Wednesday, July 25

I am so bizarred.

Oh, Danya. You crack me up. You see, I knew you were a Harry Potter fan. I know some of the strange things you did in 4th grade to dedicate your life to the books. I knew you used to have Harry Potter binders. But I didn't know that it was this extreme.

Friends, I have never laughed harder at two simple binders. This was Danya's life a few years ago. Mind you, this was not for a class, nor for extra credit of some sort. No. This was merely Little Danya, on her own, in her room, locked up, madly searching the internet, re-reading the books, gathering info, sending letters to each character, hoping for a headshot in return, going mad. This is the real Danya Elk.A scrapbook + binder.
with dividers (Ministry of Magic, Characters, Other Info...)
Lengthy stories and pages explaining her love for HP, why she loves it, how she felt when she finished the Order of the Phoenix, why she is the #1 goes on.She made her own trading cards. Enough said.
Hermione's card
Her + her fellow Potter fan made up that they were Harry's sisters, and made a card for themselves.
Danya as a Hogwarts student
She made up her own songs. This one is to the tune of "Cinderella" (I don't wanna be like Draco Malfoy, Jinxin' everyone who walks by me, waitin' for somebody to be busted. I don't wanna be like Sirius Bla-hack, standin' there dyin' from Bellatrix Lestra- [I can't see the rest], on and I will survive, if Dumbledore's by my side, don't wanna rely on Voldemort, he'll kill me and I will die...")
She wrote her own articles for the Daily Prophet. This one is when "Harry discovered he had two sisters, Carry and Terri Potter" (aka Danya and her friend.)

[Things not included in pictures]
--signed headshots of various characters that she wrote in to get
--a typed, three page, imaginary story describing her fantasy- meeting Tom Felton (Malfoy) and him falling in love with her- as if it were really happening
--delicately drawn pictures of each book cover
--hordes of printouts explaining everything possible in the books- info about the houses, spells, characters, history, J.K. Rowling, actors, potions, etc. (more printouts than you can imagine.)
--a hand-written list of the 176 characters in the books (she went through each book, and wrote down EVERY SINGLE name in each paragraph. including authors of Hogwarts textbooks, major characters, minor characters, people mentioned just once...everyone)
--cutouts from teenybopper magazines with ANYTHING HP on it. Even just a mere photo.
--HP stencils, stickers, articles, interviews, posters, flyers, etc.
--a detailed description of the day she met some of the actors ("He put his arm around me!")
--an extensive contact sheet with all of the addresses for every actor- and I mean EVERY actor.
--so much more, more than is humanly normal

Again, she never planned on showing this to was just for herself to have and enjoy. (???)

GRAND FINALE- She made a fan site in like, 6th grade.

So you think you're a Harry Potter fan? Meet Danya El-Kurd.


Elise B. said...

haha i made a blog dedicated to the seventh book... i will tell know one the URL thought...

even though i don't know you:


Elise B. said...

though* sorry...

joanna (: said...

i knew there was an obsession.
i did not know it was this bad.
i did not know this was humanly possible.

joanna (: said...
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Anonymous said...

danya elkurd. that is not humane.
this may just be worse than young susie lee's obsession with a certain band named kiss. i sincerely am stunned.

- melissa

rachel kalei. said...

oh. my. gosh. i officially shun danya. please do not talk to me ever again danya.
Rachel Kalei. said...



-sister of HP fan.

joanna (: said...

you loved it ^^^

Anonymous said...

daaaaaaanya (drawn out in dissapointed way), how could you do this to me. i am truly embarrased.

i am moving to Guatamala so dont even try to contact me.

i mean it.

no really, dont

Marta :] said...


ya i agree with joanna because how is such an obsession possible,.

Alli Hibb said...

This is amazing...I am so impressed and I hope I have kids that are this excited about something...