Monday, July 16

Adventures in Canyon de Chelly (pronounced de Shay)

Well, the Leithlets + parents ventured off into the wild today, for a guided tour of a canyon with various Indian ruins. Sounds boring. Was pretty exciting.

On our 3 hour drive up there, my dad decided to turn on the radio. I was expecting KIIS FM, maybe some STAR 98.7. But Nay. We get this BIZARRE radio station where the man talks in half English, half Navajo, and then plays weird Navajo/country music. Quite a weird mix. My brothers and I just shared looks of how weird this station was, while my father actually enjoyed it. Here is a sample of this station-

"LaKota hommona totunka, dodomana ichitay, the community center will be open this Friday, totura montona, keiche motay achte. (cue weird country music that includes some Navajo lyrics. For example, one of the songs was "The Day the Lights Went Out in Georgia." It was the weirdest thing I have ever heard, and one part of the song was about the singers brother being hanged.)

When we got there, we all packed into a small, old Jeep. By small and old, I mean NO leg room, stained and ripped upholstery, and no air conditioning. In Arizona. The hottest place I have ever been to. Not fun.

We then met our guide, Leander (Lee-ander). He was a Navajo himself, so he served as a trusty companion on our noble journey. He was actually quite friendly and really funny. Oh, Leander.

We headed into the canyon, expecting a nice scenic drive with a few Indian artifacts along the way. Once again, nay. It was EXTREMELY bumpy and reeeeally long. And there were more that artifacts. I'm talkin' cave paintings and Navajo dwellings embedded into the canyon. And by Canyon, we're talkin' Grand Canyon-esque. But BETTER. It was really cool. Pictures to come when we get home.

Oh! And I got this necklace that these Navajo women made. By hand. It's turquoise and very...Indian like.

Well, 4 hours later, we had arrived back at our car. We said goodbye to Leander, only to meet ANOTHER Leander at the restaurant we went to! What are the chances of meeting 2 Leander's in ONE day? Slim. Very slim. But it happened to us, folks.

Well, my whole family is asleep except for me. So I'd better hit the sack.

Tip For the Day: Go out and try to meet someone named Leander.


jessica.angela. said...

Ooh! Post a picture of your neaklace (:

rachel kalei. said...


i know that desolate fact thanks to mr. fallman and him forcing us to watch history movies that had 2 sex scenes.

heatherleith! said...

yes. the words LaKota and totunka are both from Mr. Fallman's "educational" movies.

danya genevieve! said...

oh, leander and his ways.

i think its quite hilarious that you leiths take trips with planned sight-seeing and everything. it makes me giddy to think of the parents leith to thoughtfull plan this.

our vacations have absolutely no structure

Anonymous said...

O gosh mr. f-man... i shant visit you next year, unless i disguise myself ina totonka costume so that he wont notice me. said...


joanna (: said...

maybe Leander is a common Navajo name?

danya genevieve! said...

my sisters seriously like a human popup.

kaylarayla said...

My cousin's name is Leander!

That was a lie.

Jay River said...

Canyon De Chelly film clip: