Tuesday, July 3

The Leiths Epic Camping Trip.

(i swiped this picture from my sister)

When you think of camping, you think...
everyone crammed in tents.

roasting baked beans over a handmade fire.
sing kumbiah with someone strumming on a guitar.
rising at dawn to gather firewood.

in the wilderness.

Clearly, the Leiths did not experience the traditional American camping trip. No. Why? Because we are not American. And we don't camp.

Our trip consisted of...
a high tech RV (named El Monte). camping at the beach in San Onofre.
one tent, which the boys slept in, only because there was no room in the RV.
watching the movie 'RV' on a laptop with speakers, to get into the whole theme of camping.
bringing 7 blankets, sleeping on matresses with TempurPedic pillows, pots, pans, an endless array of utensils, food, ice cream, a French Press, iPods, MacBooks, cell phones, and a Blackberry.

However, we did set aside the electronics, for the most part, and have campfires and S'mores, roast hot dogs, go to the beach, play Phase 10 about twenty times, and enjoy each others presence.

"Where did you sleep, Heather?"

Well, loyal readers, as you see here, this looks like an ordinary curtain in El Monte. But when pulled back...My secret bungalow is revealed! It was quite the getaway.The one problem on this trip was that every family member, except me, has a job. This equaled frequent coming and going to fit into the busy schedule of work. My dad and I were the only truly loyal ones who stuck it out the whole time. Hooray!

Plus, the eccentric Melissa joined me for one day of the trip. Such fun!wow, this is a flattering picture of her...

Oh, and when I said we were camping "at the beach," what I mean was next to a loud highway and a traintrack, where we had to hike down a mountain to access a very rocky beach. Nonetheless, we trudged down said mountain every day to go to said beach.

Don't be fooled, everyone. The Leiths did not spend the whole weekend texting and emailing. In fact, we all used our cell phones maybe twice. We truly had fun together and camped our little hearts out.

But hotels are much better (:

Just kidding.


Maddie! said...

oooo my favorite. camping! hahah i love the first pic of your whole familyyy!

joanna (: said...

you don't do that.