are and I go to Stoneybrooke too.

I think I know Anneliese though.


Anonymous said...

gracias Jason